Let’s go shoot at each other! // Archery tag \ Crazydivers
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Let’s go shoot at each other! // Archery tag \\ Crazydivers

August 12, 2019

3,2,1, TEAM WALL I say 3,2,1, GO! Featuring N’ael Nico Crap Martin Maxime Alyssa 3-1 Go away! (laught) (laught) Crap! That’s not the way you are supposed to do it Hello No! Go away! Epicness level: 999 Still not the nore efficient way… (machiavelic laught) N’ael: Come on shoot! So we can have arrows! Nico: BIM BIIIIIIIM Final shot! Hey everyone! I hope you’ve liked this video, If youdid give it a thumbs up We had a great time at the archery tag eumh…. I don’t know if you have something similar around you but i rly recomend that you go and try it out, it was realy fun todo The only thing was that because we squat a lot we had muscle pain for one week after that but as long as you stay hyrated it is gonna be fine Please tell us in the comment section if you have enver tried something like that or if you want us to try more adventurous things like that BTW this video is absolutely not sponsored we live 500m away from that place so we genuenly wanted to try it And…. yep See you nex time, bye!

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  1. Looks so fun! I've always wanted to try archery tag! Also I really like your logo in your intro. And I thought your editing with the name tags was cool 🙂

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