Leicester 2-0 Arsenal – Unai Emery FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles
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Leicester 2-0 Arsenal – Unai Emery FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

November 16, 2019

Okay folks Unai, disappointing night again,
what was your assessment of that? GOOD EBENING Yes we can be disappointed with that result but with the attitude the players I think they did the gameplan we prepare and we were in the match with the first half or so second half we started taking chances and also controlling of the game in our moment I think like how we wanted They created also some chances and when they scored the first goal maybe is the moment we lost the possibility to do something in the match Unai you say the attitude is right and the performance was okay but is the consistency of results good enough for a club like Arsenal? Yes but the attitude was good the gameplan we prepared it also the real players did that then we are playing and another team in a good moment they are in the home and and they are feeling also strong we had chances we had our moment to reduce their in a lot of moment of the game but also they had and they scored two goals and they won but we are now in the table with distance from them but we have time we will take being consistent the possibility also to recover our confidence to recover the points and also to have one success for us so one challenge for us thinking improve and take the balance in the team But the gap is very big now between you and the top teams? It depends because also and now Chelsea and Leicester with Liverpool and with Manchester City they are taking difference for from us but also they are at the moment also with us or behind us Manchester United and Tottenham and it’s been very equalised competition with a lot of teams but really now the difference they are doing with us Chelsea and Leicester but there is time there is time to reduce being consistent because that competition is 38 matches and now we are behind them with nine points difference it’s a good point for them but also we have time to achieve and to recover that difference What needs to change to start winning matches, what do you need to do to win matches again? First is to feel strong at home in Emirates this is the the first way I want to achieve and I want to do with the players because if we can feel strong at home take confidence take points and with good performance then we are going to play away I know we are going to achieve also points we’re going to achieve good matches against every team and then as much is our challenge now at home because we didn’t lose at home but we draw some matches where we lost points for to be better on the table and today lost here is also because they are now in good moment they are also playing at home with their supporters and they feel strong here but our gameplan we work it as we did prepare and I think we did that and the difference was that they scored the first goal and then we lost that opportunity Unai some Arsenal fans though are saying it’s time to change the manager, what would you say to them? For me as a coach is continuing strong and thinking to prove with our players and also I am speaking with the club for to stay calm and to stay patient for to improve and to recover some confidence with some circumstances with what happened and also we have a young players they are also improving they’re also going up with us and we are in the way I know when we are losing but so someone person we are receiving criticism but I know this is my work but also it happened a lot of times a moment like that and I recovered then working and being confident and also being together with the club and with the players Unai do you think the criticism aimed at your team at the moment is fair or do you think people are being unfair? I except all I accept when they applaud us and I accept also when they are criticising us and I know when we win they are going to be happy and when we lose they’re going to be angry l but it’s normal and we need to stay calm and also to stay improving things and I think today we took one step ahead being together and being strong better defensively but we lost because also we are playing against a team who are in a good moment When you speak with Raul and with Edu do you share a vision do you think there is time for you to turn Arsenal back into a Champions League club? Do you think they have patience for that to happen? Yes what happened some circumstances negative for us at the beginning of the season and really the last month or so I think the team what happened that’s circumstances negative for not to give us the balance emotional balance but the players the club and me we were speaking and also we know we need some patience we need to recover our confidence and I spoke with the players I spoke with the club in that moment we need also to be patient with some young players to be patient with some circumstances and we can and we have time and we have matches to recover that and I am sure we are going to do it Some people find it very strange to see Arsenal playing against Leicester quite defensively Was the gameplan to sit back a bit? We need to improve defensively and I think we did today one good balance above all the first half and when we score the first goal maybe is the moment we lost to that balance but the position was 50/50 also we keep the ball and we take also the possibility to play with the transition sometimes sometimes also keeping the ball and and going with our full-back because we have full-back for to attacking with Shkodran with Héctor Bellerín and I think today the players felt good in that balance with that system Will you stuck with playing 5 at the back? Were you please with that formation and will you continue with it? Last year for example we used it sometimes we were back four and we did well and the players also it depends above all it depends how we are a whole we can feel our best quality of those best is skill yourself as a player and I think that system for example we used it a lot of times last year and with very good result Thank you

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  1. Ok. I understand what is trying to say now. He wants to not loose at home but doesn’t care about the away games. FUCKING PATHETIC!

