Legacy of 2002 FIFA World Cup remembered
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Legacy of 2002 FIFA World Cup remembered

November 7, 2019

Hello, my name is Seul-Hui Lee
and I’m 24 years old. I live in Il-San which is near Seoul. My passion is being a fan. I love football and
I love cheering on my team. Since the 2002 FIFA World Cup,
I began loving football. At that time, Koera was filled
with the passion of football, and I cannot forget the day
when we all cheered together. Since then, I can’t spend
a day without football. Since the 2002 FIFA World Cup, I started dreaming
of working for a job related with football. I am involved in every big football event,
and everytime, my passion grows stronger. These moments remain as
unforgetable memories for me. When I cheer football I feel happiness
with those around me, especialy when my team scores,
and we can shout for joy together. You can feel the passion.
That’s why I love football. I saw the FIFA World Cup Trophy 4 years ago,
and I’m excited to see it again! The trophy has a lot of meaning to me,
but also for everyone who loves football. For me, the trophy is something that reminds me
of my dream of working in the football industry. Which team am I going to cheer
for the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Of course I will support the Korean team!
How can I support any other team?

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  1. legacy… that world cup was one of the most controversial things if ever witnessed. Referee's biased towards almost everything. If you dont know what I'm talking about look it up.

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