Liverpool 2-1 Genk – Jurgen Klopp FULL Post Match Press Conference – Champions League
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Liverpool 2-1 Genk – Jurgen Klopp FULL Post Match Press Conference – Champions League

November 7, 2019

Have you microphones or does it particular matter?
No? So you’re just going to have to shout Jurgen first of all you now top the group going into the Napoli game you’re 5 points clear of Salzburg as well and 4 goals in 4 for Oxlade-Chamberlain so how satisfied with the job tonight? Yeah the most important thing we want and nobody is injured so most important thing apart from that the result is the result because we didn’t finish our situations off why we shoulda coulda have done that keeps the game pretty exciting yeah left the game pretty much alive because we could have scored in the first-half already goals it was clear that will be a bit tricky in some departments because of the front three never played together in these positions in that in a formation like this but we wanted to have Ox between the lines we want to give him their space to turn and and yeah run with the face with to the last line give us the options right and left that worked out pretty well sometimes and we could have, we could have scored more often no and it would have changed a complete game but then they scored the goal really nice goal I saw it now back of course we could have defended better but it was still a really good goal yeah and then yeah first half done and you have to start new we score again a really nice goal and but don’t finish the other situations off so that keeps them alive longer the game goes the more the momentum goes to the other team if you don’t finish your situations off that the counter attacks all that stuff if you don’t do that and it’s like it is they only had to make one save one or two times we we didn’t really push up in the last line that’s where they could play a pass in the box but nothing happened then so that was that was the game job done is the headline for the game pretty much and yeah most important thing of course but group is not decided but we knew from the beginning it is a tough group and so yes now we are first and in the table but we only want to be first no really want to be first after last match day and so we have to play two tough games and an important one two important ones and in each of them we can decide it with a win but that sounds easier as it is because both team both games will be really tricky that’s it You also now know you’ll play the Carabao Cup quarter-final final on the 17th December obviously the Club World Cup starts that week as well how is that gonna work logistically? Are you gonna be at the Carabao Cup are you going to be in Qatar or you gonna leave the Carabao Cup up to Pep? how’s it how’s it all going to work place? Are the players gonna come over to Qatar from that game and join you over there? We asked Aston Villa if they will come to Qatar we can play the game there No we don’t know exactly yet we have an idea how we do it but it’s too early to speak about that we had to make a decision now we made a decision because all the other alternatives were more problems and solutions and didn’t work out so we said ok that’s how we how we can do it as good as it’s possible for us and but all the rest we have now a bit of time to think about that we have no more important things to do concentrating where we had today playing a game then concentrate on the next game but in these next couple of weeks we’ll make a decision how it will exactly look but at the end they will play a Liverpool team 100% Brilliant, I love it thank you very much, you don’t have too Were you put under pressure from from from either body to do what you’ve decided to do Jurgen? Yeah you know obviously the World Club Championship people FIFA will have wanted you to go there and the FL will want their competition to be fantastic we did either body say to you you must do this or play then? Did they say we must do it? kind of, so you want to be really in trouble with the FIFA I’m not sure we want to be really in trouble with the FL probably not so we respect the competitions and look that the Carabao sounds always like we don’t want to play that’s not true but I don’t like about the Carabao Cup to be 100% honest is two legs in a semifinal I don’t understand that it’s the most busy period you think okay we played to semi-final that I don’t understand it I don’t like but all the rest is a nice competition we don’t play the FA Cup in the first part of the season so we play there that’s all okay and the team World Cup you play only if you win the Champions League that doesn’t happen in your life 5 million times so means will take the opportunity to ask you which the best is the best time in a year no I anyway pretty busy yes but you go there we try we beat we try to play all the games we have with all what we have no there was this situation where nobody had an idea and I think you should really think about things like this before you start because that’s not the only problem here for the Carabao Cup if you if you have a rematch in FA Cup which I don’t like honestly and you come go through in the Carabao Cup to the final we had that already three four years ago when we played at West Ham I think everybody was in front of the television in the FA Cup and hoped that we don’t go through because otherwise we had to play three games on what and the second semi-final and stuff like this nobody that you have you cannot work like this that you hope that somebody goes out that everything is fine maybe it’s a reason that if either team goes out by the team are going out because they know but he knows how it works so and we try to ignore that this time without with Arsenal our boys just wanted to play football that’s why we why we qualified for the next round but it was before they given us clear will be really difficult but we don’t I don’t want to cancel competitions I’m from Germany why should I cancel English competitions but I have to be they just should still be possible to talk about the problems and that’s what I did that some people don’t like that I cannot change because the problems are obvious but it’s like every year we do the same again and some people would find it funny and think oh look at that and they have to play now five games in three days and let’s see how they work well that will work out we cannot carry on like this so come on that’s why I asked well sit on a table and at one point we have to find a solution because these solutions so far they’re sound for me more like another problem and that’s not yeah not Not a solution Any injuries from tonight Jurgen? No, Today? No Is Jordan okay as well? Well Jordan must hold up in a bed I hope he’s better now so I’m yeah but I didn’t speak to him after the game

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