Let’s Play – Prop Hunt Part 1
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Let’s Play – Prop Hunt Part 1

November 16, 2019

(Jack) For real this time! (Ryan) Alright so E, spawns you into a whatever? (Michael, followed by others, saying in a weird alien voice) (Jack) How do you- (Ray) This is Prop Hunt. (Ryan) Prop Hunt! We’re finally playing Prop Hunt. (Michael) Yeah! PC, is ready to go, props, (Jack in the background) I don’t know how you open the door. (Michael) Hunters (Ray) E (Jack) I thought E puts you into a prop. (Ray) You won’t be the door. (Jack, laughing a little in the background) You can’t be a door… (Michael) So. Ray. We’re the hunters. (Ray) We are the hunters (Michael) The lads. So our screen’s black while they find (Cut off by whistling and Gavin shouting “Not anymore!”) (Ray) Yeah, and we hunt (Michael) …to hop in, except, now the screen is, not black (Jack) Oh, that’s creepy… (Gavin) (wheezy giggle) Guys, guys, c’mere. Look at my spray. (Michael) Where are you? (Michael) Okay, I’m, I’m lookin, I’ll see- (Ryan) Oh, that’s not what I wanted to be (Gavin) Nevermind… (Michael) Did it work- (Gavin) Aup, there we go- (Michael) Oh god, god DAMN it Gavin. That’s pretty fucking funny. (Michael) Hang on. (Ryan) Let’s see what everybody decided to name themselves… (Ray) Oh, I’m Bubb Rubb. How do you spray? (Ryan) Dr. Dolph Lundgren- (Michael, giggling) Hey Gavin, check mine out. (Ryan) Nice. (Michael) Come back outside. Come back outside. (Gavin) Wai- (Michael) Doctor Dolph Lundgren. (Geoff having a fit of laughter) (Ryan) Bubb Rubb… (Ray) I’m Bubb Rubb. (Geoff still losing it) (Ryan) Wow, the Team Gents went with very uh… (Michael) Well, you’ll know where I am (Ryan) similar names… (Geoff) What’d we go with? (Ryan) An Innocuous Barrel, Not A Barrel, I’m not a toilet (Everyone collectively losing it at the blunt ingenuity of Team Gents) (Ray) Alright, so considering there’s sprays up here, I’m gonna guess one of you’s one of these barrels. (Ryan) I’m n- (Michael giggling) (Ryan) I’m not a barrel, Ray. Clearly. (Michael) Dude, I’m leaving Dolph everywhere I go, it’s how I know I’ve been here (Team Gent chuckles) (Whistling) (Michael) He’s my breadcrumbs. (Gavin) AA, BARREL JUST LEGGED IT. (Michael) Ray, barrel (Gavin) THE BARREL’S HAULIN’ ARSE (Jack) Don’t mind me (Ray) Get the barrel that’s running. (Geoff is laughing) (Michael) Where??? (Geoff) I’m just hearing gunfire… (Jack) Barrel opens the door, barrel closes the door, no, barrel closes the door!!!! (Gavin) Barrel does nothing of the sort. (Michael) Oh, didja get him? (Gavin) He lit-rally was an innucuous barrel (Gavin) that was (Michael) Nice! I didn’t see it. (Gavin) legging it around. (Ray) Not sure if anyone else is a barrel up here. (Gavin) Wow, thas a lotta barrels. (Ryan) So it’s pretty much you, find somewhere, you hit E, and then don’t move, right? (Michael) Or MOVE. (Ray) You can move around (Ryan) But why would you WANNA move? (Ray) I dunno. You don’t feel safe in that area. (Geoff) That’s a good question.
(Michael) So if you can’t move the barrel, that means that that’s them? (Michael) Right? (Ray) If what? (Sound of spray going up) (Michael) If the barrel doesn’t move, it’s a person? (Ray) Yeh (Michael) Or, whatever the hell the object is? (Ryan) Now, if you shoot something that is, actually a prop, you, lose health. (Geoff whistling masterfully) (Michael) Ryan, that’s correct. (Geoff) Well, y’see the props don’t have much to do. (Geoff) They just kinda hang out. (Jack) AAAAAAH! (laughter)AAAAA (Jack) Aww, hehehe (Ryan) Wow. Everything in that room is now on fire. (Jack) Bubb Rubb fucked me up. (Bubb Ray) WOO WOO (Michael) Geoff? (Ray) The whistles go woo! (Geoff) Yes~? (Michael) Where are ya? (Geoff) Uh, I, I’m not outside, I’ll tell you that much. (Michael) I