Leicester 2-0 Arsenal – Brendan Rodgers FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles
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Leicester 2-0 Arsenal – Brendan Rodgers FULL Post Match Press Conference – Subtitles

November 18, 2019

Brendan what was the most pleasing aspect of that? I think how we managed the game, playing against a very good side a side that can really hurt you especially like today in counter-attack and thought we should have been in front in the first half there were a couple really good chances and but didn’t become frustrated you know we talked about it at halftime you know these games are always gonna be tight so come out the second half kept our concentration and I thought once we got the once we got the first goal I thought we then had really good control of the game both with and without the ball and that was the area that really pleased me because it allowed the development of the team to learn how to manage that and like I say we kept a clean sheet so yes all round a very good win for us Are you in the title race now? No we’re not really thinking about that you know we’re just thinking of you know you know developing the team and making them better and that’s been the focus since I first come in You’re in second place now and you do look well worth second place I know you will tell us all to calm down, it’s November etc etc but you don’t look misplaced in second and it’s a freaky season you look like that’s pretty much where you should or obviously City might get passed you but you you look like a top three four side Well that’s nice that’s a nice observation which is great but we you know our job over the years I’m here is to stay hopefully be that and I said when I come in if we could bring European football to here in my time that would be that would be great but there’s a huge credit to the the players because since I come in they’ve been how they’ve adapted I have asked them to work and everything they put into that work has been been very very good so um so yeah they’re playing with confidence you know they’re playing with a steel you know we defensively were good today a little moment at the beginning of the the second half of the game became a little bit of basketball for ten minutes so we had to change that and bring Demarai into the game and he was very good but now they listen they’re playing well the go good focus and they wanting to improve so that’s that’s nice Jamie Vardy was a very good player before you came but since you’ve been at Leicester he’s scored more goals than anybody more than Salah, Mane, Kane what have you done to bring your game on to adapt into a new system in to a new way of scoring goals like tonight’s? Just positioning and I think he’s such an honest player I think everyone recognises and certainly I have because when he played against my teams before and then watch them from the outside you can see he’s a top striker and I just felt that he just about that efficiency in his work that he doesn’t because he’s so honest he’ll press the whole back four on his own but he doesn’t need to you know collectively when you’re pressing as a team and everyone is clearing the role he can then focus on being more economical with his pressing which then gives him that bit more energy when he when we then have the ball and then just I’m just keeping him central you know he’s in the corridor where he can play and make runs and normally there and he’s running in behind into goal or he’s in the area where he’s gonna get opportunities but I have to say he’s been a dream to work with tactically brilliant in the game I think that’s what helps him also he trains every day to be the best he can be you know he is out he never looks for a rest he’s focusing on development and improvement and obviously the type of football we’re trying to play which is aggressive and fast and dynamic suits his qualities A team like the stature of Arsenal come here and for long periods almost had a back 5 is that a compliment to the attacking threat and to the progress you’ve made? I think so I think so I think that the only other time that I think they played that system when we looked and thought it was maybe going to be was probably in the Europa League final against Chelsea when they played with that to the back five the two and then Ozil in behind and in the front two so yeah so it’s but but listen they’re are big big threat on counter-attack so we had to try and manage that the best we could today there’s a couple of times they got away but we were able to recover back into our space but listen Unai is a very very good coach he knows his players he knows what a game or what formation he his to play to bring out the best our players are playing with a high level of confidence and have been for a period of time so for us we come out on top today and obviously I’m delighted There’s now an 8 point gap between the top 4 and the rest is that reflective of how good those 4 sides or…? Well I think the the top two teams have been that if you think if you look at their numbers last season which was phenomenal and let’s not forget Chelsea you know the Champions League team and have been for a number of years and I suppose for ourselves we’ve thrown the hand grenade right into the middle of them all so but for us our job is to improve and be better I think what my only focuses ourselves and bringing the consistency to our game and the beauty of these players is they shown all different types we have a style and identity in terms of I want to play but at times they have to show different qualities and they’ve shown all of that but it’s 12 games in and we’re working very very well but we’ll just concentrate on how our performance level right through until 10 games to go and then we can probably assess it a lot clearer then The best defensive record in the Premier League at the moment as well which must be good given that you were earmarked as an attacking coach actually on balance is really good No I think if you look you know when I was in Scotland we had defensive records as well at Liverpool of course we were very good going forward you have to ask did I have the players to defend how we would want defend I think now at Liverpool they obviously invested a lot of money to get those types of players in, here I’ve got a top level centre-half in Johnny Evans you know a young player and character beside him who’s amazing, a top European goalkeeper and right the way through the team everyone set up to connect and defend together so I always say that fundamentally to attack well you have to be able to defend because if we can defend well then you’re gonna get more opportunities to score and it’s something that we’ve done and really focused you know that balance since I’ve come into here so yeah it’s the mark of a good team that you have to be able to defend press the game close space deny the other team space and then when you have the ball you then want to have that invention and creativity and pace in your game and this team are showning great traits in both aspects You mentioned consistency and you’ve been able to name the same unchanged side I think four games in a row now how hard is it to keep the whole squad happy in this situation? It’s not hard to keep them happy but I have empathy for the guys because we’re only at the level that we’re at because of the players that aren’t playing also you know guys you know like Wes Morgan, Marc Albrighton, Christian Fuchs, Demarai Gray, Dennis Praet all these guys that aren’t starting the game, Nampalys Mendy who was brought in to and played a lot of games Daniel Amartey all these guys you know them two aren’t even in the squad, Hamza Choudhury their mentality and focus allows us to be the best that we can that’s my job to manage that I speak a lot with the players they understand where it’s at they’re clear on where they stand within the squad and I recognise how difficult it is but they never show they turn up every day to train to be the best they can be the spirit in the team is very strong and like I say that’s my job to manage that but it’s not easy because you want to play them all but obviously we can’t but hopefully in the future if we can develop well and get into European football at some point in my time here then there’s obviously more games to play Are you surprised by how quickly the team’s developing, ahead of schedule to where you thought it might be? We never really you never really think along that line you know I come in here to make an impact and and create something that hopefully we sustain over a period of years so I’ve got really good players I know when I come in they were they were suffering a bit but from the first day we were very clear on how we wanted to work as I said all the credit you give the credit to the players how they’ve adapted to what I’ve been asking you know renowned and in their counter-attack Leicester but they’ve got good balance in their game they can attack and counter-attack but they can keep the ball and be good in possession so there’s a lot of work there’s a lot of systematic work every single day a lot of analysing of how we train and how we perform in games not getting too disappointed when it’s not perfect but just constantly creating a culture to be better and with that the players then have responded so but to be a good team and good players you gotta keep improving and developing and that’s always our message Cheers, thank you

