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Le karate est une arme [karate-blog.net]

November 15, 2019

Hello and welcome. I’m Bruno Bandelier, the karate teacher on the net And today, I’ve made a video for you, I would like to explain, how the Karate is a weapon? But meanwhile, for now, you are free to download: “The ABCs of overheating” which is a practical guide. I made you a mnemonic method to warm up, to learn to warm up. In all your training, you need to warm up. There you go. So you click, you download, I send you this in your inbox. So why I say: Karate is a weapon? I’m always saying: Karate is the opposite of violence, it’s anti-violence because it serves to defend, But we must not delude ourselves. We did karate for … we forge our bodies to learn to defend themselves, but in fact, to transform the body into a weapon. Okay ? A weapon that can be daunting. When I say: Karate is not violent, if it is not violent, it should not be abusive in your heart. That is to say that Karate, it should be used to defend yourself against an attacker, against aggression. But sometimes this defense, it could be an attack. If there is no choice, if the person in front of you, he has no choice, he wants to fight, and well, here we attack. We will not let them. And that is why Karate, Karate is very paradoxical and sometimes, people do not understand. But be careful, it’s a weapon you have in your hands. And besides, if you look a little self-defense, be careful when you do karate, if you get Assaulted. Be careful because the judges, you’ll be seen as someone in possession of a weapon. So, as self-defense, someone assaults you, , you must defend yourself with a gun equivalent to its own to stay in self-defense. Be careful. If the person in front of you, just makes you a little aggression nothing, and you know you can control it without having to whack it. Especially, do not type. Okay ? Pay attention. This is a disadvantage and an advantage. With karate, you have a formidable weapon, but it’s up to you, well, the power you can give him. You can give him a lot of power, If you have guts and all, well, you’re going to give him a lot of efficiency. But you can also just check. He attacks you “stand there”, you master it. And that’s all. Okay ? But what I meant by this video is: Karate, it is not the world of “Bears”. This is still a weapon. This is a formidable weapon. When typing, when you learn to hit, not fun to do it in the street. Do you not have fun. Someone who attacks you, or even looking for you a little mess. Do not fun to hit like that. Okay ? Because you can hurt you can kill, and make it very careful. It’s like having a gun. It will come to you, to have knives and stuff. It’s weapons. Do not plant them in someone’s stomach. Well, do the same with your Karate. Your Karate, he must serve you, really, in cases of extreme … when there are more choices. That is, when there is no choice. When all the negotiation is over and all that, and then really, your life is in danger … OK ! There, it is used to defend yourself. But pay attention to it, karate is a weapon used to nonviolence. It really is… When I say karate is a weapon, it is in the direction of the technique is learned. After all that is done in Karate, it really is a school of peace. so you learn to defend themselves, it comes to actually breathe peace. Already, we have our inner peace, our peace within us, because… The drive to the As, Karate, by the drive, we will, as and extent of training, well subside internally, by training, through meditation, concentration, mental visualization and stuff. Let’s just raise our mind to subside inside. So this is a school of peace. But also calm vis-a-vis the other, because owning a weapon in itself, well, it feels a bit, it was a bit of a liability vis-à-vis someone assaults you, Finally, when I say responsibility, it is not clear … You can control without having to strike anywhere, to do anything. Here !
Use it in to control if assaults you. After, I tell you, it all depends on the assault. Well, I will not go into debates compared to self-defense, but be careful. Your Karate, it is a weapon, you will forge your body to become a weapon. Otherwise, it is useless to do karate. Okay ? Finally, it is useless … It’s good for the body, it’s good and all. But here is the mindset that you must have. You must have the warrior spirit. When you make a Zuki, even in a vacuum, you do it with the idea of ​​that. I knock, but not pretending. I do a Zuki and knock. OK ? It is a weapon that you have. So, have in any case, this weapon mindset. And the fact that you have a weapon, well, that is what is right with our training in Karate. Is that as we always learn to control, the day really, you need it, well, use primarily your control, your self control, your fair play. And courtesy they teach you before. After, respect your opponent, even if he assaults you, stick to it, do not underestimate. It can be very dangerous too so … Here ! Pay attention. Since we work with weapons, whatever weapons is very dangerous. So let there attention. It was just a small video allow you to think compared to Karate. And the fact that it is a weapon. As usual, if you enjoyed this video, you click “Like”. You click on: “I do not like” if you do not like. And then you subscribe to the channel if you like, so I send you a video every morning at breakfast. Otherwise, you can find me on karate-blog.net. You have plenty of free videos. And Karate 3G.com. I say to you very soon on karate-blog.net and Karate 3G. Bye !

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  1. il y a des agresseurs qui ont fais du karate et s equi on rien fait sen prenne pleins la gueule il y a un mec qui menbette il a fait du karate

  2. j'aimerai souligner le fait que l'arme qu'est le karaté est un arme à double tranchant, dans la mesure où un pratiquant peut s'illusionner de sa propre force, ou mesestimé le danger que représente un affrontement hors dojo. merci pour vos vidéos

  3. Attention la violence de la rue ce n'est pas le dojo, je conseille aux karatékas s'ils veulent tester leur niveau d'aller dans une salle de boxe, les coups portés à la tête sans control change tout, après le grand défaut du karaté shotokan c'est de ne travailler que sur un coup ou une action (on cherche le hippon) alors que dans la réalité l'adversaire ne s’arrêtera pas même s'il est touché il continuera à se battre.
    On peut se faire agresser par plusieurs individus et qui peuvent être armés de béquilles ou couteaux, et la le karaté ne pourra rien faire.

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