wanna see somethin’ that moves (Michael) Oh, I didn’t even do that. (Geoff) I’m definitely not outside. (Michael) m’kay. (Geoff) I’m definitely not a car. (Geoff) I’m not a table. (Jack, giggling) Sprays everywhere… (Geoff) I’m not a toilet. (Michael) Where you at. (Michael) D’ya think he’s a doody roll? (Geoff) I’m not a bog roll. (Gavin giggling) (Michael) What if he’s a door? (Gavin) He’s one a these barrels (Gavin) cause Andrew Panton’s up here. (Ray) You can easily spray and leave… (Geoff) Yeah, come on, what am I, stupid? (Gavin) Well…. is he that smart? (Collective giggles) (Michael, in weird voice) Could you imagine? (Michael) You a chair? (Geoff) You’re gonna die, Gavin. (Gavin) W- I d- uh- Oh. How’d you know? (Michael) cuz… (Geoff) I heard you firing… (Jack) You’re firing bullets! (Gavin) How’d ya know it was me? (Ray) The fuck? (Michael) Geoff, where are you?
(Ray muttering) Must’ve lost health for nothing. (Ray) Oh, I guess from smashing them. (Ryan) You got a minute 40 left. (Michael) Oh no. (Ray) I have two shots. (Jack laughing) That photo of Andrew’s great. (Michael) I mean… you have other guns, right? (Ray) No, I mean I have two shots till I’m dead. (Michael) Oh (Jack losing it as the spray of him and his wife is put up right next to Geoff) (Jack) Nice, Gavin (More laughter from all around)
(Michael) Dammit. (Ray) One shot. (Michael) Is this man a dumpster? He is not- (Gavin screaming) (Geoff) NO! (Ray) You find him? Where is he? Get him!
(Team Gents laughing) (Michael) Where is he, Gav?
(Team Gents still laughing) (Jack) Run, Geoff, run! (Gavin) HE’S RUNNIN’ DOWN THE STAIRS! (Michael & Ray) Where? (Ryan) He’s blocked by b-(Everyone goes “Awwww” at once) (Geoff) Dammit! (Michael) Dammit, I didn’t get anybody the entire fuckin round (Ray) What’s, uh, what’s spray? (Ryan) G (Ray) G? (Ray) Oh. (Ray) woo WOO (Michael) WHISTLES go woo, alright boys, you guys look like PRICKS (Ryan) Now you’ve got 30 seconds to hide (Ray) We all look the same… (Gavin) Let’s go. Let’s go, boys (Michael) You look great. Ahw, Bubb Rubb looks good. (Doors opening, etc) (Gavin) Bubb Rubb. (Michael, imitating a news reporter) Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis… (Geoff) Yeah, that sucked (Geoff) I thought I was gonna make it. (Sound of Bubb Rubb showing us his gorgeous face via spray) (Ryan) I liked how you were just kinda teasing the controls around to make it look like you were moving. (Geoff) Eyah. They were bumping into me like, fucking, like 400 times, (Geoff) I’m amazed at how- how long I got away with it. (Ryan) I think you used to be able to pick props up
(Ray) Oh my god I’m stuck on something (Ryan) to see if it was… (Ray) Nope. Yep. I became something I did not want to become. (Geoff laughing) (Ryan) Allllright. (Ray) WELP. (Jack) Here we go! (Laughter) (Ray) Maybe they won’t see me……….. (Michael) Aww FUCK. (Ryan unloading his asshole into Ray) (Ryan) Uhhhhhhh (Jack) Gunfire already? (Geoff) Jesus. (Geoff) What the hell? (Michael) Goddammit (Gavin) I’m scared (Gavin laughing) (Michael) I did the same thing, I tried to grab- Ray, I tried to grab this… and I did not… (Gavin) I tried to grab a thing that was on a thing and I became th- (Jack) Yeah, this is gonna be a… (Michael) I did the exact same thing!! (Ryan) Yeah (Jack) This is gonna be a… easy one (Gavin) ‘S gonna be a quick game (Gavin) I also… think I can’t fit through the door… (Michael) Why, Gavin, are ya something BIG? (Gavin) Nooooo (Laughter and hmmms all around) (Jack) It’s me! And my wife (Ryan) Whooa (Michael) Where? (Ryan) Dr. Dolph, looking good (Jack) Hey, why aren’t you fallin over? (Jack) Nope. (Michael, collapsing in laughter over “WOO WOO”) RAY… (Michael) What button is it? (Ray) It’s Y. (Ray) Y is to talk to everybody and U is to talk to your