  2. Emery does not look like someone without a plan or someone who is hopeless , he looks positive,patient and believes the club just needs a few more transfer windows too get the players in that can do what he asks of them .. the fans need too chill out.. wenger always had the best playing style but once he lost certain players and could not buy the ones he needed for us too keep seeing the wenger style football we all came too fall in love with, he was sacked .. emery is a good coach that has a huge task ahead of him and im sure he knew it would take 3 years at least, too fix our club before deciding too sign… and deep down you fans did say and know when he did sign also said we need 3 too 4 transfer windows too sort out this team and now 2 transfer windows in and the first window that belonged too diamond eyes people are calling for hes head because nothing has changed ..well no shit Sherlock we still have the same slow defenders and little midfielders and players like xhaka still at the club .. we could not sack 20 players in the first year and a half too please the fans and give emery 20 new signings worth so much cash before off loading others ..the club have lost so much cash letting players go on a free just so the process can actually start and still the fans are not happy .. holding just came back and so did bellerin .. kolsainac is not what arsenal need // tierny is new and still getting too grips with things .. laca just came back from injury ..ramsey gone iwobi gone kocielny gone chambers comes back only because bellerin was out luiz xomes in only because holding was out gandouzy is still young and i think he is not what arsenal need anyhows .. torriera is ok but he aint strong enough for this league he tires out always before the 70th minutes .. leno has been great tierney will settle in ..holding will come around saliba will come next season pepe will come around .. bellerin will come around we will buy a few more players in the middle and maybe another winger and most likely end the ceballos loan and replace him and luiz and sokratis will play in the europa and our first team can start focusing on the league and in time they will start being in the top 4 but wont be able too handle the league and champions league because we wont have enough quality but after that a few more youngsters like willock saka etc will become men and can start pulling there weigh and that is how you slowly build a team,,, not in 1 year and a half lol this process is going too take another 2 years easy even if we go and buy messi rite this moment we still wont be any better off until our signings and youngsters coming throw the ranks and a line together with maturity and have the same objectives and passion and know what needs too be done .. because at the moment we got luiz sokratis ozil laca auba xhaka etc who have had there superstar moments in there carrier and it has kind of passed and they are only here for the cash ..and what emery is doing is forcing the youngsters too get game time and signing players like ceballos and tierney and pepe who have many years ahead of them and wants too create one team that play like superstars rather then individuals taking the glory from time too time ..as much as i love laca and i think in hes Lyon days for me hhave been by far one of my fave striker mients of the decade besides ronaldo and messi but laca did not play for such a huge team but imagine he did hmmm… but now hes not the same and emery can see that and that is why martinelli is getting game time and saka etc etc because hes looking a few years ahead and knows these guys are almost done and if it takes losing badly for two or three seasons but getting your future team ready so they dont get themselves in this predicament again were up is too high and down is too low and we just hang around 5th and maybe once out of 5 seasons we get into the champions league for the next 10 too 15 years then yeah i agree with emery id rather be 6th even 10th for a few years if it means i wont be there for the next 20 years or so at least ..have faith emery is a beast and we will regret letting him go .. its not a hunch ..

  3. No one:the Bible,, then I saw xhaka which they saw was there problem, but naah,it was just a tip of the iceberg.
    The iceberg unai

  4. Lol people need to stop disliking beanyman's content because this coach is crap…it isn't their fault ?? go do that on the Arsenal's page

  5. There's certainly time to improve, but there's absolutely no indication that they will under Emery. Unfortunately, there's also no indication that he will be sacked any time soon.

  6. He seemed surprisingly calm. Any other manager in that situation would be very downbeat. Either he's been given assurances that he's completely safe or he's a great actor.

  7. Really he only thinks now the defence is the problem.. Check how may. shots on target we have made.. no good playing moments in their final half..

  8. Sorry but u can’t take us forward mate. These subtitles they actually typed good ebening ????. What do u need to win matches I need to get fired.

  9. Keep that same energy when the chemistry starts kicking in with the new signings and injury returning players and we start winning games…fake ass Arsenal fans. Support your club and your players.

  10. If the board are truly backing this man, then they have to go aswell?
    He clearly is deluded, he has no idea of what he is doing or trying to achieve with these players. How the hell he believes that this team, and himself, have time to make up the differrence to get in top four on his coaching, and the way this team is performing is a joke. These current top four sides are not going to drop many points and we are just going to fall even further behind the top five, never mind the top four. Emery has to go now, or by the end of the xmas period, we could be trying to stay away from the bottom six. Get rid of this man now!!

  11. You know a manager is shit when he chooses his formation on the form of other teams.. sad times oppposition teams dictate our formation we played to that why cant we as a team go out thier and just play to our strehtghs not our weakness dats why we are havin this bad form

  12. U are a coach u know what you do.. very simple used the wenger ball.. and dont choice a wrong player in defender n defensive midfielder.. first time in arsenal history arsenal is wrost since 1982.. i think sir wenger better than u…

  13. Is to late my friend is no time for you at home you are not good to the fans not need you emery out you make mistakes to many times we to change coach emery not good enough for arsenal

  14. it depends? take a look at the table! OK sir I'll go ahead and take your word and judge you in the end of the season. As a fan I can say I am not enjoying the football that Arsenal is giving us. Playing from the back when we are goals down. You sir have 26 more EPL matches to make us a believers

  15. Good ebening , please don’t lie, tell me the number of chances created? One in the first half and one or two in the second half? I have never seen the worst display of Arsenal, for Arsenal playing defensive especially with a team like Leicester is a total shame, so please your game plan and selection is a total mess, try to do better. Even if we were loosing during Wenger at least we used to enjoy beautiful attacking football, come on have a better plan to improve the current situation.

  16. His English is atrocious. If his team talks must be very confusing for the players as he clearly gets confused with what hes trying to say. His tactics are so similar to wengers its unreal. His team selection can be very confusing.

  17. i was watching this presser and early afternoon the mailman rang the bell, i opened the door to sign for a letter and greeted him by saying "good evening" in a spanish accent. i backpedaled because i realized it wasn't evening and then said "well, afternoon rather" in my regular voice

  18. To be fair to Emery, most of Arsenals main roster players were bought during Wengers tenure. Unless Stan Kroenke(who has 100% ownership of the club yet refuses spend his own money) sanctions for the correct and proper players in the transfer market entirely by Emery's choosing, this club will plummet into a mid table within the next few seasons. Even the likes of Klopp and Guardiola took a while to settle down properly in EPL and they had the full financial backing which Emery doesn't. Stan Kroenke is the biggest problem in Arsenal it's about high time the media address that. Both Kroenke and Mike Ashley are the worst owners in EPL.

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