LGR – SimCity 2000 Network Edition – PC Game Review
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LGR – SimCity 2000 Network Edition – PC Game Review

February 8, 2020

[theme music] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] SimCity and SimCity 2000 are known for
their exceptional single-player experiences where you play as an omnipotent mayor of a city deciding the fate of every Sim through
zoning, taxing and policy making. Imagine my surprise when I saw
this on the store shelf in 1996: SimCity 2000: Network Edition. SimCity 2000 had been released two years prior and the CD collections had been released
and were enjoying continued success. Then comes SimCity 2000: Network Edition which wasn’t a sequel, an add-on,
or anything like had been seen before. It was a true multiplayer version of SimCity 2000, complete with LAN, modem and Internet connectivity. And it was only for Windows; no Mac version this time. Freakin’ weird. Maxis had experimented with
multiplayer gaming over the years, but none of them had achieved much success, with stuff like RoboSport, multiplayer SimCity for Unix, later The Sims Online and,
of course, Network Edition. In fact, Network Edition was
only out for about a year before Maxis discontinued it and
pulled the game from store shelves, dooming it to clearance sections for years and making it one of the
hardest-to-find Maxis games today. The premise of Network Edition is super simple: it’s SimCity 2000 with up to
three players managing the city. But instead of just dropping into a scenario or new city, you first choose from a selection of network options, like what connection you’ll use, your name, the city’s name
and the speed of the simulation, since you can’t change the speed in-game. Once you’ve started the server,
the game will start as usual and any clients can connect in any point in time. If you’re familiar with the original SimCity 2000, the first thing you might notice is the new user interface. The old UIs were designed with their OS in mind– DOS, Amiga, Mac OS, Windows 3.1, etc. But this one was designed for Windows 95, so you have menus and buttons
inspired by the look of 95, with most of it that seems reminiscent
of the task bar and Start menu design. You also have a compass indicating the
cardinal directions your current perspective has. This all just takes some getting used to, especially if you’re experienced with SimCity 2000 and I’m not sure I like it. I don’t see how it’s an improvement,
but I’m not sure it’s worse, either. I just prefer the original Macintosh-inspired design instead of everything all spread out. Most of the gameplay itself is unchanged. You’ll need to build power plants, lay zones, pass laws and manage your personal budget in order to grow the tiny town into a massive metropolis. But if you try to place anything,
you’ll notice something new right off the bat. The land belongs to the city, so you’ll
need to purchase land in order to build on it. Although you can just play alone, remember
that it’s meant to be played with other people. So instead of just playing as the be-all,
end-all overlord of city management, you are now a district commissioner. The land belongs to the city and
it’s up to you and any other players to develop parts of the city,
working together for the greater good– or competing for power. You then develop your own land
in tandem with other players, raising and lowering property values, and even selling back and
buying new real estate, if need be. These are incredible ideas and
I have to commend Maxis for this because it’s actually quite fun. For instance, maybe you’ve got
some nice waterfront property with a school and upscale housing, but the nearby commissioner
owns the local power plant which you’ll need to power all your stuff. They, however, need access to
educational facilities and residents. You could strike deals with the other
players for resources or services. In this case, you can exchange access to your schools for access to their power. Or you could just pay an annual
dividend to the other player for a certain amount of power, or perhaps an exchange for police or fire protection. This really adds an entirely different element of strategy for everything in the simulation, and it’s a nice refresher for
veterans of the original games. Now you’ll really have to think outside
the box when choosing a location instead of just plopping down zones everywhere. Everything from building new
areas to planning your budget is affected by this new idea. The same thing applies to passing laws,
which not everyone may agree on. I may want to legalize gambling,
but the other players oppose it. Everything is then put up to a vote to see what happens. This can also get quite
interesting when disaster strikes, since you may be forced to work together
with your opponent to tackle fires, floods and crime. Or you could just let them suffer as payback for not passing that sales tax proposal last month. Oddly, there’s no monster disasters this
time around, which is somewhat sad. You do, however, have access to many of the features from the later expansions to SimCity 2000, like the Urban Renewal Kit and
alternate tile sets for your buildings. It’s also worth noting that while most
things are competitive somewhat, the water system is shared. So as long as somebody is pumping
water and you’ve got pipes connected, everybody can get water. The transportation system is also shared, but you will have to connect your roads to their roads, and you pay for your own roads in your own districts. Really, I don’t have too many
complaints about the game, but the biggest I guess would be the lag. There’s about 30 seconds between
every action the other player performs and the time it takes to appear on your screen. There’s also some lag when
placing zones and roads and such, but it’s only really noticeable
if you’re used to the regular game. It’s really nothing that breaks the experience,
but it is something that I noticed. Also, the land buying can be a pain. Like sometimes you may not
realize you bought a ton of land that was actually useless underwater land. So you end up wasting a ton
of money if you’re not careful, almost having to buy land one tile at a time. I wish there were a few more features, too. For instance, the in-game chat is somewhat limited. It would be nice if there were
a better way to communicate, but I guess this was kind of
limited by technology of the time. I’d also like the competitive aspect to be expanded on, because half the time you really do forget that
there’s even another player in the game with you, and it starts to feel like just
another game of SimCity 2000. I mean, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could
do a smear campaign against your opponent, and instigate a riot in his part of town? Or even do some dirty, underhanded deals to cut off somebody from water or
set fire to some abandoned buildings, while you move in and buy up all the
cheap land due to its low property value. While the game is okay with one other opponent, it really works best with the full three people playing. So unless you know two other
people who are willing to play, you’re probably not getting the best experience. And there’s no AI to play against, and playing against only one
other player can get kind of bland. Still, a new game like this will probably never happen and SimCity 2000: Network Edition
is likely all we’ll ever get in multiplayer Maxis city sims. Recent multiplayer city games like
Cities XL have tried, and ended up failing, so I have my doubts it will ever get
revisited anytime in the near future. But if you’re up for something new with a friend or two and can’t get enough of that classic city simulation, the odd but awesome SimCity 2000: Network Edition is totally worth checking out.

