Lennox Archer Among World’s Best
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Lennox Archer Among World’s Best

August 16, 2019

Cole Feterl comes from a hunting family, – Bow releases … so he came by archery naturally. “My mom got my dad a bow, ‘cuz he just hunted
with a rifle, and she got him one for his anniversary for bow hunting, and I just wanted
to do it, too,” Feterl said. Feterl has been shooting competitively for
five years, and in that time, he’s earned his Gold Olympian pin at the JOAD Nationals in
Mankato and a first-place win at this year’s Dakota Classic. It’s an impressive range of achievements,
to be sure, but inside this building, Cole is taking aim at his highest target yet. Feterl just returned from Florida, where he
competed in the Gator Cup. Moving on to the 2015 World Youth Championships in Yankton,
he’s set to compete alongside 600 of the best archers from 60 countries. Feterl is one of only three in the nation
in his age group and the only to represent South Dakota. “It’s kind of weird, because looking back
on years before, I never really – I was just shooting my bow in my yard, just bow hunting,
stuff like that – not really thinking about being competitive at archery or anything like
that,” Feterl said. But for Feterl, it’s not all about the awards. “I just like meeting friends along the way,
meeting people from different countries, seeing how they react, and just making new friends
at each tournament,” Feterl said. Aiming high, yet still keeping everything
in perspective. In Sioux Falls, Tanner Chambers, KELOLAND

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