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LGR – Slam! – Windows PC Game Review

September 10, 2019

[theme music] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] Well, we’re gonna look at something
a little bit different here today. Figured I would look at one of those Win 3.1
shareware games that were so rampant back in the early Windows 3.1 days. This one I found on one of
those Game Empire compact discs that had like 3 million shareware games in it. These were actually of surprisingly decent
quality and I happened to come across Slam! It’s a fully-functional shareware game. I suppose it could be more accurately called “guiltware,” as it doesn’t take aware any of the game, it just presents this little message at the beginning telling you that you should register
the game or you’re a bad person. And for only $10 you can get
rid of that slight guilty feeling. Apparently made by Robert Epps
of Newport Beach, California. Slam! is a tabletop air hockey
game controlled with the mouse. But you know, now that think of it,
I actually don’t see too many air hockey games, especially in Windows 3.1. The only other that really comes
to mind is Shufflepuck Café and I know that was on DOS.
I don’t think it was on Windows. So, if anything, the game gets points
just for being somewhat original. If you’re familiar with air hockey,
the concept of the game is about as obvious as you can get. You’re the blue paddle on the bottom of the screen, your computer-controlled opponent
is at the top of the screen, and you try to hit the purple hockey
puck into your opponent’s hole. Yes, like real hockey, the game
does perpetuate violence. As the game goes on, it gets quicker and more heated. And eventually when somebody get
enough points – I think it’s eleven – then it’s over and you’ll either
be taunted or congratulated, or some mixture of the two. As far as gameplay, that’s it, but there are
also options in the Options menu to optionize. The first is the opponent options,
and on the default setting of… …whatever it is, it’s actually pretty tough, mainly because of how quick the puck
moves, and that can be changed. So… I ended up taking the
quickness and aggressiveness down quite a bit to make the game at least a little more on par with
what I am capable of doing. The other options are the color schemes. And you have the two choices
of the default color scheme, which kind of looks like you’re
playing on a snooker table, and the monochrome scheme,
which… is in monochrome. Not really sure what that’s about. I’ve never used the monochrome Windows 3.1 before. You can also just right-click
on any of the parts of the table in order to change the colors to
something maybe a little more appropriate to an air hockey table. There’s also the option to change the view angle, which is useful up to a point. You can make it a completely overhead game, which actually makes the gameplay
quite different and it’s pretty fun to do. But you can also make it zero degrees, which… you’re not seeing anything! I have no idea what the point of that is, except that I guess you can
do it, so you may as well. Messing with the different angles is enjoyable when you’re really, REALLY bored. I wish I had this game back in the study hall days. Back in school, it was always about
the Windows Entertainment Pack playing JezzBall and Tetris, and of course the old standbys Solitaire and FreeCell. If I’d have had Slam!, I would have
been adjusting those viewing angles and coming up with all sorts
of color schemes all day long. Would have been awesome. But instead, I have it today when
I could be playing something else. So in that respect, Slam! isn’t really that great. It is what it is! It’s an air hockey game for Windows 3.1, it’s super simple and it doesn’t do much at all except that you can change
the viewing angle and the colors. If that sounds like fun to YOU, try it out. It’s actually a decent little time waster
if all you have is Windows 3.1 and a minute and a half to kill. It’s also worth noting that Robert
Epps has made this game freeware, so it is now available as a free download. I don’t know when this happened.
Apparently Mr. Epps had all sorts of plans for future
versions like network mutliplayer, computer opponent personalities, obstacles like bumpers on the table, better sound effects. Sadly, I don’t think any of this happened. All I’ve seen is 1.0 from 1993. So that’s all you get. Slam! It’s a… good time. Air hockey.

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    It never worked properly on our old computer; always locked up at one point. The few times I could get it to work, it was pretty decent.

  2. Air hockey makes an appearance in both of the 'Episodes From Liberty City' add ons for GTA IV.

    Just thought i'd mention that for no real reason!

  3. @Zontar82 Yes, this was dropped into endless compilation discs. It's worked mostly on every version of Windows I've tried it on past 3.x, even Win7.

  4. Man, I loved those compilation discs. The days of hundreds of different of little cool games is gone, I'm afraid, unless you count Flash.

  5. The monochrome setting would've been useful for laptops back in 1993, most of which only had a black & white LCD… but hopefully an active matrix one, or else the fast motion would be reduced to a blur.

  6. This looks like fun! Have you ever played "Rats!" by Sean O'Connor? I found it yesterday, forgot how much fun it was, one of the first Windows games I played.

  7. Oh man, I played this quite a bit. That click sound for everything. lol It would turn into a quick buzz if you got the puck trapped and moving back and forth really fast. Hadn't though about this game in years, thanks for making this great video! 🙂

  8. @phreakindee Rats was good, but Sean O'Conner's other, lesser known games are even better.
    You absolutely HAVE to check out "Dinosaur Football" – It's one of my top 10 favourite games of all time and I still get suckered in to it for hours whenever I play.
    Critical Mass is pretty badass too (once you learn the ropes), and the strategy game Slay is just magic – That guy was a total gaming genius.

  9. Hey, I don't know how much you've played during the good old times, but I was wondering whether you know the title of this game. Basically it's a burglary game where you need to hire burglars (with different levels in different skills, such as breaking safes or security). I believe it's an old shareware game, probably on Windows 3.1 or 95.

    I remember I found it on the 2000 Shareware Games CD (the Windows CD). Maybe you've heard of it.

  10. Remember this game 😀 but I don't know if it was just a error because when I changed the settinngs the oponent were fast but as longer you played he was getting slower, at last moving about 1px per minute… maybe something were broken… this was back in my 486 days 😀

  11. I remember having this game on a Windows 95 shareware pack called Games Platinum. It was awesome! I've still got the Games Platinum disc sitting around the house somewhere, but I don't have a computer that can run it anymore.

  12. Good god, I remember this. It was on one of those CDs you talked about with 300 games on it (literally). I played the hell out of that CD. Can you do Microman? That was also on there. I played it for ages, but today it doesn't hold up too well, but it still works and is interesting.

  13. Little did AceOfFaces know that one year from his comment, Happy Wheels would become the "in" game for people to make Let's Plays of.

  14. Shuffle Puck Café on the Amiga 4000 was the bane of my existence when I was a kid. It was so much fun but incredibly unfair at some point.

  15. 1. Type in "slam windows 3.1"
    2. See the first result.
    3. Click it.
    4. See the download button.
    5. Click that.
    You're welcome.

  16. Technically he never made any claims to be good at it. I read this as two separate clauses. Sic

    "Air hockey is awesome. I am a freaking master."

    The latter of which I assume to mean he is extremely adept at grinding, or, in the Caribbean, whining (thanks Wikipedia).

  17. Or maybe he is talking like a normal person and saying by "I am a freaking master" He means that he is good at it.

  18. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLY SHIT!!!!!! My childhood that I didn't remember.. Thanks D:
    I need it so bad now.. 

  19. You didn't get the planned revisions because no one probably bothered to register their copy of the game.


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