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  1. We need some super modder to mod Sim City 4's region tiles and even the larger city tiles into multiplayer. Seriously, I have never use more than about six city tiles in SC4. They also need a regional view god mode in SC4. Some super modder, get on it!

  2. It pisses me off that Maxis and their EA overlords act as if the great SimCity legacy is something to be ashamed of… New SC was a joke, but people were too starved to see that, so they bought it anyway… Suckers :/

  3. When the cities in the game get larger, the game could say there is a network error. But meanwhile I can see other people join and leave in the background and they can just continu playing. Maybe someone here knows how to just disable that error from showing up? It only seems to make it unable to let me play, but the game itself is still actually connected to the server. 

  4. i have got the Special Edition of SimCity 2000 for free on Origin with On The House.
    and yes, it comes with DOSBox so it can run on modern systems.

  5. i wish i could play the old simcity 2000 windows edition again, not the dos version. that was great and still is the best one to this date. . 

  6. Why don't they add a feature or mode in the latest SimCity in where you have multiple mayors controlling 1 city as an option. And if they want  money so bad they may make it a DLC. I hope its an update though, I would totally buy the game then.

  7. You would think when they were in the early development stages for the multiplayer part of Sim City 2013 that they would pull ideas from this version of Sim City as inspiration. Sigh, I guess we will never get a proper Sim City again.

  8. I just installed this from an original disk on my vista computer and it runs great! also I managed to find and install simcopter and streets of sim city

  9. My first experience with this (and Simcity in general) was when my uncle got a new Compaq Win 95 PC at the time (around 1997 I think), which came bundled with SC2000 Network Edition, C&C RA and some flight simulators I can't remember.

    I enjoyed all of them, but I got seriously addicted to SC2000 Network Edition. I was only able to make cities with the printing program (didn't know how to make a single player game), but I still spent hours making my own cities and wasting my uncle's ink. I was especially proud of one city I made, dubbed "Magie" for some odd reason, since I filled the entire map up haphazardly with buildings and roads.

    Later I got my own Win 95 PC, and the first thing my parents bought me was a copy of SC2000 Special Edition. Happy as a pig in shite wasn't even the best way to describe it. I was fascinated with the alternate tilesets, especially the futuristic ones, and spent ages making new ones with SCURK. I spent ages learning how to make cities properly, managing levels, controlling crime etc. and enjoyed it even more. I still have the original CD and play it to this day.

    I later tried a demo of SC3000 and again, got hooked and got the full version at christmas. I found aspects such as the idea of being able to make agriculture appear with light industrial zones under certain conditions and being able to use 256 greyscale bitmaps to make custom maps somehow to be hugely fascinating and loved the charm and (then) realism of the graphics. I loved the special buildings and scratched my head on how Metropolis was built in such an orderly yet controlled manner. I also got a Zip drive with a few disks at the same time so I often saved my cities onto them. I later got the UK Edition and loved the scenarios, custom scripting and making custom buildings with BAT.

    I didn't like SC4, for some odd reason. Didn't touch the latest version either. Went straight to Cities: Skylines and have played it nonstop since.

  10. I guess you could say SimCity is good for managing your own personal Digital Village…
    Okay, obscure joke. I'm sorry.

    Speaking of obscure things and The Digital Village – if you ever have the time, go and find a game called "Starship Titanic". If you like point-and-click puzzles, you will not be disappointed.

  11. I feel this illustrates how a mp Simcity could work: as a separate edition that comes out after the newest sp version. That way, only people who are interested in mp have to deal with the mp baggage and the sp people can enjoy their expansive simulation in peace.

  12. LGR, I'm so happy you keep in touch with fans, even when you're getting big! Keep up the amazing work…. Or don't, it's your life ;P

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  14. just started watching your channel and I've been binging on it all. I love how I can watch your videos from years ago and, even if your production value gas gone up, you started from the start with high quality content. love you dude, keep on doing you.