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  1. Leicester will finish top 4 under Rodgers…he is under rated and an astute manager…never quite crossed over the line with the Reds but he will get a BIG job in the future…was fantastic at Celtic too…still young and years ahead of him.?x

  2. Looks like this guy is paving his way to manage les somalians of Manchester flops.
    A lot of cleaning he need to do there.???

  3. Well done Leicester n Brendan Rodgers. Keep it up. Wish you more success, be the best elite top 4 of the league n again, European alumni . #YNWA

  4. Cannot watch anymore of the interview the many time of the bottle opening is screwing with my mind .closed it half way threw .

  5. what i absolutely hate is when managers come into press conferences after obviously a great result and pretend to be downbeat and "oh we could have done better"… just fuck right off especially rodgers is prolific at this… just be happy and stop acting like you're somehow disappointed at a win

  6. Where were you last season when Liverpool needed you to draw against City? now you wanna score 9 goals per game? pshhh!!!!!

  7. As much of a good manager Rodgers is let's be honest that he has an excellent team. What's interesting is that it's only taken Leicester 2 summer transfer windows to get 7 of the starting 11, it shows that a transition period doesn't have to be too long!

  8. Supreme performance from Leicester this city. They show GREAT CHARACTER and Rodgers will take them to champions league next season

  9. brendan rogers showing that he has the character as a top manager, a lot better than most of the shite in prem, emery and ole.

  10. As a Liverpool fan, I am happy seeing Brendan Rodgers doing well in Leicester. Hope to see him back in the UCL with Liverpool winning the PL (amen)

    The last months of him at Anfield was bad, but I still rate BR well for taking us to No. 2 in 2013/2014. He did well in Celtics too.

  11. Fantastic manager. I hope you win the league with Leicester some day. Leicester is a joy to watch. Vardy is a top player – 45% conversion rate – phenomenal. Knew you would perform well when I heard you were coming to Leicester. Had a feeling you would be great for Leicester. Exceeded my expectations.

  12. I think in hindsight Rogers got the Liverpool job to early in his career. The couple of years at Celtic was great for his development and L.City is a great next step for him. He could definitely coach a big team again soon.

  13. Easily in the top ten list of best managers in the world, I'd take him any day over overrated managers like Emery, Ancelotti, Allegri, Valverde or even Mourinho.

  14. Just to shake things up I’d love to see him answer a question like “well, we are the greatest ever and you can all suck my ass” and he just walks off the stage while everyone’s taking pics like BRENDAN BRENDAN COME BACK

  15. Amazing how thirsty Buck is at at a press conference? Imagine if he had to run a marathon, they’ll need a water tanker for his thirst!!

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