Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Homerun Derby – I’m the Homerun King! (2015.07.23)
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Let’s Go! Dream Team II | 출발드림팀 II : Homerun Derby – I’m the Homerun King! (2015.07.23)

August 14, 2019

Hot passion! Thrilling victory! Let’s Go Dream Team! All the celebrities who love baseball are here today. This is a homerun derby special. (20 superstars of 6 teams) (Get it over to survive! A thrilling homerun race!) (I’m the homerun king today!) 20 people in 6 groups will play. Jang Jin of the Zomazoma baseball club! Kang Seongjin! (Zomazoma team) (Noh Hyeontae / Jang Jin / Sim Hyeonseop / Kang Seongjin / Park Gwangsu) Kim Changryeol of the unbeatable team! Kang In. (Unbeatable team) (Kang In / Jegal Seongryeong / Baek Seungjae / Kim Changryeol / Han Mingwan) Mentoree friends, Park Cheolmin. (Mentoree team) (Woo Jiwon / Choi Hyeonho / Jo Ujong / Park Cheolmin) (Gag Concert team) (Kim Taewon / Ryu Geunil / Lee Dongyun / Lee Sangho) Seo Jisuk of the Great baseball team. Park Jaejeong of the Igis baseball team. Cheolmin, is there anyone you think that shouldn’t be here? Anyone you wonder why he’s here? Sim Hyeonseop of Zomazoma, leave. Apply that and leave. Apply that and leave. – On our team… / – Mentoree… Ujong, let’s leave. Why are you choosing me? Sorry, sorry. Can I choose two from this team? Sure, go ahead. Leave with me. (Kang In and Han Mingwan, a double play) Let’s eliminate that whole group. What about Jisuk and Jaejeong? – They’re alright. / – They are? They’re alright. Jisuk, Jaejeong, hello. Why did you come alone? I think I should leave. Why are you saying that? I’m the pitcher. You’re not a hitter. I never hit a homerun before. You can pitch once in a while today. I think I will when the Gag Concert team goes. Yeah? Okay. Jaejeong, who else is on the Igis team? Song Changui is the coach. Lee Sangyun, Lee Juseok… Why didn’t they come? Why did you come alone? I was the only one who had time in the morning. In the morning… Mingwan, introduce your team. In the far left, Jegal Seongryeol. He used to be a professional athlete. A professional athlete. He’s nineteen years old. He’s a rookie. I’m preparing for the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. I’m 19-year-old Jegal Seongryeol. 19-year-old Jegal Seongryeol. Baek Seungjae was active as an idol in Japan. In Japan? Yes, Japan. He played baseball a bit when he was little. – He did? / – Yes. He even received a procedure to play baseball as a member of society. What procedure? A procedure all men get. – Is that so? / – Yes. Sure. Is there anyone who didn’t get that? You have to if you want to hit far. Is that so? You need that to hit the ball far. I did it twice. I envy you. Next. Kang In of Super Junior. Hello, I’m Kang In. It’s been a while since you came on the show. It’s my first time. That’s why I said that. I thought so. That’s why I said that. This person is learning a lot from me. These days, civil law, criminal law, constitutional law and what not. I’m the best at settlements. Settlements. He’s the best among all celebrities in Korea. When is it best to settle? Within 2-3 days. (How far did you settle?) Mentoree Friends. Who is the ace? Cheolmin is an ace. – Really? / – Yes. He is the pitcher and the third hitter. You know Lee Byeongjin, right? Yes. He’s the fourth hitter. What a mess. You’re right. (That’s true) (Lee Byeongjin, Dream Team commentator) Two people will go to the final. Two? If I’m the only one to advance, I’ll give up. That’s how confident I am. Okay. That’s amazing. He’s elderly. He says what he wants. Be a bit understanding. Forty people advance, right? Hyeonseop, it’s been a while. Ppambaya! Mentoree, Zomazoma, Mentoree, Zomazoma. Mentoree, Zomazoma. Who will win? Show us something else. Shin Gu. I started playing baseball in elementary school. He sounds exactly the same. I’ll give you a mediation period of 4 weeks, so just don’t commit any errors. Five of us stayed at Park Gwangsu’s place in Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu. We received lessons on theory. We came 46.8km here. Our average age is 46.8 years. 