Let’s Play – Dead Effect – Android – 2019
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Let’s Play – Dead Effect – Android – 2019

September 13, 2019

Hello YouTube and welcome back to my Android
gaming series. In this video we’re going to be taking a look at the android game “Dead
Effect”. I’m just going to log into my Google Play account. If you want to watch start a new game. So we will choose empty
slot 2. This game is really good and it’s about 350 megabytes download on Play Store.
It’s also available for iPhone. You’ve got options here look. You can set your graphics
options. We’ll just turn down the shader quality. We’ll have sensitivity up there and we’ll
have auto fire on. What that does is when you get a certain distance away from the enemy
there’ll automatically fire at them so you can move and turn at the same time rather
than just staying stationary and firing. The second game features that option as well.
We’ll goto play. Then story. Then new game. We will choose a female and we’ll continue.
That all looks okay and now we will get into the game. This game is really good and the
graphics are really well done. I’m not sure how old the game is. It might be from 2016
(It’s actually from 2015). The story is really well told In this game. It’s got really addictive
gunplay. The awakening! As you can see we start with no weapons. We’ve got to get some
health to begin with. It starts a bit like the second game where you’re in cryostasis
on-board some spacecraft. Now we’ve got to use the elevator. This hand icon comes up
when you can interact with objects. Sounds cool. We’ll just make our way through this
door. Sounds spooky! Some dollars over there. You can upgrade your weapons as well as buying
new weapons in this game and upgrade your equipment, I think. Bad guy at six o’clock,
I mean at 12 o’clock. He’s obviously hungry! Have some of That! Bagged and tagged! Now
I’ve got a magnum. Let’s go down there because there’s some cash down there. I got more magnum
rounds. That’ll help out, 1200 dollars. I think it means cash where it says credits.
You got reload and aim down sights (ADS). I recommend playing this game with auto-fire
turned on so you can move and shoot at the same time. You can also buy auto-heal when
you’re a few levels in. Reload then, RELOAD!!! That was just silly! That didn’t go too well
that didn’t. I kinda suck! We’ll give it a reload. It looks like you can interact with
that. The game really delivers a spooky atmosphere a little bit like “Dead Space”. I haven’t
completed the second game yet or this one. I’m going to play this game until it’s completed
after this video ends. I have no rounds whatsoever. Now their going to block me in and hit me
because they’re FUCKING DICKHEADS!!! Now it decides to work. I’ll just sneak past. My
first attempt at playing this went a lot better than it is now. I’ve forgot where I’m going.
We’ll go through here again. I took his head off! Two shots and they’re down. More credits.
More rounds. Now we’ve got access to this door. I really like this game. I think this
series is a bit better than dead trigger. I recommend getting this one. It’s obviously
set in space and that’s the end of the first level YouTube. It’s got really good reload
animations. The hit detection is really well done. I didn’t do too well there! I got about
half the money the level offers. We’ll continue. You can choose to play the level again if
you didn’t do too well. I think we’re in upgrades at the moment. Now we’ll go to next mission.
I’ll just complete this mission then I’ll end the video YouTube. We’ve now got a shotgun
which is decent. We’ll aim-down sights. I blasted him backwards then! Really good reload
animations. We got more shells for the shotgun. More cash, 1000 credits. This game is really
well optimised. My phone hasn’t overheated once yet. My phone has stayed quite cool.
That’s a sign of a really well optimised game for Android. Get back you FREAK!!! We’ll just
open that door. There is a guy on the inter-com. On the Com-Link. Get back you FUCK!!! It’s
really good when you get to the lockers. You got to tap the interact button quickly. You
see that bar going up? When it gets to the top, the door will open up for you. If they’re
unlocked you can beat them open. Do the same thing to this one. Pick up the shells and
now I got a nice bit of ammo. This door has just become activated. Objective, “Power Up
The Elevator”. Zombies do crawl towards you in this game and you can incapacitate them
and then they fall down to the floor and then crawl towards you. Some run, some walk. Did
you see that?! He jumped towards me! Get back you FUCKING FREAK!!! Have some of that! We’ll
see if there are any goodies down here. They’re coming through the vents! They might have
more rounds down here. Got some cash. I’ve now got 8550 Bucks. Now we can go back to
the elevator. I’ll just turn the power on the elevator. Now the “Objective” says “Use
The Elevator”. I think it’s back this way. It’s always best to turn around! Dollars,
dollars, dollars! That reload rate isn’t much quicker, is It?! Turrets have just come out
and they’re shooting the shit out of the zombies. Look at him attack the mini gun turret. What
an idiot! These zombies are dumb! Whoa! These things come out of nowhere. Ahh cash, cash
money! The source of all good things. Not bad things but good things. Money equals options
people, as a really good friend told me once. I
was so lucky not to die then! I need some health badly. I should’ve taken some cover.
I’m critical on health. I might end up dying here. If I do die, I’ll end the video but
I will try and complete this level then I’ll end the video. Cash money! Now it’s now saying
“Leave The Communication’s Hub”. What’s in the locker? It’s got shotgun shells. Come
on, walk forward you slovenly git! Come on! It’s a good idea to to put the Virtual Joystick
on free mode because otherwise, when you press down if you’ve got free mode on you can pretty
much use the Virtual Joystick anywhere on the left-hand of the screen. It’s called free
aim or free mode, I think. So you don’t have to be that precise where you place your finger
on the screen to be able to move the character. I find myself coming off the joystick sometimes.
I’ll show you what I mean. If I just go to… Ohh! I won’t bother actually. I think this
is the way I’m meant to be going. I will have a quick look down here. I was wrong! I think
I’m going the right way. I ain’t too sure. That’s the way I came. Am I going back on
myself?! Yep! I think I’m going the wrong way! Would you blooming well believe It. Am
I going the wrong way? Yeah! Let’s go back down. Sorry about this YouTube! I’ve just
lost my bearings a little bit. That’s a dead end. I guess it’s not that way then. I guess
it’s down here. We’ll go through this door. More rounds over here. It’s important to pick
up all the goodies, so you can stockpile them and be almost invincible if you’re a good
shot. It’s better to have lots of ammo than no ammo! That was two good shots! The physics
are really well done! I think they’re using Havok physics engine or their own in house
physics engine. It seems like… Oh No, I DIED!!! There was a zombie on the floor and
since I had low health it managed to kill me! How much are they charging for It? 74
pence they want. Well they can FUCK OFF!!! Their are no real adverts in the game. I think
it’s all done through micro transactions. If you’ve liked this video YouTube, then please
give it a like. If you’ve played this game already or completed it and if you’ve enjoyed
it or you haven’t enjoyed it please leave a comment down below. If you have not SUBSCRIBED
to this channel, please do so. Stay safe and be lucky! Virtual Worlds.=)

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