Logic Plays Vintage Video Games & Unlocks ‘Bobby Tarantino’ Secrets | IRL
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Logic Plays Vintage Video Games & Unlocks ‘Bobby Tarantino’ Secrets | IRL

September 12, 2019

ROB MARKMAN: Were in 8 Bit and Up in NYC. I just felt like it was the perfect place
for us to come and catch up and kick it. LOGIC: You wanna get one round real quick? I must have been like, four or five years
old. Those are some of my earliest memories, playing
video games. ROB: Damn, bro. This is ridiculous. LOGIC: I was working at a job that I hated
at a supermarket or I was working at Wingstop, and I would walk a mile and a half, almost
two miles to work everyday, it was horrible. So I used to video games as a way to escape
and as a way to enhance my life rather than try to run away from it. ROB: You rapped about it a lot. We’ve talked about it a lot. You had a pretty rough and turbulent kind
of upbringing but I feel like you kind of buried yourself a lot in sci-fi and video
games and music. Gaming is such an important part of your life,
you have a gaming channel. LOGIC: Don’t get me wrong, you know I’ll
definitely talk about music from time to time, but this is about fuckin’ video games. ROB: You reference it in your music.. How did it video games actually play a role
for you? LOGIC: Especially back in 2009 when I was
really trying to do it, I was living in my sister’s basement and that’s when I first
discovered Uncharted, which is one of my favorite video games. Different video games that allowed me to immerse
myself. Like when the first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
came out. So I used video games as a way to escape and
as a way to be strong or be a superhero or be this, because I didn’t feel like I was
at the time ROB: And at this time when you were working at the supermarket and in Wingstop and living with your sister Where are you at musically? At what stage is Logic? LOGIC: I was, I was like, I think I was just past being psychological, which like my original rap name. And this is when I first met Big Lenbo. ROB: How does it affect your creativity? You just dropped this ‘Bobby Tarantino’
mixtape — I know for the album, ‘The Incredible True Story,’ akira & anime was a big influence. I want to know with ‘Bobby Tarantino’
as your recording, what games are you playing? LOGIC: I was definitely playing this game
called “The Witcher” which is insane. It’s this crazy–cause I’m not really
into medieval stuff, I’m into more sci-fi stuff– but this is so good. It’s just a huge open world game and it’s
really amazing. But “Uncharted.” I was playing “Uncharted Four” The people at Naughty Dog, which created this
video game, actually let me come by and have a tour of their studio. I got to play before it came out in their
theater in the office while the programmers were working on it. It was the craziest experience and it was
really amazing and very special. ROB: When you and I spoke a couple years ago,
this is “Under Pressure.” The ‘Under Pressure’ album is out and
I feel like what you’re saying to me now is that on ‘Under Pressure,’ you wouldn’t
have said “I just beat ‘Uncharted four.’” LOGIC: No, I wouldn’t have done that because
I wanted to fit in. ROB: You wanted to fit in with hip-hop? LOGIC: Yeah, in a sense. I think that would have been uncool or people
would have been like, “What the fuck is he talking about?” I feel like such a different artist from back
then because back then I felt like i had to prove myself and I had to like… you know
“Hip-hop is going to respect me and they are going to love me.” And now it’s kind of like man, who gives
a fuck if hip-hop loves me or not as long as my fans love me and the culture of good
people and musicians respect me, that’s all it is. And that’s why I walk in here with a Rick
and Morty shirt and fucking plaid t shirt and glasses. I look like Harry Potter. And I didn’t get a haircut today. That’s why I love that I can just be like,
“I just beat ‘Uncharted four.’” Or I play video games. I think it diversifies me and it opens me
up to a much broader fanbase. A much broader scale of people who enjoy the
everyday, regular guy. ROB: We were walking around and I find this. LOGIC: Yes, I know what this is. This is arguably my favorite game of all time. ROB: You have a track called “Super Mario
World” LOGIC: I do have a track called “Super Mario
World” ROB: Is Luigi in it? LOGIC: Mario is in it. Don’t nobody fuck with Luigi, he’s just
a player 2 ass motherfucker. ROB: I feel like Luigi jumps higher. LOGIC: Fuck Luigi. No, I’m just kidding. I’m joking. “Super Mario World,” the only reason I
call it that is because of the sound. Originally the beat was kind of different
and it sounded a little different and we came up with that [beat], it sounded video gamish. Originally I was going to call it “Jurassic
Park.” If you listen to one of the ad libs I’m
like, “Jurassic Park” and I got my Jurassic Park hat on. I just love Jurassic Park. So Juicy J was on the original. ROB: Noooo! LOGIC: it’s one of my favorite verses by
