Lauren Steadman – Paralympic Athlete
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Lauren Steadman – Paralympic Athlete

November 18, 2019

Allianz Insurance and Channel 4 Presents Dare to believe I was born different to everyone else. Yes, I’m missing an arm, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less than you. I use to be a swimmer, and had a tough four years. So the goal going into London was to qualify. I didn’t qualify. Hi Uncle G how are you? Yeah not too bad. My uncle said to me swimming has had its time, you’ve given it everything, but you have potential as a triathlete. You run well, you got the strength on the bike. And your swimming gives you a perfect set up. Changing sport doesn’t make you a coward or any less of a person. Yes, I was a good swimmer, but I’m a better triathlete. You have to accept sometimes that your best is not good enough, but in something else you’re going to excel. I love dancing. If I’m a happy girl, then I’m a happy athlete.

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