September 29, 2019

Today we’re gonna teach you five wicked one-on-one football skills, but it’s not gonna. Be me or nate or Pwg or Jollter teaching You. no we teamed up with a young boy his name is Jason And he’s 14 years old in this guy has got more tekkers than the four of us combined Did I mention by the way please full team that’s halfway to twenty eight one four Five plus five plus two plus two that’s absolutely He’s half my age, and you’re kidding me one for that’s the same numbers jewelry coach Jesse Okay, let’s begin Number five their shoulder drop. run towards the defender with speed then drop your shoulder to fake going in one direction And now quickly go the other way to really sell this move shift your entire body weight to break free I guess it Number four the crickets and nutmeg this move has it all fast feed techies and Humiliation as the defender is approaching wait until he gets close to you Do a small jump tap it with the inside of your foot and now tap it with the other foot Try to do it in a fluent motion, and if the defendant doesn’t open his legs up. It’s not your fault Number three the fancy shift this move might not be the best to beat your defender But it will certainly get you out of a tight situation Through a so-called catch it again with the outside of your foot roll it back through your legs and do a sharp turn It’s probably more flashy than effective, but you will finally get accepted as a true showboat number two. the chip of chips. as the opponent is chasing you do a small step over catch the ball with your weak foot Then roll it back Chip the ball with his strong foot and do a 180 degree turn when you do the chip Try to lean back a bit to get a nice height on the ball and then even Berbatov would be proud And number one the Mcgeady panna This is a bit different from the normal Mcgeady spin because you do a full 180 turn Tap the ball with the inside of your Week foot spin 180 degrees and tap it with the outside of your strong foot to make the Panna the defender will then fake an injury to get substituted sell his house and move to another country or He will get a call from arson wenger and then be back in the starting lineup So there you go my friends five wicked football skills that you can use on the pitch in one-on-one situations now big up to guessing to bowler and Also a little bit annoying in fact, but thanks the company was pretty awesome Now if you want to learn some more wicked skills buy another big ball the name my himself you can click the video right down here
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