Linux Gaming FINALLY Doesn’t SUCK!

September 14, 2019

so in our previous video we discussed the rabbit-hole method of gaming on linux showing off some of the well more involved methods to get your game on penguin style and in a massive surprise to no one we got a bunch of angry comments from Linux people but they’re um actually outrage wasn’t entirely misplaced I can actually definitely see how the average viewer might watch that video and think wow gaining on Linux is really hard when actually many games run on Linux right out of the box so that is what today’s video is all about simple gaming on Linux and it’s brought to you by madrenas madrenas coffee blend specialty cold brew coffee Zin convenience 16-ounce grabbing yo cans for everyone’s convenience check them out and use offer code linus to save 40% today it someone have to comment on one of our previous videos that these are clearly fifteen fluid ounces and that the discount is actually 50% but minor details right [Music] so we pretty much took it for granted that because many of them are on Steam native Linux games don’t really need a how to you you point-and-click and Bob’s your uncle but that was before valve unveiled some very cool new tech under the hood that has the potential to change the gaming industry forever I’m not even exaggerating it’s called the proton API and as it turns out you know that arcane stuff that we were showing off in part one well valve has been actively supporting developers of software like wine and D xvk in order to improve gaming on Linux and proton actually includes a number of gaming related fixes and performance improvements over vanilla wine plus full controller support so what we want to do today is see if it lives up to the hype step one is obviously to install Linux on your computer now we’re not really gonna go into a ton of detail here beyond to say that we have gone with Ubuntu now you might not like Ubuntu but quite frankly I don’t care if you don’t like Ubuntu then go ahead and use whatever you want as long as it can run the Steam client which actually isn’t even necessary since you could just compile proton for yourself and run it on whatever distro is your personal jam step number two is to make sure that your graphics drivers are up-to-date now for some distributions you may need to download the driver from invidious website like on Windows but on a bunt – all we need to do is load up a terminal then type in sudo or su do mu bun – drivers Auto install enter our password and wait for the tuxedoed magic to happen can I get like a magic sound effect from the editor now using the Nvidia X server settings program we can see that we’ve got driver 390 dot 48 which is perfect and then a quick note here is if secure boot is enabled on your computer you we’ll need to follow the prompts to make sure that everything works afterwards if you don’t care about that then you can just disable it in the BIOS step 3 then is to install steam for a bun – that’s as easy as clicking download just like you would on Windows then running the dot de Bie package that you get once we’re done we can go ahead and launch team log in and get a list of all the games we have available to play step 4 is to just play your games so in the case of Deus Ex mankind divided and other steam play titles we actually don’t need to do anything with proton we can just fire it up and run it just like on Windows Albee it with usually a significant performance hit like I don’t want to oversell the Linux experience I just want to make it clear that Linux is not to blame for a lot of these shortcomings it’s typically down to poor driver optimization from the video card manufacturers this TVs legs not bad like especially with the G 603 so we’re completely wireless that’s not bad at all actually your dad how is he not dead I mean bullets you have to put in these people it’s like they’re made out of the same bullet resistant flesh that I am hip markers are so fun oops oops oops oops oops yeah so the gaming experience then is just like on Windows ok then so far so good but now we’re gonna go a little deeper step 5 is to install an on Linux game so why don’t we go with doom which actually needs an update here before we can even start it it’s running really well I mean it’s a 1080p ISO like and like it’s very responsive I haven’t seen I saw maybe one thing that I could describe as a hiccup other than that it’s butter smooth that really is incredible this is a Windows game and I’m just running it like Bob’s your uncle hey Bob fan how about a fist of Base Space Marine style now the current list of so-called white listed titles is pretty short but you can expect anything on it to basically just work like that and that’s not even as far as we can go with the new proton API which I guess brings us to step 6 experimentation so if we go to the settings menu in steam we can actually see that we’ve got this Steam play section here where we can enable Steam play for all titles pretty cool this opens up the entire library for us to install though it’s worth saying that here be dragons while many games may work out of the box on your particular hardware only games on the whitelist are guaranteed to work you can actually tell valve which is cool which games you want them to work on or if you have issues or if they work fine by using their newish platform specific wishlist function for now let’s experiment and see what we can get running shall we won’t we start with a pc building simulator this just trips me the crap out just seeing a Windows game run on Linux oh ok this one doesn’t run very well ok well it’s I said good I didn’t say has already give them time edie let’s try something else and I didn’t try it in OpenGL yet actually I’m gonna try and open jail this is Linus tech tips not Linux tech tips ok we’re separate the spinning fan looks like it’s running a little smoother but no guarantees it ok that’s a lot better ok let’s shut this one down and try something totally different and now for something completely different some of the kids will get the reference the old kids logout I thought for squidding stuff is supposed to be easy in linux turn it all do it in there no I can’t even get the terminal up ctrl alt functions – oh and she’s locked up she’s done she’s done it’s not a reset button there it is we did say here be dragons okay grand theft auto 5 is taking a little while here should this one launch no oh ok so you knew this so you knew this was gonna happen you’re just messing with me ok so much for that why don’t we try that game duck game I’ve never heard of it this one doesn’t work either you’re just messing with me oh you’re trying to show different ways of it failing so it could have a launcher come up and then fail it could just do absolutely nothing or we could move on to Skyrim failed to extract plug-in file okay speaking of here be dragons Skyrim might be working that actually even seems like it’s running at an OK framerate dang Skyrim works buddy my fist on this rock dad your dad I’m probably screwing up whoever same game this is whatever I’m probably a loser anyway that’s a cow fight it with this axe well let’s see if it takes out this guy whatever this guy sucks let’s take his clothes alright that’s probably enough for that not everything works that well crisis is a drm fail so it’s actually the the DRM crap that won’t run not necessarily the game itself and then pub G is a similar story in this case it’s the easy anti cheat that fails to install wait witcher 3 isn’t that a steam game this one is running pretty pretty though it should be noted that this particular game supports hair works in Windows but not in and that was true of the xvk – but does hair works really enhance the experience that much I mean I guess it depends who you ask and what they’re a fanboy of so there you have it I guess the real takeaway here is that we want to give the less Linux savvy folks out there a little bit more of a push to give this a try because it really is simpler now for the power users out there by the way you’re probably gonna ask proton doesn’t yet support running games outside of steam like wine does but for the enormous library of games on Steam you are completely p.m. covered so then is the year of the Linux desktop upon us in my opinion not yet but it does feel a little different this time Linux driver support for example actually seems to be becoming a priority for AMD and NVIDIA for once so to use like a train analogy the Train might not be here yet but I also wouldn’t throw on my noise-canceling headphones and take a walk along the track that it’s approaching on 3rd will take is celebrating their 20th anniversary with their level 20 case series they’ve got four styles to choose from the VT the XT the GT and then an updated version of their triple chambered full tower case all of them feature a sleek modern design with rounded front corners and tempered glass and all of them have ample room for cable management and radiators yes water cooling they also all feature USB type-c connections on the io so check out the link below to get yours now on or whatever other Amazon you prefer so thanks for watching guys if you just like this video sorry mr. Ballmer you don’t even work there anymore man why are you bothering to run around hitting thumbs down on my videos for those of you liked it though hit the like button get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description JK it’s free also down there’s our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you should definitely join maybe we’ll put links to buy like game controllers or something sure what the hey or this wireless mouse which rocks g6no3 man that feels good

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