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LGR – Blood – DOS PC Game Review

September 12, 2019

[LGR Theme] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! Blood. Now THAT is a proper name for a first-person shooter. And, man, does it live up to it. This is one disturbing and dark title, brought to you by none other
than 3D Realms and Monolith. Blood was released in 1997,
fresh off the success of Duke Nukem 3D. The developer of the game, 3D Realms,
looked to repeat its success with another game based on Duke’s build engine, this time focusing on parodies
of horror and slasher films. However, when it was nearing completion,
3D Realms sold the game to Monolith, and they finished the game off
and released it that way. 3D Realms did this in order to focus on another game they were working on at the time, Shadow Warrior, which was also set to be released that same year. Soon after this, they started
work on Duke Nukem Forever, and the rest is a very sad and unfortunate history. Speaking of history, you may be wondering
what time period or location Blood finds itself in. Well, feel free to speculate, because
it never is specifically mentioned. In fact, the story itself is barely worth going into. But I’m going to anyway. You play as Caleb, who is a gunslinger in the
American Wild West in the 1800s, and the ex-leader of the Cabal cult, worshippers of the forgotten god of Tchernobog. The cult becomes awesome, but for some reason their god smites them all. And then Caleb somehow rises from the grave Army of Darkness-style, blah, blah, blah. I don’t even know why there’s any kind of story at all, especially when every last bit of the game is
a parody or ripoff of some movie or pop culture and the game never really
contains many story elements that lead anywhere. You’ll occasionally get a little hint,
but it’s really not that important. All you need to know is you’re an evil undead guy with glowing red eyes,
a trench coat and a thirst for blood. The gameplay is nearly identical
to its forerunner, Duke Nukem 3D. The engine is a bit more advanced. Not as much as Shadow Warrior, but it does still use the 3D voxel objects instead of sprites for things like weapons. There are linear levels to navigate and shoot hundreds of enemies in, and find keys to get to the next level, with a boss fight in between episodes. Nothing amazing here. It’s very standard ’90s first-person shooter fare. But what is amazing is the level design,
atmosphere, and the feel of the game itself. First thing’s first: you’re going to
need a way to shed all of that blood, so there are plenty of deadly weapons at your disposal. You start off with a pitchfork that
can gorge and decapitate enemies, then quickly move on to a flare
gun that sets enemies on fire and blows them up in almost one shot. You can also get sticks of dynamite, a double-barreled shotgun straight from Evil Dead, a Tommy gun, napalm launcher, the shocking Tesla rifle, and even a voodoo doll. And flaming… skull thing. Almost all of the weapons have
something very unique for the time: alternate fire modes. You just didn’t see that in games in 1997. You can shoot both barrels at
once for the shotgun, for example, or sweep enemies with the Tommy gun. You can also occasionally get the ability
to dual wield weapons akimbo-style, doubling the pleasure and doubling the fun. This is extremely useful, as the enemies that you encounter will die quicker. I really only mention this because you
will need every ounce of power you can against these enemies. Every undead creature, demon
or evil monk you encounter is absolutely hellbent on
killing you and killing you fast. It’s really not uncommon at all to turn a corner and get slaughtered within a second, even with full health. And even on lower difficulties. You can often have 10 to 15
murderous ghouls after you at once, so dying is probably going to be very common. Of course, if he’s back from the dead already, how does that work? That’s a question for another day. Being called Blood, I do have to
mention the… blood real quick. There is no reason for this game to
have as much blood and gore as it does. Except that it is awesome. I mean, it’s flying everywhere. It’s on the walls, it’s on the floors, it’s hanging from the ceilings I mean, there’s nastiness all over the place. This is easily the goriest game to date in 1997. The thrill of blowing off heads
and disemboweling demons with weapons that probably
shouldn’t do so never gets old. You can even kick around the heads
until they fall apart, if you want. Interactivity. Yay! There’s no reason for such things, and that is what makes Blood so fun. As with Duke 3D, there are lots of interactions
and goodies to find throughout the levels. As expected, there are plenty of
movie references to things like Frankenstein, Friday the 13th, of course Army of Darkness, The Shining. “Heeeeere’s Johnny!” [gunshot] There’s even a Jaws one thrown in there. “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” But there are also several memorable lines
by Caleb himself throughout gameplay, although he’s not nearly as vocal as Duke or Lo Wang. And the levels themselves remain fun, with very few dips in enjoyment. Occasionally, they’ll get a little maze-like, but that’s just kind of to be
expected for whatever reason. Mainly due to similar textures being used. There are, of course, a few
annoying platforming sections, which I just to not think
belong in an FPS game at all. And some of the levels can get very confusing for the reasons I mentioned earlier. Also, you can have up to six keys
in one level that you’ll have to find, which is a few too many, in my opinion. And the doors are really not
clearly marked either at all times, so navigation tends to be the
most annoying thing in the game. Still, it never made me want to quit playing, just to take a break once in a while and then go back and shotgun
some zombies’ heads off, Dawn of the Dead-style. But simply, Blood is bloody fun, complete with all of the trademark aspects that make 3D Realms games so enjoyable. There is a lot of gameplay here too, more than the original Duke 3D
and more than Shadow Warrior. So you’ll probably be playing it for
quite a while, should you choose to get it. And if you can locate the game
and the two expansion packs for it, The Plasma Pak and Cryptic Passage, there’s even more to enjoy. But that may be the problem: finding it. The game didn’t sell extremely well, the expansion packs sold even less, so it has become – well, somewhat
appropriately – a cult classic of sorts, and finding a complete copy at a decent price can be a very good challenge. But the search is honestly worth it, because if you like horror, violence, and a good time for the sake of a good time in a first-person shooter, Blood is one disgustingly wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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  1. This might sound lame but if anyone Is interested in reading a semi long blood fanfiction I wrote. I have one on this link https://www.wattpad.com/651558146-blood-dos-1997-fanfiction-blood-1997-fanfiction. It continues after the main game because Im unhappy with blood 2 plot wise and gameplay wise. Feel free to add bad/good feedback on wattpad. Thanks everyone and sorry for advertising.

