Let’s Play Dead Effect 2 – Android – 2019
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Let’s Play Dead Effect 2 – Android – 2019

September 15, 2019

Hello YouTube are welcome back to my Android
game series. In this video I’m going to take my first look at Dead Effect 2. This video
comes highly recommended off Google for a zombie game. The game takes place in space
for some reason. Look at the amount of options you got available. You’ve got gameplay options.
You’ve got auto fire which helps you fire when moving, otherwise you have to stand stationary
and shoot. My favourite settings are the graphics settings. Not many Android games come with
lots of changeable options in the graphics settings as this is mainly a feature on PC
and Mac. If we have a look at those and see what we’ve got. You got overall quality which
you can set from either low to extreme. Then you’ve got individual options you can set
if you have the main one on custom. You can change the individual graphics settings like
I said if you have it on custom. You’ve also got shader quality which you can turn down
to help performance. These are the settings of chosen as I’m using an old phone the Galaxy
A36. The game should run pretty good like that with these settings. You got the audio
settings. Controller layout where you can can rearrange the layout of the controls and
controller mappings where you can change the actual buttons to whatever you want. I will
choose this character as he starts with a gun although I’m more inclined to choose to
go with the guy with swords but I want to get a weapon straight away that’s a projectile
based weapon. I think that’s what will happen maybe or maybe not but we will start with
this guy anyway. Here we go! I’ll be quiet now. Very atmospheric! Look at the graphics
and don’t forget my graphics are set to low and medium. If you have a really good phone
be sure to set the graphics on maximum. If you have performance problems try turning
down the shader quality. That will boost performance. Look at that! It’s running smooth and my phone
hasn’t overheated once yet. Which is a really good sign that the game has been optimised.
The narrator does a really good job of conveying a foreboding atmosphere. I guess this game
is going to be paid for not through adverts, but through microtransactions if you want
the best upgrades possible. But I think you can upgrade your character with really cool
things just by progressing through the game naturally. That’s personally what I look for
in a free game is, not too many microtransactions and next to no adverts but hey what do you
want for a free game. I understand the developer has to make their money somewhere though.
I mean they wouldn’t give away a triple A game for free. This is good. I was just moved
to the left and then to the right with the virtual joystick. I think it’s calibrating
the joystick. I think this game was specifically made for mobile rather than being ported from
a PC, Console or MAC. It’s available for Android and iPhone, I think. So see their respective
stores to download it for free. The game is called “Dead Effect 2” like I said. What’s
this. I’m obviously being experimented on here and I’ve got to breakout of the base
which I think is a spacecraft or something like that. It automatically regenerates. There’s
my health at the top there, previously blocked by the camera. The objective says, “Walk to
the Security Lasers” or something like that. There’s no guidance arrow pointing in the
direction where I’ve got to go like “Dead Trigger 2”. I’ll have a look around. Am I
being blind? I can’t see any. It will be here somewhere. I’ll keep going to we get our first
weapon. That took quite a little bit of health off. Click on the hand icon to interact with
objects. Hey that’s quite cool the way it scanned my finger. I’ve got
a gun. Turn on the generator I think I’ve got to do now. What the FUCK is that! Space
zombies! What the FUCK is that! Sorry about all the bad language. Anyway I think you’re
used to my language on this channel by now if you seen any of my other videos. Everyone’s
got one game that let’s them seriously upset up overheated. You know what it’s like YouTube,
don’t pretend you don’t! I’ve got 12 rounds in my clip and 200 + rounds in my arsenal.
We’ll just have a quick play around with this. That button is reload and this button is to
go into a (ADS) mode, which means aim down sights in case you didn’t know. You go a bit
slower walking, when you aim down sights. There’s more ammo there. I think we have to
find a key or something. I guess the hand icon would come up if these dead bodies had
any items of interest. This game features really good graphics. This is my very first
go at playing this game as it came very highly recommended off Google when I searched for
best open world games for Android. Although this game doesn’t look very open world to
me. It seems quite linear but I won’t let that hold me back. This game is seriously
impressing the shit out of me right about now! If you have auto fire on you will automatically
shoot at the enemies when you get a certain distance away. Which means you can move and
turn as well as firing at the same time as you only have two thumbs, unless you’re a
mutant or something. Look at that! The little bastard is crawling towards me. This game
