Live in the D: Try archery tag in the D
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Live in the D: Try archery tag in the D

August 19, 2019

I don’t know if they had archery at that camp and meatballs but yeah well there is a new game that’s starting to take over Detroit and it combines two old-school sports into one most people grew up playing tag with their friends but this has a different twist so our kind of peoples went to Farmington Hills to teach us how to play archery tag there’s a new game that matches up to classic childhood sports it’s paintball and dodgeball combined is that the total Sports Complex in Farmington and it gives you a chance to explore your inner Olympian or cupid a lot of people are scared at first but it’s just like nerf corns for the adults archery tag is its name and hitting people with foam tips arrows is the game this out-of-the-box extreme sport has been striking a chord with people since 2011 archery tag is based out of Illinois and there’s places all over the place to play it we were one of the first in the Metro Detroit area and more and more people are starting to get to know about it and start playing you take the basic rules of dodgeball like running to the middle of the court but for arrows instead of balls and then you let the arrows fly once a player gets tagged they’re out there’s also some targets that you can shoot at that if you knock the target out if a players out they come back in and then the first team to eliminate the other team or knock all five targets out wins I had Eric from total sports teach me how to load the arrow in the bow how to aim and shoot once I got the hang of it it was time to let loose all right but to put this mask on and play some archery tag at first I was a bumbling mess I was lucky to have a team that knew what they were doing when I got a couple of targets in before the hour-long game finally ended it’s a lot harder than it looks there’s a heck of a workout too so if you want to play your favorite childhood recess games but with a 2.0 update give archery tag a try it’s fun it’s something that you don’t do too often a lot of people are returning groups because they’ve had so much fun [Music] you need a group of at least four or more to play and this could be a great family outing or something to do co-workers as a team-building event total complex sports in Farmington is offering $25 off to anyone who comes into play archery tag and mentions our show live in the D I’ll note Skylar’s aim got pretty good at the end that’s a pretty good coupon $25 law all I got to do is say live in the D live in the D

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