Livin’ the Dream With YouTube’s Most Popular Treasure Hunter
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Livin’ the Dream With YouTube’s Most Popular Treasure Hunter

November 15, 2019

(upbeat music) – [Jake] Ooh. When I first started treasure hunting I would come down to the river
pretty much every single day and surf and raft and have
a good time at the river. But the first time I
went underneath the water it just opened my eyes to a
world I didn’t know existed. My name is Jake Koehler. I’m a free diver and treasure hunter. You guys ready? – Let’s do it.
– I’m ready man. – Let’s do it man. I dive in the Chattahoochee
River in Columbus, Georgia which is one of the world’s largest urban whitewater courses ever built. So this is actually Georgia and the other side of
the river is Alabama. Thousands of people go down
this river every single year and they lose all kinds of valuables and it’s a lot of fun
to go out there and swim and see if I can find
some stuff they’ve lost. (mellow jazz music) Some of the most interesting
things I’ve found definitely have to be like
iPhones, GoPros, pistols. (water bubbling) (laughing) Always pretty interesting to find a potential murder
weapon out here in the river, but GoPros and phones,
definitely my favorite finds. When I find these cameras and phones I try to just figure out who it belongs to because not only like finding
this stuff is a lot of fun, but giving back the
devices that they’ve lost is also a blast. Here you go buddy. – [Police Officer] Be careful out here. – I will. Not only you find a lot of cool stuff that people lose after rafting, but thousands upon thousands
of fishermen come up here and normally no one would go out there and collect all these fishing lures, but I go out there and I’ll
free them from the wall, free them from the stumps and it just kind of cleans up the area and I get free fishing lures. There’s a lot of animals
underneath the water. You’ve got a lot of striped
bass, shad, spotted bass and catfish. You see a lot of turtles down here too. It’s just super beautiful
to see all that stuff. – [Diver] Okay first day
back and Jake finds a GoPro. He was diving right next to me. – I was really surprised how
many people were interested in watching treasure hunting videos. Someone said hey? Hey, we’ve got another fan over there. I love coming down here, look for treasure and surfing and have a good time but I didn’t know I could
actually do this as like a full time job. I started my YouTube channel
and recorded myself swimming and having a good time at the river and one thing led to another
and now I’m able to do this as my full time job. – [Man] Oh my god. Twenty more, twenty more. Oh it’s going quick bro. Two more. (friends cheering) You did it man. – The more I travel the more
I realize that this spot is actually one of a kind. There’s not many places in the
world that you can actually surf at a river, you could
fish and treasure hunt. I have a love for this river, man. I just can’t stay inside. I have to go down and have a good time. (laughing) (upbeat music)

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  1. Best thing is he's actually cleaning up oir mess and plastics while treasure hunting, great guy
    Love his vids

  2. Gross! Chattahoochee River. Sewage is dumped. And used for human use. I know bc I used to live there. It smells. Murky. There are warning signs. Can’t go in w even a bug bite scabbed. Rafting? No way. All openings to the body/must be covered. My immune system dropped…eventually yours will too? Don’t be fooled…that little unknown aches is not age. Yep!

  3. I used to think he just click BAITED all the time but now that he was interviewed by a company who interviewed Mario I believe him now

  4. Not even close to a treasure hunter but I respect him for cleaning up the waterways but please guys the most this guy has found is a damaged iPhone not fucking pirate shillings lol so he’s definitely not a treasure hunter, also I don’t like how he turns a lot of stuff into police you could potentially fuck someone over because your “curios”

  5. Aquachigger is better in my opinion this guy has those OMG YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAt I FOUND(COPS CALLED) kinda channel , check out aquachigger

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