47, 46, 46, 45. Is this true? We’re the oldest. Seongjin, it’s been a long time. I’m the multi-player of Zomazoma, Kang Seongjin. My number is seven, right? Seven. I can play seven positions. What are they? I can play all the positions except for the pitcher and catcher. – All of them? / – Yes. His number is forty-seven. Hello, I’m Jang Jin. Director Jang Jin. (Every movie he releases is a mega hit! He’s a genius director) I love baseball. You love baseball. I love baseball a lot. We have the highest expectations for him. Why? A two-base hit is basic. Of the twenty, the others are nothing. A two-base hit is basic? You have to hit a homerun today. He’s my rival. He’s the scariest player. Jin, what do you think of Cheolmin? He likes baseball a lot. He just likes it. He just likes baseball. Let me introduce a few important people. They are legends when it comes to baseball. A legend of high school baseball. He was a genius. Park Nojun! (Park Nojun) A legend of pro baseball. The god of baseball, Yang Junhyeok! (Yang Junhyeok) A crazy player on the ground. A genius hitter, Park Jaehong! (Park Jaehong) It’s so nice to see juniors I love, Junhyeok and Jaehong. I’ll try to make this a nice show. Do you have any memories of Nojun? When he played for Seollin Technical High School, he twisted his ankle going to home base once. It hurt me to watch. It’s still vivid. He slid, but slid like a fool. Why? It rained the day before. The game was delayed for a day. His spikes got stuck in the ground. He didn’t slide. Jang Jin was a spectator at that game. Did you see? Gyeongbuk High fans thought they would win because Nojun was out of the game. There was an extra edition after the game. There must have been aftereffects. I suffered a lot. Sure. Who knows about Jaehong? Anyone? The first of the 30.30 club. The 30.30 club. Where is this club? Below Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge. I saw many of them there. Below Yeongdongdaegyo Bridge… Not everyone can join the 30.30 club. You need quick feet and have to be able to hit far. You have to be a really good player. Let me introduce the commentators. A legend in pro baseball, Song Jinu! (A legend in pro baseball! Eternal president!) Song Jinu. A homerun race is the highlight of baseball. Hit it as far as possible and over the fence. It will satisfy the fans and yourself. The homerun derby of stars. I’m the homerun king! They decide the match list with a drawing. The person to hit the most homeruns out of five swings advances to the main round. (The top five of the main round advance to the final) The length of the fence is 70m. (If there is a tie, they will go with distance) The team with the homerun king will receive the best baseball products. Who will create new history? Who will be the homerun king? There are people who came to cheer for you. It’s girl group, BESTie! (Hurray) (Today is the day BESTie came) (The hottest girls are here!) (Today’s cheering squad is BESTie!) (They’re back with their new song, “Excuse Me”) It’s baseball season. We watch a lot of games with our managers. You do? Did you throw the first ball? Yes, I threw and hit. – You threw and hit. / – I see. – Who didn’t? / – Me. You didn’t? I want that wish to come true today. Do you want to try it? Yes. (News flash : Many volunteer to be the catcher) I’m a direct senior. I’ll catch. I’ll teach you. I’ll teach you. I never saw Junhyeok act so fast. Good. Okay, okay, good. Junhyeok, Junhyeok. (You can’t do that) She did well. Teach her how to hit. Cheolmin. I knew a day like this would come. Did you wait for this day? Your arm has to be at your side. This arm has to be at your side. Hold it the other way. Good. Pull. There’s no reason to touch her. Sure, there is. Why are you taking off your gloves? (I was a gentleman) (The real lesson begins) (Full of evil intentions) (Is this baseball or the tango?) She could be your granddaughter! Let me introduce the catcher. Former On Airs player and current coach of Mentoree. Jo Gyujun. The leading