Layering Hunting Clothes – Teton Layering System
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Layering Hunting Clothes – Teton Layering System

August 13, 2019

What we’ve done with Teton is we are taking a a division of Toray called Toray Sports Division Fabrics that were created for high-end… high-end US retailers, For brands that sell into the REIs, the ski shops and the Technical Outdoor and Winter Sports markets And these fabrics are at a minimum on par with any of our competitor’s fabrics that are cutting and sewing and selling into retail but I would argue are probably better and what we did is, we took these fabrics that are similar price and performance we dropped them into our manufacturing processes and produced a product line that as you can see… it’s an eight-piece layering system that sells for $750 and again, it’s on a performance level head-to-head of anything that’s
out there on the retail market and… If you want to get a better idea of what this would cost at retail…double it. If I produce a jacket that costs KUIU $100 to make I would then turn around and sell it to the retailer for $200. They would sell it to you at $400. What we’ve done with Teton is we made the product we added in the wholesale pricing and that’s what we’re selling it to you for So this is a $1,500 layering kit, that we’re selling at $750 at the KUIU business model To try to give you a better understanding
of how much value we add. I think for some people that have questioned whether KUIU is just taking advantage of the customer
with our…with our products and we have lots of margin, we really don’t. The Toray fabrics and the whole reason why I made this
business model is because they’re really expensive. And… it’s… put our products at a price similar to the competition but a much better performance level Now we’re really able to clarify what we’ve been telling the customers
for the last four years in Teton and the fact that we’ve leveled the playing field on performance and price with Teton Delivered it through the KUIU business model and this is what we have and it’s an amazing layering system in the fact that these fabrics have an amazing hand feel, great performance level, and… I think anyone that gets this product line
is going to be shocked at how nice this product line is. We’re using the same manufactures,
the same quality control standards We’ve got the same warranties that go along with all of KUIU products for the Teton lineup. and… The Teton line goes from–we call it
an 8-piece layering system It’s a short sleeve and a long sleeve next-to-skin base layer piece Something you’ll find with our base layers is 100% polyester. It’s got great stretch and a really nice hand feel to it. It also includes a jersey face zip-t expedition fleece-type piece that goes over the top of it. A 3DeFX+ So this has got the Toray 3DeFX+, same insulation that we’re running in our Kenai line. So we don’t have to have coated fabrics which allows for great stretch great breathability It’s also pretty darn quiet for a insulation piece unlike if we used a Primaloft where we’d have to coat the fabric. It’s incredibly quiet, more breathability. We’ve got a fantastic stretch-woven pant It’s a little bit lighter than the Attack Pant. It has… two cargo pockets, rear pockets, hand pockets It’s got the same fit and setup as the Attack Pant, other than it doesn’t have our hip-vents. We have a great soft shell jacket. It’s got a chest pocket, two hand pockets and then, a hard shell jacket and pant that’s really
amazing at the price we can deliver this at because it is a 3-layer hardshell. It’s got… amazing… It’s amazing how light it is for a 3-layer as you can see on that data on the screen. but it’s got a polyester face fabric Dermizax membrane so you get four-way stretch it’s got a 10,000/10,000 breathability/waterproof rating
which is pretty standard of what you’ll find
out there in the retail market. and then it’s light, it’s packable the pants have a full side leg zips
so you can just step into them with a cinch drawcord that we’ve tested
and really like the way it works. Full functioning hood with draw-strings Just a really great setup as far as
a layering kit and system. and… I think that… what Teton does for us: it gives customers choices It allows us to reset the bar for… what… value and performance can be taken to market… and… it also puts us in the postion as a company to… become… and take more market share, makes us stronger, and gives… really the choice back to the customer. and that’s what I’m excited about today. I think it’s a big step for KUIU. I can’t wait to get this stuff out to people and see what the reaction and the response is of what they can get for $750 Because you guys are going to be absolutely amazed.
I know I am. I know everyone here at KUIU is amazed
and we couldn’t be more excited to do it.

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  1. Awesome product line! I just ordered my Teton 8 piece set and I love how light everything is but also well made and will work great for this years backcountry archery elk hunt here in CO. Sizing is normally an issue for me since I am 6'2" 190 but with the Teton set I ordered all XL sizes for the upper body, M rain pant and a size 34 pant with an inseam that is perfect and matches a 34-36 inseam that I wear in jeans. A person can't go wrong with this setup for that price and I'm sure it's going to hold up just as good if not better than the other camo I have.

  2. What's your suggested temperature rating for that insulated jacket? I'm looking for a good midlayer insulation piece to go underneath your guide jacket but I hunt whitetails, so its stationary hunting for several hours in temperatures that can dip down into the teens, if not lower. And if you have any other suggestions as far as an insulation piece to fit the bill for that type of weather, please let me know. Thanks!

  3. what do you recommend for me i hunt in rough terrain and weather as cold as 20*s and up. im always in windy conditions and im looking to swap my under armour gear for kuiu

  4. Old video but just wanted to say I love your products and your price point. Great quality for a good price. I hate being price gouged because of a product name. Keep going as you are and you have a customer for life.

  5. Awesome system. Super light and comfortable. Fit is perfect if you’re fit. Read the blog on how to care for and restore dwr, its worth it cause you can get years of use out of these.

  6. I have the Teton Rain Gear and it is not waterproof. I get soaked in it. Problem is Kuiu won't accept returns if you wear it outside, so I'm stuck with it until I decide to pony up more money for something better. I've heard the more expensive Kuiu rain gear like Chugach is great, but the Teton rain gear line has not served me well.

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