Last Thing on Our iPhone X!!!
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Last Thing on Our iPhone X!!!

August 30, 2019

So basically we have a jar full with different questions Like the last thing whatever on your phone and were going to have to answer them Okay, Okay so we are going to take turns picking the papers out And i just got a new phone case and pop socket and i loving it Like it has glitters moving around in it and i love it so much Ok rock paper scissors who goes first even though it doesn’t matter The person who goes first is taking the paper Okay, Alright Alright, Alright Okay this one. Alright this one! What does it say? Okay Easy-peasy lemon squeezy Without someone taking a picture for me! Oh that one that ones a selfie That’s my last selfie Cake you’re gonna take the next one out Do you have good vibes about this one? What’s a lot song you listen to it’s the last song I listen to I listen to yesterday in the car It’s called. I don’t know my name and I love us Oh, it’s right here. Like right now like once I opened my Spotify. So here’s the song I Don’t play Okay, so brah what with your life song you listened to the last song I listened to was on YouTube and I was called life life Is fun bright by the odd ones He just posted it ( plays song) ( laughs hysterically) Okay All right, what’s left after you installed last ramones that relays been ages ago What was the last app installs? Know your go ahead and look at my apps So I feel like my lot I know which one it is Celeste it’s called stack jump and I love Sesame so basically have a character you have the tap to jump and Then you got these blocks going underneath and you got a knock trip and make a tall town me Guess tall as you can I have no clue what my you’re a player. I have a dog I Don’t know what it was I have no good take a good look. I feel like it was a game I feel like it was probably was I feel like it was Holy oh, yeah, I feel like it was going my oh, yeah, so it’s from voodoo since no one met your date It was a so basically you have a hole and then you have to like like eat things in the town I got played this like that. So yeah, that’s basically it. All right So next Please what’s a lots of music boys easy music so laughs musically I did My this one was mine, it has three point one thousand views, I’m proud of myself Dig Emil is always the worst by what for anyway What is the last video you took I haven’t taken a video for my I’m when I decide feel like I know what it is that I hope it’s not that man For some reason my phone stay so I musically automatic. He’s on my last video as my music leave I just showed you if I can’t feel like that doesn’t count. Yeah same from On show me a video but is not kidding this one Wasn’t for tonight and for the people out there to play for tonight They would get that playground was recently released and removed and then I made Until the towers is a big tower the Trump Tower and then I feel a tower With my friend and playground mo 3×3 all the way up to max from build height. And then this is it Okay This is epic I Think do you think we broke a world record a so that was it? I think Anyway, I cannot like find it anywhere else like okay. Those are still me cichlids. I have like so many think okay I’m sorry, but I have to show you this photo And Kind of just broke on us. Okay, next one. Who is the last person who called or called you? Let me check Recents, I think my dad called me. I don’t see a recent button – Ahnold. Oh, that’s My dad and told me okay, but I am Okay, so next question. All right Please good question fingers crossed everything you have in your body. What? Is your last used emoji and my last I? Know I probably use the in the text message. I know what I used it on It was an Instagram. It was in this picture and it was a cool face and the star face There was that large e I use not a nice day life, okay next question All right, okay my last text message was seizing the exact things emojis I used before but the Conversation I was having I just I sent her a picture me indicate I was like Kim explain my picture took so long to grow to be update alone I was like what’s done yesterday now many doctors office. What’s he doing? I sent her Curie’s and let me know My last text message was to my dad and I set three cool faces and it’s picking out a tongue face Okay, Kareena do your stuff is it your job? Okay How many alarms you have set hmm Let me check. I have a wall of water. I am let me tell. Oh, I am so nearly at different times I was like, okay I’m gonna wake up and I know syrup in nine o’clock around and then just in case of 7:00 to 9:30 or myself and whatever That’s the only thing is off right now All right. Let’s check how many islands I’m all right These are all my alarm what stop you expect to sleep into like wow I expect myself to sleep until like 90 Is so good please be good. What’s the last thing you Write last thing unsearchable. So last thing I searched up was you to me it’s like drawing out cup see draw out of a school sighs just um The last thing I searched up was for tonight tracker Because it’s so good. Don’t let me see my awesome staff What was the last video you watched on YouTube last video I watched on YouTube let’s check. Well it was It was a this the last song I’d listen to what was it called? Life is fun. By the odd ones out. That was the last video. I watched on YouTube. I think the last video I this Doesn’t go library library and then history Okay, it was like a dancing video if I miss her many miss Mandie Ashton It was a dance music video shoutout to my ex. I just thought it was cool. So I watched like two seconds over Okay time for another a question. I think you’re going this time. Yes. I am good brain skills. All right What was last picture you posted? It is this one got 269 likes its pictures also the last picture I have on my front legs but last picture taken so yes Alright now picture it. So what’s the awesome tomboy shirt? You always refer that you’re too tomboy tomboy Okay next question Was the last you last time I used with Instagram, yeah Well nice photo is cook That was my Instagram post I just shoot you Let me just go all the way back to this Shelby count because okay. No, it doesn’t Pretty this That was not here last run you got scroll back keep screen try that. I don’t have to scream Shawn Why do you think a random screen shot me because I feel like the guy that’s the last question, you know Comment below if you have a phone and what have series some moose Okay. We hope you like this video if you did See you all next time. Good. Bye!

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