character of “Goodbye Homerun”. Genius baseball player, Jeong Jimin. Dahye will throw. Hyeyeon will hit. We will begin the homerun derby with the two of the throwing and hitting. (Wind up!) That ended with full speed. (Dahye pitched fast!) Dahye, join our team. Thank you! Yeah! (“Excuse Me” / BESTie) (This is it!) (They rule in 2015) (What a sexy performance) (They become one with BESTie) (They play with their hearts) (They call for homeruns!) (They’re touched beyond the imagination!) (We love you, BESTie!) (I’m the Homerun King) (Gwangsu vs. Cheolmin) He throws well and hits well. He’s a strong opponent. Is that so? He was someone I wanted to avoid. Too bad he’s first. Go, Cheolmin! Homerun, Gwangsu! Nojun will pitch for them. It’s not common for 1st place candidates to go first. One person can go home if he loses. It’s hot today. Gwangsu is the first hitter. He’s up to bat. It will start. I expect many homeruns. (The first pitch!) It’s a foul. It missed. The trajectory and timing are important if you want to hit a homerun. Right. Right. That would have been a base hit, but… This is a homerun race, so you have to hit the ball up. (Got it!) It isn’t a homerun. We can hear the metal sound. Don’t you feel the vibrations in your hand? No. There! It’s going. There! It looks like it will be the first homerun! It goes over. It looks like it will be the first homerun! It goes over. It goes over. Homerun! Gwangsu! Gwangsu! It hit the cameraman’s umbrella. He hit it in a deep and far spot. (Again!) – It’s high. / – Will it go over? It dropped in front of the fence. Gwangsu hit one homerun. One out of five. That’s right. I saw Cheolmin at the studio before. I never saw him this nervous. Yeah, Cheolmin! Yeah! I think I’ll be the first to be eliminated. Cheolmin is the oldest, right? He’s the oldest. You can tell he’s the oldest. (The first swing!) Baseball isn’t played with age. Right. It’s not easy. He hits a lot of two-base hits. He hits pretty far. The ball is going fast. But none of them are going high. There’s a difference between a homerun during a game and a homerun today. Right. They’re nervous. That’s a foul. He hit three balls. (Nice, nice) Relax! Relax! He keeps hitting ground balls. He has one hit left. There’s something commentators say in this situation. What is it? You can’t deceive age. Cheolmin! Yeah, Cheolmin! (Will he fall like this?) Here goes! Here goes. Here goes. Here goes! (Is it finally the first homerun?) (Who is the winner of the first preliminary?) Here goes! It falls in front of the fence. So, Gwangsu will advance with one homerun. He passed, he passed, he passed. Gwangsu! Gwangsu! Gwangsu! I was just embarrassed. (Seongryeol vs. Ujong) Seongryeol. Look at him warm up. It looks like he’s skating. Does that have anything to do with baseball? No. Not at all. He’s just promoting himself. He sharpened his bat, not his skates. Right. You’re making nice comments today. I know. (Was I born for entertainment?) Seongryeol is first. He’s holding a yellow bat. Junhyeok will pitch. He was terrible at pitching when he played baseball. It’s going pretty well these days. Many people hit it well. Players like him. The most mistakes he made in one inning was seventeen. (Foul) The first hit is a foul. The ball is fast. Relax. Relax! It makes you nervous. It’s not easy because he’s nervous. It’s not just a game. There’s something on the line. (He hit it!) Is it going over? (The first long hit!) Is it going over? It falls in front of the fence. That’s right. It’s short. He’s really tense. The last ball. There’s a girl group here. He wants to show them something. It’s making him tense. The last swing. (A pleasant sound!) (Surprised) It’s going over! It’s going over! The last swing. Is it going over? It goes over! He hits a homerun with the last swing. It flew powerfully. Ujong, come on! Ujong is a DJ these days. He doesn’t come to the field. It’s been a while. The swing isn’t bad. Can you hit a homerun behind you? It’s a foul. It’s a foul. Relax. Relax. Do you get more power if you raise your left leg slightly? Sure. If