Last Day PA Archery Buck
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Last Day PA Archery Buck

August 20, 2019

– We’re hunting on the
very last day of the Pennsylvania archery
season for big ol’ bucks, and Wired Outdoors starts right now. Hello and welcome to Wired Outdoors, every year our team has the
goal of putting at least one good buck from Pennsylvania
in the archery season on film. This year we’ve been tremendously blessed. Field staffer Jon Kane a few weeks ago shot a great buck here in Pennsylvania, then a week later Chandler
Davis followed up with a great buck of his own right here
in Northwest Pennsylvania. But we are now down to the very
last day of archery season, I have a tag in my pocket so
let’s see if I can’t get lucky and get it done on one more
good buck here in Pennsylvania. Good morning. It is the last day of the Pennsylvania archery
season and it’s perfect. It’s really cold, we’re hunting the bottom of one of our Whitetail
Institute food plots. We were in here the
other night and we saw, it had to be about 15 doe, we
had one really nice nine-point come in and I passed him
up at right about 12 yards. But it’s the last day so
we’re looking for a good buck, and they’re starting to lock down, we’re not seeing quite
as many deer as we were but this is a good area
so we’re gonna sit tight and hopefully something moves through. (bluesy guitar music) Andy, Andy, here comes a buck. Good buck, it’s a good buck. (wind and leaves rustling) (thump) (leaves rustling) Yes! Last day of the
Pennsylvania archery season. That’s not the same buck from
the other night, it’s bigger. Andy Traister’s here filming
for me and I’m still shaking. We thought we had a good
buck in here the other night and it was a nine-point
and I passed it up, and we thought it was the same one coming, he got closer and it was
a bigger buck, I’m pumped. It’s a great buck, awesome. I’ve hunted hard this year, I’m pumped. Okay, as you could see we had a good shot, this guy, this Rage put it to him, he was almost perfectly broadside, just a little bit quartering to me, and I put it right behind the shoulder, and it just destroyed him. He didn’t go 35 yards
he’s laying right up here. And you’re gonna hear us, I
know people always make fun, but we’re gonna whisper because
my brother-in-law’s in town, so we’re gonna bring him in here tonight. It’s a hot spot so we’re
gonna be really quiet, go up here and get this buck out, but he’s not far so let’s go get him. (bluesy music) Well as you can see, we recovered my buck, it is the last day of the
Pennsylvania archery season, and I could not be more happy that I was able to fill my tag with my elite bow. And you saw that Rage
broad head did a number. He only made it 35 yards, and piled up. The entrance hole is just awesome so couldn’t be more happy with this buck, what a way to end the season, we have rifle season coming up here soon. I’m gonna be out with different people, my son Colin, so really
excited about that, but congrats to all the other
lucky hunters out there, and thank you all for
joining us on Wired Outdoors. Well what can I say,
nothing like waiting ’til the last minute, but I was so excited to put my tag on this great
buck from Northwest PA. And like I said the team had a great year, not only did we put
three good bucks on film, we had a lot of other team
members shoot great bucks this year in Pennsylvania, Kentucky,
all across the country. So congrats to all the team members, and to everybody else out there, there’s a lot of season left. We’ve got rifle season,
muzzle-loader, late season archery, so a lot of time, so
get out there and hunt. We want to wish you a lot of luck, and thank you all for
joining us on Wired Outdoors.

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  1. Congrats on a great buck and video. Big old buck, from his neck back he was thick! Lots of great eating there.

  2. Awesome! You got me, I am subscribed. If you could take the time to subscribe back to me I would really appreciate it. I just shot the buck of a lifetime. If you could please check out that video I would also really appreciate it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congratulations on a very nice buck, that rage did a great job, way to go, best of luck always and thanks for sharing your videos.

  4. Awesome video guys!! just subscribed if you wanna do the same!! bunch of PA boys starting to get some hunting footage!!

  5. Great video, tastefully done, itโ€™s nice to see an adult act like one when being successful with the bow, no fist pumping, no screaming when the deer isnโ€™t dead yet. Very refreshing, thanks for a professional video, class act.
    Post note, Iโ€™ve killed probably 30+ deer and I have never heard the coughing that your deer did. I realize they have to pretty much go down in sight for that but, like I said, never heard that in all my years of archery hunting.

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