Juicy J but it was so opposite of the song. When me and Juicy originally did a song together,
it was just some fun swag shit so it made sense. But i’ve been sitting on this verse for
almost a year. I’ve been sitting on this Juicy J verse. I took this verse and we kind of sped it up
and we put it on “Super Mario World” but it’s so ratchet–he’s like talking about
like fucking Scarlett Johansson and shit–so I was like I don’t know if this is going
to work on this song. So I was like oh, okay. With “Super Mario World” I literally recorded
it so I could perform it. Like the hook is “Oh my goodness Oh my goodness
Oh my god.” It’s that simple and some people be like,
“That’s stupid.” But when you’re there…I knew I was going
on this tour. I knew I was making this mixtape and I wanted
it to be so simplistic and easy to sing along to, that even if you didn’t know you would
know it. ROB: There is one song. “Wrist” with Pusha T. How did you get
Pusha T on the track? How did this happen? LOGIC: I was at Hot 97, I think it was Ebro, it was the morning. and I walk out and there is Pusha T and he’s like “Yo, what’s up?” And I’m like “What? You know who I am?” And he was like “yeah man. I fuck with you heavy.” I came up listening to The Clipse dawg, this
is so wild. And he was like “Yeah man, we got to do
a joint.” And I was like “What?” And he was like “Yeah, let’s get a picture.” I was like Pusha T wants to take a picture
with me?” And I told him that I had a record that I
would love to do and I told him it was very conceptual and but it was about crack cocaine. I kind of told him, explained how rapping
from a fictional colombian druglord late in his life after realizing what his line of
work has done to the rest of the world including where he’s from and how that cocaine trickles
into the america projects which is then purified and cooked and turned into crack and distributed
amongst mainly, unfortunately, the black community and the effects that can have but then also
being told from the perspective of a young man, who’s selling it and making money and
turning a profit. I wanted to do a coke record that was conceptual. So that’s why it’s called “Wrist.” ROB: I wanna see if you realize this, “44
Bars,” is part of the biggest sports story of the year. LOGIC: Really? ROB: Kevin Durant goes to Golden State Warriors. LOGIC: Oh yeah, Durant. ROB: He says that while he was making his
decision he was riding his bike around, listening to “44 Bars.” LOGIC: That’s pretty cool. You know the crazy part? We never even met in person yet– he reached
out to me in 2011 cause were from the same area. I was just like, “Here’s a nice guy that
likes my music.” It wasn’t about, “Oh he’s a crazy basketball
player.” Even now, considered one of the best in the
world. ROB: You know, he sat down with Genius and
told us that ‘The Incredible True Story’ was his favorite album of the year. LOGIC: He said that?! No way! KEVIN DURANT: I just wanted to connect with
him, you know, we came from the same area, I didn’t know. And I’ve just been following him ever since. And he’s just killin’ it right now. LOGIC: Damn, thanks dog! ROB: It makes me think of your verse and it
sounds like you were going through something with the first verse you start It made me feel like you were actually going
through some life changing things. LOGIC: “44 Bars” and “Deeper than Money”
are the closest to album Logic, if you will, because it’s full of substance, a story,
a conviction and that’s just me kind of talking that shit but at the same time being
honest. I’m not the type of person who’s going
to go on Twitter and go whatever hashtag whatever, cool cool so people think…no, you know what
I’m going to do, I’m going to talk about these subjects on my album, you know what
I mean? And it’s the things that make us different
that make us special but they things that make us different shouldn’t separate us
and that’s all I’m saying on this until my album drops. ROB: For being in a place this cool, LOGIC: I know. ROB: We’ve done a lot of sitting down and
talking. LOGIC: That’s true. ROB: Yo man, you owe me a rematch of street
fighter. LOGIC: You’re gonna get smashed, let’s
do this. Can we just talk about how epic this fucking
store is? That there’s like real customers in here
and this is like a legit place of business? I love it! ROB: We found this place for you, man. LOGIC: Thanks, dog.

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  1. I'm a little older (37)….i remember when the original NES came out….i loved Zelda,Metroid,Castlevania,Contra,Mike Tyson Punch Out and so on…..when the SNES came out it was INCREDIBLE…Now with PS4 and XBox One it's really hard to fathom the days I stayed the night at my grandma's and played my uncle's Atari….its so amazing how far gaming has come!!!

  2. i like this guy just for his interviews and personality. He just happens to make actual dope music, too.

  3. Old school NES is where it's at! Wizards & Warriors, Dragon's Lair, Marble Madness, StarForce, Captain Skyhawk, Gauntlet, Shadowgate, etc. etc.

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