you lift your leg, the weight shifts forward. It increases the chance of hitting further. Here it goes. – Here it goes. / – Is it going over? It went over! Here it goes. – Here it goes. / – Is it going over? It went over! Ujong! It’s a 1:1 tie. How did Ujong get it over? No way. If he gets another one over… It will be a reversal. Ujong will advance. The third this. (He hit it again!) (Flinch) There it is! It’s going over! Ujong. It goes over. It goes over. Ujong advances. Ujong advances. (Ujong advances to the main round) (Hyeonseop vs. Taewon) (Between a “Gag Concert” senior and junior) Foul. Hyeonseop of Zomazoma and Taewon of Gag Concert both failed. Hyeonseop advanced with a further distance. Hyeonseop advances to the next round. (Sangho vs. Hyeontae) (Sangho is an all-around athlete) He pushed it. It went over. It went over spitefully. Between Sangho and Hyeontae, Sangho preserved the pride of “Gag Concert”. He beat Hyeontae and advanced. (Geunil vs. In) Jinu is commentating well today. He is? Don’t worry about that. His comments are nice. Do you want to switch later? Go ahead and try that later. Geunil of Gag Concert and In of Unbeatable will hit next. I’m not sure who to cheer for. (The first hit!) He is tense. It’s pushed to the right. Relax. Relax. The second hit. He’s even more tense. Relax. Relax. He didn’t hit any homeruns. The third hit is a foul. His shoulders keep tensing up. Right. Relax. Relax. Come on, relax. Come on, relax. (He has two chances left!) Okay! (He hit it!) Okay! It’s strong. It falls in front of the fence. (The last chance!) (He misses) Geunil used up all his strength. Go, In! Blow it away! (Kang In, singer / Unbeatable team) (Strong wind) Ghost! Ghost! Come back. That’s not baseball. In has good power. Nice! The left fence! (It’s here!) A little more. Here it goes. (He’s good) Nice! The left fence! (It hits the fence!) He’s good. I feel bad. He plays baseball. He hit the fence. Too bad. It would have ended if it went over. From bottom up. In the end. (Another long hit!) In! In! It went over! There it is. Okay, okay. (Unbelievable) In advances. He hits really well. I’m sorry about what I said earlier. I apologize sincerely. It went over. In advances. In advances. Gag Concert keeps failing. In advances to the main round. The team we have the most expectations for. Jisuk. You’re going against Changryeol. I met the person I wanted to. Really? He’s weak. I wanted Ujong, too. Ujong hit two homeruns and he’s coaching now. (He’s coaching the others) (Unbelievable) Changryeol is better than the others. I wanted to go against him. Yeah! Go, Jisuk! They’ll begin. Changryeol’s first hit. (Foul) He swung at a bad pitch. He failed the first hit. It’s an advantage to hit a high ball. Right. He hit a low ball, but it didn’t go far. Only hit the good ones! I’m not sure what he did, but he didn’t swing his waist a lot. Good. Good, good. Good! (That feels good) Good, good. It falls in front of the fence. Too bad. The fourth hit. (It flies high again!) It goes up again. He’s swinging easily. He seems to have a quick temper. He does. He doesn’t let a ball go. No, he doesn’t. A low ball. He doesn’t let a ball go. It’s a disadvantage to hit like that. Jisuk is next. He’s a pitcher. He’s fast. He hits a bunt and runs to 2nd base. – Really? / – Yes. Jisuk! – Yeah, Jisuk! / – Yeah! I saw his profile. I wondered how he could be so good looking. You’re good looking, too. I was told my eyes look a bit like Woo Jiwon’s eyes. (That’s not true) (I’ll just laugh) You’re a mixture of Jisuk and Jiwon. No. (He hit it!) (A pleasant sound!) (What happened?) It went over. It went over. That’s it. That’s it. He ended it just like that. (I’m ruined) I was going to test one and try on the second. That’s my first homerun ever. (Everyone wants to recruit him) (He feels proud) (Hitting a homerun was the easiest) (Mingwan vs. Hyeonho) Mingwan showed what neighborhood baseball is. He failed all hits. Hyeonho hit a homerun and advanced. I hate him. (But a social life lasts forever) (Jiwon vs. Dongyun) Dongyun of Gag Concert failed all