  2. I liked this game much more than the other classics back them exactly because of the atmosphere, completely new to me back than. Caleb had more motivation than duke or lo wang, killing the responsible for Ophelia’s death and avenging those other dudes. When in comparison, it does deserve a point in history elements. Duke’s cutscenes were just humorous, the ones in blood contain vengeance, sadness when he burns the corpse of his beloved and ultra violent corpse explosion or organs ripping. It is a sad thing the expansions never got here, my favorite fps by far as a kid

  3. Dude I love all these different Intros the old one reminds me of a scifi game and the new one like your in a really chilled out smoking bar 🙂

  4. I have played this game so many times. And I always enjoy its bloody gore throwing all the guts, blood .etc Dynamite and Napalm are my fave weapons here.

  5. Oh this audio.. 10 years ago ^^ cuts through my ears

    And man I play this game with steam controller w widescreen patch and some more cool features been added to it.. fav game for times!

  6. the best… the real deal, every opponent has their own weaknesses, dog with electricity , bird with spell, just awesome. good cult are not as expansionist as back there once

  7. CORRECTION!!!: Marathon (a Mac FPS developed by Bungie) featured alternate fire modes AND dual wielding back in 1994.
    Also, have you covered it yet? I would be interested in seing what you're thoughts on the Marathon trilogy are.

  8. Lol i only remember this game after watching the video, i actually enjoyed the weapons in this game a lot , it was fun enough, not sure if i just played the demo or the full game but yeah quite liked it

  9. Just came out on Steam as Blood: Fresh Supply.

    I think it's supposed to be some kind of improvement?

  10. Howdy, LGR. Is there a proper way of running Blood and SW1 in 3dfx mode under the MSDOS? I was spending the whole last week, trying 3dfx patch with SW1, and depending on EMM386 settings, the game can only freeze during the boot, or to report Glide driver failed to reserve 4MB of ram. How do I beat this quest?

  11. I just realised, that when he made this video, and said that "duke nukem forever is sad history", he had no clue that it would actually come out, and that it would suck.

  12. This game will kick your ass on well done and is stupid on extra crispy. Don't underestimate the reaction time of 90's ai.

  13. Played this game as a 12 year old kid. I was so scared but kept playing. Literally felt like I was playing for my life.

  14. Its a really disturbing setting and atmosphere… great game with great horror in it… Another great game and sometimes forgotten was Redneck Rampage… Like Blood another violent and bizarre game

  15. I got to play blood 1 time and was instantly hooked but never saw it again… instead finding lame copycats like… well i forgot their names but they came out for consoles a couple years later and all sucked.

    Another super gory game from this era was SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (the first one, the second one sucked)!

  16. loved this game. its awesome, especially the music is hilarious in the later levels. and it was a blast in multiplayer. loved that voodoo doll

  17. The Doom rereleases that recently came out has me reminiscing these games and how much time I spent at that computer killing stuff. Thanks for these.

  18. I always loved the dark carnival level, but you didn't include the Monty python reference with "that's no ordinary rabbit" my ultimate favorite…lol

  19. This game was so much more enjoyable and better than Quake even running on the older Build rendering engine…
    Tech specs won't make up for a good game by itself…

  20. Blood is my favourite of the old school FPSs! Sure, Duke Nukem 3d is great and the theme is cool too, but Blood's horror and slasher theme is the best. Everything about this game is just awesome in my opinion

  21. I never even heard of Blood till long after Duke 3D and Shadow Warrior. I found it on a freeware site, and was quite surprised when I realized I was playing a slightly updated Build game. It was like finding burried treasure.

  22. As Russian, I enjoyed a "humorous localization" by Fargus, "V. Lenin, First Blood", where you play as Lenin, risen from his mausoleum.

  23. I love this game but after a while the level design just gets unforgivable and I find myself putting it down because I'm sick of walking around a level in circles, a great example of this is episode 3 level 6 which made me want to just skip to the next episode. Honestly the level design is terrible compared to duke 3d and people seem to refuse to acknowledge how much worse it is because DA WEAPONS R KOOL.

  24. Well blood is on Steam now. Also I cannot believe you did not mention that bloody hand that jokes you to death. You can kill it with one shot but if it catches you, yeah you are screwed.

  25. I remember playing this multiplayer at LAN parties. If I remember correctly you can type in some random number and be teleported to some map. But my point is, there was a football (soccer) field where you could kick heads at goals… Why? Coz its freaking awesome

  26. Blood was an awesome game. Doesn't even need a story. ANY story is just a cherry on top. It was fun to play. Hard as shit. Anyone who wasn't a pussy could try to play through on the most difficult settings.

  27. haha, I just wanted to download this game, but for some reason I thought this was a part of the Doom series…. thanks for reminding me of the game

  28. This game was so badass back then. Just the thought that you're some dude risen from the grave fucking people up with a pitchfork was hilarious when I first played it.

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