Longbow Archers Bowyer’s Knot – Timber Hitch (Natural Bow Woman)
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Longbow Archers Bowyer’s Knot – Timber Hitch (Natural Bow Woman)

August 19, 2019

Hello, it’s Natural Bow Woman here. Umm, today I’m gonna show you how I do the Bowyer’s Knot for my English Longbow. This string is a single loop string so…I like it like that so that when my… I use a Dacron string so that when my string stretches I can just change and alter the size quite easily on, on my string I have one end that’s a permanent loop, like so, and that’s… and then this is end that I, that I like to alter. Also it’s, it’s good as well if you need to twist the string a little or um, just alter it’s size, brace height um, if you need to do that it’s really easy then, it’s really convenient rather than using the double loop. Okay, this is how you do it okay. I’m doing it from a left hander’s perspective so if you’re right handed you’ll be holding it in your left hand and working with your right hand. so I’ll be holding it in my right hand okay, and working with my left hand so, what I do is, over the loop okay, make it a little longer to make it easier to work with. Under and through. Then across, over okay. And just wrap it round two or three times to secure it, okay. And that’s the knot. So when you pull on it to tighten, it’s secured in place. and I’ll show you. This is what it looks like on the bow. Okay, that’s the horn part. So, we shall have the bow the right way up. So all you do, is slot it through, centralize and pull. Now that’s not going anywhere, that will not slip or come undone it’s a really good nice secure knot, okay. Thankyou for watching. Take care, bye.

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  1. I've been looking for a video like this . Finally found it. thank you. And could this knot also be used for an Arabic/Turkish bow

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