hits. Jiwon. Here it goes! It went over. Jiwon easily hit a homerun and advanced. (Seongjin vs. Seungjae) I played with him in a league. He has great skills. He was the MVP. He even played in Japan. Really? I played in a club for about 10 years. He has good skills. Go, Seongjin! Seongjae, hurry back. It’s Seongjin’s first hit. (A fast pitch) Just a minute. It’s suddenly fast. Don’t throw to strike him out. What are you doing? Change the pitcher. Are you trying to relieve stress? He’s tense. He wants to show us. You see that a lot. Hitting it right in front. The fence is close. You can see it. It feels like you can get it over. (Another ground ball) The second swing isn’t good. Many people use ankle protectors. (He hit it!) (Oh) (Surprised) It went over. The right center. Is it going over? The right center. It went over. Seongjin hit a homerun. He didn’t disappoint us. He hit a homerun on his third swing. It’s a fast pitch, but… If you look at the way… What is he taking out of his pocket? His pocket? It’s rubber to prevent pain. Oh, rubber. He doesn’t have to use that with an aluminum bat. I don’t know why he’s using that. He doesn’t have to use that with an aluminum bat. I don’t know why he’s using that. He’s showing off his equipment. What’s that? Is that what happens when you use rubber? Yes. Seungjae is next. The people who hit two or more… (It’s big!) (Unbelievable!) It went over. The first hit went over. He hit a homerun on his first hit. He’s a scary hitter. He’s amazing. Seongjin has to be tense now. He’s really smooth. (He hit it again!) The second hit, too. It went over. Goodbye. It went over. It went over. How far? To Seoul. The second hit, too. Goodbye. That’s it. What is this? Seungjae! He’s a player. Seongjin. He shouldn’t do so well. He lacks experience. He doesn’t know how to please seniors. He’s still immature. He gave it all he had when we played before. He gave it all he had. It’s my first entertainment show in Korea. It’s your first in Korea? Yes. I see. What did you debut as? A singer, but now… Do you sing well? I can’t sing. Make him sing. I’ll dance. You’ll dance? Give us music. Come on! Come on! (Unbelievable) You’re supposed to be an idol! (A comical dance) (He’s not normal) Did you see that? You’re an idol! It would have been nice if he didn’t dance. So that’s what he’s like. (Jaejeong vs. Jin) You watched 18 people hit. How do you feel? I dozed off three times. Why? Because they weren’t good? I waited too long. Jaejeong, just advance. I’m too exhausted. Jaejeong, you practiced a lot. I really wanted to avoid him, but I’m going against him. We have ties. When I applied to the Seoul Institute of Arts, I saw “The Spy” and said I liked director Jang Jin a lot. I failed. I had to try three times. Anyway, it’s an honor to see him again. I’ll do my best. You can make up for that. We have nothing to do. Let’s go on defense. Come on. Everyone who was eliminated… They should pick up the balls. Right. We don’t have enough balls. Right. Jaejeong has a unique posture. That looks nice. It goes toward his body. It goes in the outer field. Jaejeong! (He jumps up) Jaejeong! Good. It goes over. Jaejeong. He has power. Do you know what we say in this situation? How far is it going? He has athletic coordination. I’m cheering for him. Okay. He was the first one who wanted to take a picture with me. I’m cheering for him. Can a swing like that be fixed? No. Look at Junhyeok. He has all the records in Korea, but he can’t fix his swing. What am I supposed to fix? Still… He’s the homerun king. Yes. He has all the records in Korea. Jaejeong finishes with one homerun. Jin will win. He’s a scary player. Jin has a very smooth swing. He continues. He wants him to pitch slower. It’s too fast. The fourth hit is a ground ball. Jaejeong hit a homerun. The second hit. He can’t catch that? What is Seongjin doing today? Why can’t he catch that? The third hit is a foul. He has two swings left. He was tense with the high ball. Good. It’s high. Good. It’s high. Will he be able to catch this? Will Mingwan catch it? Mingwan! He caught it easily. He caught it easily. The fourth hit went to the center fielder. He has one swing left. What if he can’t get it over? It goes up. (He hit it!) (It flies high!) It’s in the inner field. Will he catch it? That’s Seongjin. Seongjin can’t catch it. Jaejeong advances to the next round. (The ones to advance have been decided) Let’s hear your resolution. I don’t play baseball as entertainment. It’s a religion. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be in the top five. Okay. Seungjae, you’re perfect if you don’t dance. I’m the youngest here. I’ll try to win. Yeah! Mingwan, I told you not to drink. (The drunk at the baseball stadium) This is all invalid! This is all invalid! Jisuk. Mentoree wants to recruit me. Who will you remove? His spot is open. He’s going to take off his uniform soon. Okay. The main round. Sangho and Jisuk. Nojun will pitch. Sangho. (He failed to hit it!) He swung hard, but he missed. A fast pitch. It’s not a homerun. (He only has two chances left!) Nice! Nice! Is it going over? Is it going over? Nice! Is it going over? It’s short. That was the fourth. He didn’t hit a homerun yet. He has one swing left. Sangho. He didn’t hit any homeruns. Jisuk is next. Nojun is pitching it well. He seems to season well. Yes. He cooks pretty well. He flavors well. Nice! (He hit it!) (A perfectly clean hit!) Nice! Jisuk! (Homerun) They’re all homeruns. (He hit twice and both were homeruns!) Jisuk advances to the final. Gwangsu and Ujong. Yes, Gwangsu and Ujong. Gwangsu of Zomazoma is going first. Half of his thoughts have to do with baseball. I see. (He misses slightly!) The first swing. It looks like he’s mad. Yes. His swing has much power. Yes. (He hit it!) He pushed it. Will he catch it? Seongjin! Why did he come? He came to pull weeds. (He missed two chances!) The third swing. It didn’t go up. Ujong! This is nice! (It’s big!) Too bad. The fourth hit. There’s no need to rush it. There is one swing left. He hit them all well, but no homeruns. Go, Ujong! Ujong. Ujong hit two homeruns earlier. He hit a lot. (He hit it!) Ujong. Did he hit it? It’s a foul. That’s too bad. His timing was a bit fast. Slow timing! (He can advance with one homerun!) His timing was fast for both swings. Time! Time! A time out? He failed. Why is he coming out? Will his coaching help when he failed? It’s uncomfortable if someone keeps telling you to something that won’t work. The hitter will have a hard time. Is that so? (What is the result?) Ujong! Ujong! It went over. Ujong! (Homerun) Ujong! Ujong! What’s wrong with him today? Ujong. He didn’t go to work today and came here. He must feel comfortable. Ujong is the first to advance to the final from Mentoree Friends. Hyeonseop and In. They’re next. (Hyeonseop vs. In) In missed all five chances in the following round. Hyeonseop hit with surprise. He advanced to the final. Hyeonseop advances to the final. (Jiwon vs. Jaejeong) Does he feel small in front of a sports star? He missed all five swings. Jiwon is tall and his balls went as far. He easily advanced. It goes over. Jiwon advances to the final. (Seungjae vs. Hyeonho) Seungjae is a candidate for 1st place. He has good impact and uses his entire body. That’s how he bats. His first hit. It was a fast pitch. If you get nervous, even if… Seungjae! Seungjae! It flies away. Over the fence. (Homerun) Bravo! There’s no need to check. The fence is closer today. He could hit a homerun with an original fence. How many will the next hitter hit? (It’s big!) How many will the next hitter hit? Let’s wait and see. The right center. It goes over. It goes over. It goes over! (He loses his mind) It went over. That’s two. Didn’t he hit the most? He hit the most homeruns. If you include the preliminary. Seungjae’s third swing. He hit four times. He has one chance left. Even if it’s a ground ball… The quality is different, right? It’s fast. Right. (A pleasant sound!) It went over. In the middle. In the middle. He hit three homeruns. He is very good. Then Hyeonho… The victor has already… You can do it! The person before him hit a bunch of homeruns. He