Learn BBC English with News এতিম মাহী US-Bangla Plane Crash
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Learn BBC English with News এতিম মাহী US-Bangla Plane Crash

November 20, 2019

Pilot Abid’s wife Afsana Khanom also died at 9:30am on 23 March 2018. It made her son Tamjid Sultan Mahi an orphan as his father had already died earlier. This is the rescue footage of a plane crash in Nepal. All 4 cabin crew members have died. Pilot Abid Sultan; co-pilot Prithula Rashid, Khwaza Hossain Mohammad Shafi and Shamim Akter And the death toll rises to 51. The rest are under treatment at places. One of my NUB students, Priok who writes poetry and is a travel photographer, recently selected for the Siena International Photography Awards competition also died in the crash. 10 Bangladeshi passengers survived but 3/4 in critical condition The plane banged on an empty field, sustained fire, and stopped on a football pitch. trails of twisted parts and luggage around Another US-Bangla left the airport around 9:00am (13 March) with 46 passengers, relatives of Bangladeshis killed. To our dismay, 21 Nepalese killed were medical students in Bangladesh. They were returning to Nepal after their final exams. The US-Bangla aircraft burst into flame right after its faulty landing likely due to misleading information from the control room. The aircraft left Dhaka with 71 passengers (26 Bangladeshi, 21 Nepalese, 1 Chinese, 1 Maldivian). 37 males, 27 females and 2 children 2 pilots & 2 cabin crew (Bangladeshi) Black box was recovered. The Tribhuvan Airport (Kathmandu) was reopened after some hours of the crash. The probe committee was already formed (Bangladesh & Nepal). And the Bangladeshi team is already in Nepal for investigation with the Nepali team. The plane (17-yrs old) took off at 14:30 BST (Shahjalal Int’l Airport, Dhaka). And crashed at 14:18 NST. Basanta Bohora (survivor): “All of a sudden the plane shook violently and there was a loud bang I was seated near a window and was able to break out of the window.” Earlier (March 4), US-Bangla Airline made a safe emergency landing in Dhaka. It is a private carrier and launched in July 2014. Moto: “Fly Fast Fly Safe” Its 1st Int’l flight was also in Kathmandu in May 2016. Present routes: South Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia News: Ohidur Chad, Assistant Professor of English & Director, Language Centre, University of Information Technology & Sciences (UITS), Dhaka, Bangladesh

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