Lighted Nock Archery Mule Deer Hunting – 100% Film It Yourself by Solvid
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Lighted Nock Archery Mule Deer Hunting – 100% Film It Yourself by Solvid

August 21, 2019

it’s the last day for my 2015 Late Mule Deer tag. I hadn’t been walking long when I spotted up on the hillside, a group of does with a last day shooter buck. I got some footage of them as they headed for the creek bottom I was already in I took advantage of the silent
snow-covered road to get as close as possible as if he read a script script, the buck stepped out into the open all by himself I’m pretty sure just saw and heard the mule deer crash dead. I doubt he needed it but, I gave him a few more minutes just in case While I waited, I took off the Solvid head camera mount and replayed the footage The arrow landed not more than 20 yards from the buck conveniently right next to a side stream
I washed it off in the creek and then headed up the hillside to recover my
animal. the shot placement was even better than it appeared and the Muzzy
broad head made quick work of his lungs resulting in a quick death

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  1. Hey bud, great video that lit nock makes it. Love that instant replay. Is it just me or does the arrow have a little irregular flight path? Maybe a little curve to it?

  2. Best bow shot I have ever seen. Watching the draw, release, arrow flight and impact in perfect focus is a dream shot. Very well done and thank you.

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