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Leicester City’s Christian Fuchs | Taxi to Training

October 9, 2019

Hello, taxis. Yeah, what’s your address, mate?
Can I take your name? What, really?
I’ll be there in ten minutes, mate. So, the footballer
I’m about to pick up is known for a number of things. He’s a bit of a joker,
he’s been playing in the Premier League
for only one season and has already won
a Premier League medal. Here he is. Hey, pal. Hello. You’re late.
It’s Christian Fuchs. Hi, how are you? I’m very sorry.
I had a few problems with the… With the engine? With the engine
and the steering wheel and… I see.
I’m going to take you to training. Yes, please, I’m late already.
Do you know the route? Kind of. You know the kind of route? Yeah, yeah. Right, let’s go. Do you like living in Leicester?
Yeah. It’s very enjoyable. Very enjoyable. People are nice,
big success last season, so…that also helps, yeah. Do you ever drive anyone else
to training? Does anyone live nearby you? Well, there are couple of players
living around, yeah. But I think by the time I’m waking
up, they’re already there. When you are driving into training,
what do you listen to? I like classical music,
to be honest. Do you? I’m a classical singer.
You are? Yeah. Well, can you sing for me?
Yeah, it’s not a problem. HE CLEARS HIS THROAT
# Ahh! # Enough. What? Thank you. I like it, I like it already. Five years of music training,
that was. Really? Yes. Wow. After training, what will you do?
What will you get up to? I’m a fashion designer.
Fashion designer? Fashion designer. Oh, I brought
something for you, by the way. Because my drivers have
to wear my design, you know. There’s an extra for you.
Thank you. What size is it? It’s a small. Small? Yeah. You only need
a hat now and then you’re good. Look in here.
Oh, my God, I like that one. I got myself a hat. Now, the issue
with the hat is that it doesn’t really fit
in the car. Just lean back and relax. Step on it, please, yeah. Oh, whoa, whoa, not that fast. So, when did you get into football? Well, my parents told me
my first word was “ball”, so… First word was “ball”? My son’s second word is “ball” too.
Oh, really? Yeah, so… They told me I started
to kick a ball by the age of eight months. Really? Yeah.
When you joined Leicester… Hold on… My hat’s sort of…
Yeah. ..did you think, “Oh, we might
win the League this year “if I go to Leicester? “They’ve done the great escape.
They might win the league.” No. At any point?
Nah, nah, not really. Even, you know, four games before
the end of the season, I was like, “No, no, there are
other clubs “that should make the Premier
League, you know.” Really? And as a result,
Gary Lineker got to present Match Of The Day in his pants. Yeah, I was happy for that too.
I think that drove us. Really? Yeah. You always see, like,
players getting off the coach, they’ve got their headphones on,
they’ve got their bag with them. What is in that bag? So, what’s in here? Let’s see… This is like… Hey, don’t look.
OK, all right. Well, you need to smell good
after a game. Oh, nice. But we always take
a shower too. Oh, you do? You have some hair gel. So, this is something interesting. This was at the…we were
match 11 at the Euros. Match 11… And I was the captain and this is my ID
for the press conference. Right. I didn’t know
it was in there. That’s just a nice little…
Well, you keep a little… ..a little keepsake. Yeah. So, we’re coming towards the
King Power Stadium, I’ve got a special Leicester City
quiz. Oh, wow. I’ve asked a friend of mine,
a Leicester City legend… Who can it be? Who can it be?!
Who can it be? ..to create a little quiz
for us to play. Are you ready? Of course, let’s go, hit me.
Here we go. ‘Hello and welcome to the very
special BBC Three ‘in-car Leicester City quiz. ‘Lloyd, keep your eyes
on the road, will you? ‘Christian, fingers on horns. ‘Question one. How old is Leicester
City’s manager, Claudio Ranieri?’ SQUEAKING 45. 54. ‘The answer is 63.’ Oh, 63! Well, I have to
make him younger. Oh, OK. I don’t want to… ‘Which Leicester City player ‘received the most bookings
last season?’ SQUEAKING
Go on. Should be Robert Huth. I’m going to go Robert Huth as well. ‘The answer is Robert Huth.’ Yes! There we go. ‘Who scored the goal that clinched
the Premier League title?’ SQUEAKING Eden Hazard. I would love to kiss his foot
for that one. ‘The answer is Eden Hazard.’ Yes! ‘How many people does
the King Power Stadium hold? SQUEAKING AND HORN HONKS
Go on. 30,000. 31,000. Oh, wow. ‘The answer, 32,262.’ Yes! ‘Last question. ‘Jamie Vardy scored over
20 goals in the League last season. ‘Who was the last Leicester player
to achieve that feat?’ HORN HONKS I’m going to go with Gary Lineker.
Gary? ‘The answer to that one,
of course, is me.’ I like that! Right, I’ve got a little challenge
for you. A challenge for me? Yep. So I’ve given you… My friend Dan
drew that. Do you like it? Looks like you, doesn’t it?
Yeah, amazing. So you have got 90 seconds
to colour that in. Your time starts now. Wow. I’m so good at that.
Can you sing for me? Yeah. That helps me. HE SINGS OPERATICALLY Five, four… Come on!
..three, two, one. HONKS HORN
Stop. OK, can you just show
that to the camera, please? Thank you. Thank you. That’s good.
That’ll go in my little, er, that’ll go in my little glove box. Right, back to business. OK. Funniest team-mate? Christian Fuchs. You can’t answer yourself.
All right, OK. Funniest team-mate?
Robert Huth. Robert Huth. Hardest team-mate? Well, obviously Huthy.
Robert Huth as well? Yeah. Who is the worst dresser? Kasper Schmeichel.
Kasper Schmeichel? He will hate… Straight red card, Kasper.
Straight red card. Who’s the best dresser? Me. Really? Yeah. You see that?
Yeah, OK, I can give you that one. I think we’re nearly there,
aren’t we? Now you take a right and you already
see the nice… Oh, here we are. ..logo of Leicester City. The gate. The Leicester City Football Club
training facility. Yes. Yeah, you just say that you’re
my new driver, please, and then… Officially? Yeah, yeah. Hello. I’m just, erm,
I’m Christian’s new driver. Hiya. Yeah, all right.
Thank you, cheers. So, you’ve got a
few minutes to spare, do you want me to wait around
and take you back? No, no, no. I’m going to run home or
I’m going to go with somebody else. It was nice, though. OK.
I don’t mind waiting. No, no, it’s OK. Well, if you change your mind,
you can just… Yeah. If you DM me on Twitter. What was that? If you just
direct message me on Twitter but you’ll probably have
to follow me on Twitter to… Oh, yeah. Yeah? Well, I’ll see you later, OK? All right. Cheers, mate.
All right, cool. See you later. Bye-bye, see you. You forgot your horn. Yeah, yeah.

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  1. fuchs is the nicest funniest footballer aroundย ย  he does everything with everyone always happy great player and a great sport

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