Little Big Shots | Karate Kid Scares TV Judge Rudy Zerbi | Italy
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Little Big Shots | Karate Kid Scares TV Judge Rudy Zerbi | Italy

December 8, 2019

Enjoy the show! Softly, huh? He has transformed,
he’s like the Hulk! Keep your hands up or he’ll beat you! Why do you say so? You could let a punch through if you want… Oh, he also kicks? Sure he kicks! He kicks for real! Of course he kicks for real,
he is a real champion! He’s not a Sola! Strong! Stop, stop, I won’t do it again.
I’ll say yes from now on! Go on, just a couple more. Now that he’s tired, go on! Let’s make a deal! From now on I will always say yes, and you stop, okay? Just a couple of kicks, just for the sake of it! One more! No, enough! What do you mean “one more”? Why do you push him? Because I love to see you suffering,
c’mon just one last kick! Great Rudy, great. Okay. You are not paralized by fear, are you? Although you are
slightly pale and trembling… Excuse me, can I say something? Now… Look… Look at my hand! Of course! He is a bad ass little kid! Congratulations anyway! Now please kneel down. Yes, again… But he screams, don’t scream! Don’t move or he’ll kick you! I could feel his foot in my nose! And he’s laughing, kick him! No, stop! Let a kick through, just one! I can actually feel that hitting my nose! Alright. What? Enough! Enough! Stop him! Stop him! Enough! He’s laughing? It’s too much, too much!
Thank you everybody! Okay, okay. Thank you, Rudy, thank you. Great. Bravo, Filippo!

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