Lena Headey Shocks the Internet With Pineapple-Eating Hack: ‘Game Changer’  – Live News 247
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Lena Headey Shocks the Internet With Pineapple-Eating Hack: ‘Game Changer’ – Live News 247

October 7, 2019

 If you think Game of Thrones is shocking, wait until you see ’s pineapple-eating hack!  The actress, who plays Cersei Lannister on the HBO show, took to Instagram on Sunday, March 10, to share a short video clip featuring some unorthodox pineapple-eating ways Though it’s not clear if the 45-year-old is featured in the clip or simply shared it, the clever trick speaks for itself She captioned it, “#gamechanger,” and included several surprised smile face emojis    While prickly pineapples notoriously require a lot of work to slice and eat, thanks to their tough, outer layer, the Emmy nominee has found a way around all that hassle Instead of cutting off the top and each side of the fruit, the Bermuda-born actress (or whoever is handling the fruit) simply cut off one end of the pineapple and held it by its leafy head  The person then proceeded to peel and tear several bite-sized portions of the fruit straight from its core What emerges is an easy-to-eat, hand-held slice with minimal mess.  In the 48 hours or so since Headey’s maneuver has been posted, the video has netted more than one million views and more than 4,500 comments, many of which express astonishment at this little-known strategy “We all feel like Jon Snow now. We knew nothing,” wrote one Instagram user. Added another: “I’ve been eating pineapple wrong my whole life ”  The clip also got attention from several famous faces. commented “Who knew?!” while chimed in with a simple but effective “Omfg ”  However, this clever move is apparently common knowledge in other parts of the world As one Instagram user explained, “I [sic] been going Thailand on and off for 20 years this is normal behavior ”  Furthermore, this hack also can’t be used on all pineapples. “This is a specific kind of pineapple known here in Brazil as ‘Gomos de mel,’ something like honey wedges in english,” explained São Paulo-based digital influencer Maria Medeiros “We can’t eat the other pineapples like this.”  Other users seemingly agreed. “I’ve tried it with no luck,” wrote one “Not sure if the pineapple needs to be very ripe.”  As evidenced by the fruit Headey apparently used, extreme ripeness is key here If the pineapple isn’t ripe enough, performing this easy-eating trick is virtually impossible Still, it’s pretty impressive and entertaining to watch!

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