can relax and hit comfortably. Hyeonho. He can’t be greedy. (He hit it!) It was too low. Okay. (He has four chances left!) The pitches are good. Nice! Hyeonho! It passes the right center. (Homerun) Hyeonho pursues. He’s really good. Hyeonho, nice! Nice! Nice! He has to hit it high to make it go further. (It goes up!) It’s a foul. He has to hit all the rest now. He has two chances now. He has to hit two. If he can’t hit this one, he fails. He’ll fail if he can’t hit one. You won. I really want to go to the final round. You can do it. (Will there be a miracle?) – Nice! / – It went over. It went over. (Homerun) He has one swing left. We can have some expectations now. This is great! We’re seeing a big match that we should see in the final round. That was an important homerun. I have to get ready. Stay calm when you put on the gloves. Control your mind. Seungjae must be nervous. (He hit it!) Oh… Oh, the last swing. Okay! That was a ball. That was a ball. It was high. Good job. Seungjae beats Hyeonho and advances. The final five have been chosen. (Luck is a skill, too!) Luck is a skill, too. Lucky guy, Hyeonseop. (The power of a sports star!) Optimum physical features, Jiwon. (Concentration that surprised everyone) Surprisingly good player, Ujong. (When he hits, it’s a homerun) A 100% batting average, Jisuk. (Aiming to win with firm basic skills!) The next generation ace, Seungjae. Who will be the homerun king of 2015? Who do you fear the most? Right here. Jisuk. Jisuk. Jisuk will win! Jisuk! Jisuk! I didn’t come to win 1st place. I came to do my best. That’s why I got this result. The five finalists. You have seven chances to swing. You can choose the pitcher. Hyeonseop is first. Which course? To the body or the outside? The middle. They’re asking each other how to throw and how to hit. They exchanged words. It’s the final round. Hyeonseop is focused. Hyeonseop is focused. The first swing is a foul. The second one is a ground ball. (He hit it!) Short in the left. It’s different from earlier, right? Yes. He missed. Another foul. Go, Hyeonseop! This is his sixth swing. He has to hit one now to be in the stable rank. It’s a foul. He didn’t hit any homeruns. He didn’t hit any homeruns. I don’t know what to say. He just made it to the final. Jiwon is up to bat. He chose someone from his team. If he hits it, it will go over. (He hit it!) It goes beyond the inner field. The second swing. Don’t hit it if it’s a ball. It’s a fast pitch. It’s a fast pitch. He has five swings left. He shouldn’t feel pressure because it’s the final. If he can’t overcome that, he won’t be able to hit well. He keeps hitting ground balls. He’s sincere. He has four swings left. – It’s high. / – He hit it. – It’s high. / – He hit it. Was that four? He hit four times without any homeruns. They should both feel comfortable when throwing and hitting. When throwing and hitting. He hit it. Here it goes. It’s flying. He hit it. Here it goes. It’s flying. Jiwon’s hit! It goes over. I’m eliminated. Good. He has a good eye. He has to go for another homerun. He hit one so far. (It’s big!) Nice! Here it goes. Jiwon hit two homeruns. Two. It went over. Unbelievable. Ujong is next. – Miss. / – That was good. Did he feel pressure? He doesn’t do as well as he should. (He keeps making mistakes!) He didn’t hit the ball once. He finished with seven misses. (This has to be a dream) I was in too much of a hurry. Jisuk and Seungjae are left. The good ones are waiting. Jisuk chose Nojun to pitch. He lets the first ball go. (It’s big!) Jisuk! (It goes high!) How far is it going? (Where does it land?) I can’t see it. That’s really amazing. The first one. (He hit three times and hit three homeruns!) He’s really amazing. On the first swing. He was born with skill. He hit a great homerun. (It’s big again!) The second one goes over, too. Jisuk hit two. Jisuk hit two. He hit two. That’s really amazing. (Miss) That was a huge swing. He took it too lightly this time. Right. A higher ball has a higher chance of going further. Here goes. Indeed. (It’s a fly ball) It fell in the outer