Loco Dojo – 2 Minute Review
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Loco Dojo – 2 Minute Review

August 22, 2019

Loco dojo is a collection of short and silly minigames I suspect the game really shines with multiplayer But when I tried to play online there wasn’t anyone else playing which is certainly typical in today’s VR landscape Thankfully there’s a single player practice mode which lets you play all the games Everything in loco dojo has a visual style of handcrafted. Wooden toys It’s a fun and cool style that fits the minigames perfectly the style kind of reminded me of LittleBigPlanet The mini games themselves are straightforward but challenging like having to stomp out an army of bugs trying to steal your food Or trying to use baby pigs like syringes to collect milk My personal favorite is the one where you need to carefully Balance a series of giant eggs on a spoon but cacti are trying to punch and break the eggs There’s a total of 16 different minigames and the whole game is well designed and engaging It’s a shame that I couldn’t find anyone else to play with online. But like I said, the single-player experience is available and Obviously this game is perfect for a VR party Well, that’s it for now, thanks so much for watching if you like what you see please subscribe see ya

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  1. hey ben you should allow people to add closed captioning i would love to add some cc for people who need it. please reply if you do. Thanks

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