LOL, LZD messing with players on the bridge with a crossbow
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LOL, LZD messing with players on the bridge with a crossbow

August 12, 2019

get onto the bridge as always slightly to the right of the tree in the middle go up and jump off success perfectly done let’s go dude, can you hear me? hello two guys up there his teammates aren’t coming for him? don’t think they see me they are seriously not coming for their teammate? one of them is coming down the other one is still up there, no, both of them are still there you have to go help your teammate man bruh, your teammate oh they are coming down okay, here we go and they haven’t spotted me yet his helmet’s gone he’s running that man is running he is almost here his teammate didn’t see me that man cool af lol you are cool bro … another one here I’m gonna shoot this guy oh missed lol come back and save your teammate no I was spotted they are looking for them, and he knows to start shooting first when going around the corner they got some skills one down lol~ save him you guys a frag for y’all bye guys … sounds of a girl oh, a girl lol let me tell you guys, I’m at the highest place can you guys see me, I glitched girl: the way you played, crossed the line I think I’m at the highest position, the end of the bridge over there see if you can see me, it’s a bug girl: don’t shoot me then ok, I won’t girl: can’t see you lol girl: I can’t see you I glitched, I’m inside the rock girl: inside the rock? It’s not possible ~shooting at the girl the rock by the end of the bridge, you see it? oh they got away lol lol, they really went there omg, they really believed me shoot her the girl’s down incoming vehicle ready to block their way outside being outside the circle the sensitivity is low oh my vest count on 3 3 2 1 dead he’s gonna die outside the circle he’s dead Thanks for watching~

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  1. LZD uses Gyroscope for recoil control.
    That's the reason why his fingers are not moving up and down. Thanks for watching.

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