Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Fabinho’s stunner helps Reds beat City | Highlights
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Liverpool 3-1 Man City | Fabinho’s stunner helps Reds beat City | Highlights

November 15, 2019

It’s Sadio Mane. He wants to beat Stones, looking for Salah.
Angelino’s in the way. It’s gonna come to Fabinho with the strike! Oh, my word! Fabinho! Fabulous! And Mohamed Salah’s arriving! Oh, that’s beautiful! That’s Liverpool all over. What a start for Liverpool. This is Aguero. It’s a fine stop by Alisson. Pressure from the team in blue,
Angelino trying to carve his way through. And it screws off the side of the post with
a deflection on the way through. Gini Wijnaldum arriving,
Alexander-Arnold still going, it’s Firmino, Firmino! And it’s saved by Claudio Bravo. And here’s Firmino, here’s Salah! Good save by Claudio Bravo. Henderson. Runs away from Gundogan. And Bravo doesn’t get there! And Liverpool score again! Sadio Mane on hand to turn home
Jordan Henderson’s cross. It’s Sterling. Angelino again, it comes all the way through – and the shot is in from Bernardo Silva. And Manchester City
give themselves a lifeline.

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  2. Serius, video begini bisa trending?? ?

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    Masak itu ternyata Mudah.

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  3. Van dijk – Southampton
    Robertson – Hull City
    Salah – Roma
    Mane – Southampton
    Firmino – Hoffenheim
    Trent – Liverpool Academy
    Wijnaldum – Newcastle
    Fabinho – Monaco
    Alisson – Roma

    and somehow everyone became the best players in the world at their position in just 2 seasons.

  4. Love those runs from TAA just running at opposition with pace with salah mane and firmino next you will put fear into any defence in the world. TAA is getting advice from Matip on how to dribble past defenders lol.

  5. When Mane was fall for little touch
    Pep : Diving
    When Sterling was fall because his right foot clash with his left foot
    Pep : Swimming

  6. Hi guys, I'm a manc, yet I am respectful that your club is amazing. The atmosphere, the team spirit, etc., we barely have it anymore. Oh ye glory days, I miss ya. Anyways, amazing club, massive respect from a manc. ?

  7. “it’s gonna come to Fabinho with the stRIKEEE OH MY WORD” literally the reaction of every Liverpool fan around the world

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