is really cool and gory. There is blood everywhere! The bullet impacts are really well animated.
You get to incapacitate zombies in this game and when you do that they crawl towards you
and some have different speeds at which rate they crawl towards you. I’m not sure how old
this game is, maybe about a year or two. But actually I think it might have come out in
2015. It obviously looks like a triple A title for the Android and iPhone. I think it’s a
mobile only game but I’m not too sure if I don’t want to confirm this please leave a
comment in the comment section. This game has been really well optimised because I can
tell how well it is running on my old phone. I think this game is made on the Unity engine
but I’m not too sure. I used to level design using Unity but I don’t know any programming
in C Sharp so I chose Unreal Engine 4 because I can use blueprints to do the programming.
I think I’m digressing now. I’m going off topic. So I’ll just stop. Let’s kill some
more zombies. Is that going to hurt if I walk into it? No! What the FUCK is that! Haha!
What is that! I think it’s 63 Bucks. I think there’s another door we can go into out here.
I’ve got that nice new weapon we will see if we can take it out (Drone) with that. This
game creates a really cool and foreboding as well as scary atmosphere. This game remind
a little bit like the game called “Dead Space” with the weird fucking space mutants. That’s
cool! Have you seen that? It’s dissolving him. I wonder if you get dismemberment in
this game. Woah, that’s great! I just splattered his brains all over the spacecraft. I think
these tablets you pick up deliver some of the story. You know, the backstory. We will
just scroll down and read some of this. I won’t bother reading all of it, but it’s there
if you want to get to grips with the story and understand the story as this delivers
some backstory to the game. I really should read this but I just want to get on with the
game. I think I will continue playing this game after the video has ended. I’ve got this
game to go through now as well as Dead Trigger 1 and 2. But in Dead Trigger 2 you can have
auto fire like this game. There’s actually lots of spoken dialogue which I’m quite impressed
with and surprised at. This game is quite a big download. It weighs in at a massive
1.51 GB so just bare that in mind if you’re on a data cap. The game will probably unpack
to about just over 2 gigabytes so you do need a little bit of space on your device to take
advantage of this game. So make sure you have so make sure you have the space before you
download this game. He’s chasing me! Got you! You BASTARD! We will aim down sights for this
one. The BASTARD has backed me into a corner. Did you hear that?
He just came up with a one liner did the main character in response to him being back into
a corner and then killing the animal. That sounds really cool man this game has got a
sense of humour. That’s a good thing to know. He comes out with quips and one-liners just
like the old action movies of the 90s you know the ones with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce
Willis, Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes. Then there was the king of one liners, Arnold
Schwarzenegger. That’s who was the king of them when I was growing up watching 90s films.
When I was only about 10 or 11. You know watching films like Die-Hard, Aliens, Lethal Weapon
and films like that and Die-Hard. Did I just say DIE-HARD. I’ll say it again DIE-HARD!
This game is free to play although you need an internet connection. I haven’t noticed
any adverts in this game. I’m not sure if it does have adverts L. I don’t think it does.
I think most of this game makes its money through microtransactions if you want to take
advantage of getting the best upgrade early on in the game. I think that’s how they funded
this game. Because the developers would have to make their money somehow as this game,
I can see being made for well over a million dollars, I should imagine
or something like that. You can upgrade your character without buying any in-app purchases
but you can upgrade quicker if you use microtransactions. I can see that’s the way it’s going to go
in the future for computer games. I reckon you’ll be able to download all your games
for free in the future but they’ll come with adverts or microtransactions to cover the
cost of development and the best items and weapons will be available through microtransactions.
What’s that?! I don’t think it’s anything important. Why are we walking at a snails
pace?! Oh I see, the virtual analogue stick really is analogue. The slower you move, the
slower you walk and if you quickly move it, the faster you will walk and the virtual joystick
moves around the left handside of the screen if you set free aim to be activated. If not
you’ve only got a limited amount of space in which to use the virtual joystick. So bear
that in mind. It looks like this game is going to be quite big in terms of how many levels
their are and how much play time their is in the whole game. Well that’s about it for
this video YouTube. If you liked this video at all, then please give it a thumbs up. If
you haven’t subscribed to channel yet, then please do so. Until next time YouTube stay
safe be lucky! This is Virtual Worlds signing out. Peace!

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