team. (Gavin screaming, as Gavin does) (Ryan) Aha! (Gavin) TABLE ESCAPE! (Laughter, Gavin making constipated noises) (Ryan) Where you goin, Gavin? (More laughter and Gavinisms) (Ray and Jack) You killed yourself… (Gavin) How (Ryan) Apparently one bullet hit something that wasn’t Gavin. (Gavin laughing wheeze) (Geoff) You killed yourself, Ryan? (Ryan) Yeah. I shot too many not, uhh… (Geoff) Great, now the pressure’s on us (Michael) Did you die chasing Gavin??? (Ryan) Well I shot- (Ray) Gavin you can re-hide! (Jack) Well, he’s dead (Ryan) No, he’s, he’s dead (Michael) Gavin, can you see me (Gavin) Did you try n become that?? (Michael) YEAH… Yeah I did… (Ray) Gavin, can you see me? (Michael) It’s really hard (Gavin) How do I switch… (Ray) Uh, click maybe? (Ryan) Ray is something what? (Cacophonous laughter as we get a sexy 360 view of washing machine Ray) (Ray) LITTLE BIT of a misclick (Ray) Or a miss-E (Ray) How I’m not dead yet I’ll never know (Michael) How shit does it look Gavin, uh, which one, which one am I? (Gavin) Jump (Geoff) I’m fucking stuck in this- (interrupted by laughter) (Gavin) looks GREAT dude (Ray) Yeah, you’re (Ray) You’re pretty fine (Michael) Ok so what happened was like I tried to get it (Michael) and not only did I not get it (Jack) Yeah, it all checks out.
(Michael) But then the room exploded and everything went everywhere. (Geoff) Alright, let’s find this prick (sighs) (Gavin) You can actually look around and it won’t change your position on the…
(Michael) It, it- it won’t spin? (Gavin) No (Jack) So many damn barrels (Ray) Just cause it looks like, uh, yeah… see (Gavin) It’s only when you actually move or jump that they can see it (Michael) Oh, okay. Thank you Gavin, I was scared. (Michael chuckling) On my screen, I’m just looking at the floor (’cause I don’t wanna look) (Jack) Alright, Geoff, whatya lookin’ at? (Michael) I don’t wanna look…
(Geoff) Oh, wait… nope. (Michael) Dolph Lundgren…
(Geoff) I’m just hitting everything. (Ryan) You’re gonna lose some health every time you do that- (Geoff) I know, I know… (Geoff gasps softly as Ray says the time remaining) (One of the guys whispering) shit…. (Ryan) Okay, one of them’s a barrel
(Gavin reacts to Geoff hitting the lamp)
(Jack) Yeah, I gotta figure that… (Jack) There’s so many damn barrels up here. (Jack) Whack. Whack. (Ryan) Don’t hit them, you’re losing health
(Michael’s silent chuckling continues)
(Jack) I’m keeping an eye on it (Ryan) Wait. (Michael’s still chuckling quietly) (Ray) Oh you can kind of- (cut off by Ryan)
(Ryan) Down to 40% health, Jack! (Jack) I got- I got 7 more barrels I can hit!
(Michael) Holy shiet. (Jack) Alright, nope 6 more barrels-
(Ray) Gavin, were you a table? (Michael) That was… crazy.
(Gavin) I was a desk, yeah. (Gavin) I was trying to be a lamp on the table, but I became the table. (Ray) I tried that earlier, I tried to be a projector and I missed; I was a table.
(Gavin laughs)

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  1. jack is a jack ass and which he is a jack ass as in jack as in he is a jack ass he like jack ass smacking ass jacks like a jack ass

  2. I love how, when Michael Accidentally turned into the washing machine, and Jack wasn't able to get through. When Jack was able to Close the Door everyone when silent, and when he opened it again everyone went ape shit crazy

  3. still the best video to watch . love these prop hunt videos . watch these prop hunt videos atleast 4 times a year !! 🙂

  4. Coming back to this video makes me remember just how stupid the gents used to be. Like holy shit guys, hide properly and shoot the hidden shit!!!

  5. Lmao the mind games were top tier. "Aw he must have ran." "You'll never catch me." * Is actually standing still *

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