field. Jisuk has three chances left. Here it goes. Three! It keeps going! That was a big one. I emptied my heart. Just getting this far was good. You did well. He said he hit his first homerun today. He seems to have natural talent. Here it goes. Here it goes. It easily goes over the left fence. It went over. It easily goes over the left fence. It went over. Homerun! He hit four homeruns. He’s really amazing. He’s crazy. He’s really good. Do I have to give up 1st place? Who is the last to bat? Seungjae. Seungjae has to… (Foul) The last hit. Too bad. The last hit. Too bad. With four homeruns, Jisuk is 1st place. If Seungjae hits four, then… You were awesome. You were really awesome. Seungjae hit the most in the main round. He is last to bat. Whether he hits one on the first swing will affect him mentally. (It’s big!) The first one is going. That was huge. It’s going. The first hit is a homerun. We don’t know who the homerun king will be. What’s fun about… (He hit it again!) Is it going over? It goes over. It goes over. He doesn’t make any mistakes. A 100% chance of success. Unbelievable. He doesn’t rush it. He takes a breath after a swing. He’s managing his pace well. The third one. Here it goes! The third one. Here it goes! It went over again. Seungjae! It goes over! That was big. He’s a monster. He hit three out of three. I wonder how Jisuk feels. Time! What’s the problem? Jisuk called a timeout. Not the middle. Go for that side. Don’t just hit it to one side. If he really hits one to the right… He’ll be at a loss for words. Seungjae. (But!) It went over. He pushed it over. As predicted. (As he is told!) Four homeruns! Jisuk is applauding him. It’s a tie now. The remaining three are important. Stay calm! HIs posture… What is that pose? What is that? He looks like Park Jeongtae. (It’s big!) – Just like that. / – Is it going over? It doesn’t go over. (The first failure) He imitated Park Jeongtae of Lotte. He tied and has leisure. Focus to the end! Focus! Nobody can predict the result. Right. It’s short. It’s low. The ranking could change. Jisuk has slight expectations. It’s a tie right now. He has to relax. It’s short. He ties. It’s a tie. (The first homerun ever!) (He’s the best homerun hitter now!) Jisuk really wants to win. (Basic skills from playing in Japan) (A magician who controls his hits) The ace of aces, Seungjae. It’s a close fight. Who will win? Jisuk will win first. He has one chance. – Jisuk! / – Here it goes. It pierced the left center. An awesome homerun. (Unbelievable) – An awesome homerun. / – That was big. Jisuk takes the lead. It went really far. I’m going crazy. I shouldn’t have come. Seungjae has to hit a homerun. He must be nervous. (He fails) Jisuk wins! I’m the homerun king! Jisuk of Great wins! Seo Jisuk. The above mentioned person hit the most homeruns at the KBS Dream Team homerun derby. This certifies he is the homerun king. June 15, 2015. KBS. Congratulations. (A great discovery by Dream Team, Jisuk!) His team receives top baseball products. Congratulations. We’ll say goodbye now. Let’s Go Dream Team! (“To Her” / Jung Kyoung with Kim Sehwang)

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  1. I forgot I was watching dream team!ususally it's neighborhood something with Kang ho dong who does sport..anyway good episode

  2. Baseball's somewhat fun to play but incredibly boring to watch.
    Even with amusing/interesting celebrities on the teams, Dream Team had trouble making it entertaining.

  3. Woooaaahhhh!!!
    The god of all sports SEO JISUK made it again!!! Your so DAEBAK! The best!!! And your really amazing!!! Sungjae your good looking 🙂 looking forward for your next appearance 🙂 your also great!!!

  4. Jisuk oppa always my #1 when playing sports… gonna love him more, from cool kiz on the block" til now… fighting jisuk oppa????

  5. I was blown away by Jisuk talent in sport. He tried it for the first time ever and won out of them all. Good job Seo Jordan. Appear more on sport show please I'm really looking forward to you

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