  15. I remember back when I was in elementary school, our school got all new Macs one year that all came preinstalled with Sim City 2000. I had played the original Sim City at a friends house a couple years prior..But we would spend all of our recess playing SC2K. So one day, I finally get into an EB Games store and I find Network Edition and buy it because I never knew it was available on computers other than Macs. I get home, install it, and am just dumbfounded at the fact that I couldn't figure out how to play the game. Everything about it looked different, when it'd try to connect to the network, I could never figure out how to get it to work, and I was so disappointed because I thought I had purchased the original. It wasn't until years later I discovered this was a completely different game than SC2K.

  16. hey, lgr. I found a copy of this today at a thrift store with the box and everything. but the disk was missing. so close. yet so far….

  17. If not for the stupid monthly membership fee, I'd get the special edition of this Simcity 2000 on origins.

  18. First vid I saw of yours LGR, back when your channel was called "phreakindee". Hope to see more quality (and lazy) content for years to come! It would be a nice little throwback for a future vid if you remade your original opening, that electronic tune always was catchy.

  19. I wish Cities Skylines would get such multiplayer mod eventually. I believe it would suit it well and it would be another great slap in the face of EA

  20. I could never build my city the way i wanted to cause i would always run out of money and cant use advanced buildings lol , so i just went to other cities and used bulldozer, monster alien, fires , floods and tornadoes to exact my vengeance HA HA AHAHAHAHA

  21. The Anno series is pretty great if you want competitive city building. Even just against AIs, infact the AIs are pretty good with varied and interesting personalities. It also has a military aspect so you can have wars with each other.

  22. Awesome video! I never knew about this version. Going to try it out with my brother later this weekend.
    I remember when Simcity 2000 came out when I was 5 years old and the computer teacher had it on all the computers in primary school and we would have races to see which students could fill the map with a functioning city first… Oh and we learnt about other computer stuff during the class too… Sometimes 😉

  23. So I still play SC2K from time to time on the ol' DOS box… but I took it one step further recently and got myself an MT-32 emulator for the midi.

    That's been nice.

    Wish I could get the old Yamaha midi syths that I used back in the day though.

  24. Just a small question here. In 2014 they gave this game out for free. anyone know any safe sites where one may download it still for free?

  25. Hey, LGR!
    You can cut other players off from transportation and water. Just don't put any roads or pipes on the edges of your property, and they won't be able to come into yours to complete the connection. Nyeh nah nah nyeh nyah!

  26. I'm loving these older videos with the intro. Never saw it until recently when I started digging deeper in your vast library of videos. Keep up the good work my man!

  27. It must've benn preeeetty complex to program the online function in that time for a game like sim city,
    but it feels incredible what they've achieved o.o

  28. Wow. I just watched his SimCity 2013 review before watching this and listening to him complain that there'll be no online aspect in future games is kind of funny.

  29. Surprise surprise, they did try this concept again and it flopped … again. It could have worked, but they decided to make everyone's land so tiny that it was menaingless and you could build your whole city with little else to upgrade in just a couple hours.

  30. So many good dosgames forgot the multiplayer aspect, kind of reminds me about civilization 2 mac edition as the only one to have a hot seat multiplayer option. So much fun on that one competing 2 vs 8 AI players haha. Conquest of the new world did it best though, what an awesome game that was and still is sometimes. Its like its designed to play multiplayer since the AI is so easy to beat.

  31. God for early 2000's this would of been amazing. Lan partys would of been amazing. Also if you see this for some reason you should do a re-review of your older, outdated videos as a new series maybe?

  32. People, if you join my RadminVPN network you'll be able to play SimCity2000 Network Edition on modern Windows. Abandonware.

  33. I played Sim City 4 multiplayer with other folks. Basically we started with in the same region and set up a shared dropbox folder that synced the regions files. Therefor any changes saved to one city also appeared on other players PCs. The basic rule was that you couldn't open another players city unless invited to (to fix traffic or something like if you were more experienced), and we also set up basic borders so you were not allowed to build in lands others wanted to first.

    It worked suprisingly well and we soon started to roleplay as our imaginary countries and such. Since intercity locations you make appear in the neighbouring places too with sufficiently common saving the region became interconnected without any cumbersome arrangements. And with RCI demand being universal across the map (more or less) it was in everyones interest to play well.

    This was many, many years ago. I wonder if that shared folder still exists.

  34. This was such a great idea, decades ahead of it's time.
    With today's tech you could make it work, and soon after many spinoffs would sprung up like maybe a mafia spin off.

  35. Not sure if it was Sim City 2000 but I had a computer class in 9th grade where I didn't do any school work and just played it all class every day. I got to where I was upgrading everything to the ultimate building and some ass in my class deleted my save for who knows what reason…..yep

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