Lars Andersen: Turning Arrows
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Lars Andersen: Turning Arrows

August 13, 2019

Arrow flight paths can be manipulated and can change direction within the air Now both Arabic and English sources bolt record that an arrow can hit a target behind an object Did you know it is possible for an arrow to hit an enemy who is hiding behind an object? The records also describe a form of returning arrow This skill is quite easy to do. It’s fun should be performed by many archers should appear in movies It was only after a great amount of practice that Lars felt he had the ability to shoot around people Remember stay safe and only practice around object Lars, He’s now going to shoot an arrow with a large hunting tip around the man. I hope you like the videos please like, subscribe and share this video, but remember these things are dangerous Lars has practiced for years

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  1. magician throw a card : the card is weak.. he is fake.. it cant kill someone.. he cant even hold a real card..

    magician throw a card into people : you can kill people because of this…

  2. If I saw it in a movie I'd think it was fake, far fetched even!!!
    Your the greatest archer of our time, Lars!!!

  3. Lars also try to achieve ShabdhaBedhi archery technique. In this you don't see the target, you target it by hearing it.

    It's present in Hindu Mahabharatha …

  4. With constant practice moving objects can be arched .soccer banana shot,golf ,sling shot , billiard,snooker balls, looks easy on video but requires a very skilled archer like Lars to shoot beyond living humans.weak hearted can piss in pants when he takes aim.

  5. Now I really wanna see a archer movie with all the techniques this guy has to offer. Seriously it would be an eyeosgamatic.

  6. "This technique's surprisingly easy", and then doesn't show us how it's done. Any chance of an instructional on this one?

  7. "these things are dangerous. Lars has practiced for years."

    Practice something for years and it becomes okay to endanger the lives of others for views!

    As impressive as this guy is, I have a moral stance against him putting people in real danger. The trick is just as impressive without people so it's truly an unnecessary risk. It's only for his own ego.

  8. You should have put the trick from 1:25 at the beginning of the video as well, as it's a tantalizing mystery when you don't know how it's done, then obvious at the end.

  9. So, its all well and neat that this happens, but what about the practicality of the shot? Would an arrow still have the ability to kill or severely wound its target if shot like this in most resonable circumstances?

  10. It's like the movie wanted but with a bow. Israel invented the corner shot. Interestingly enough a bow can reach a bad guy around the corner too?

  11. Oh no! I would never do that with people. Your targets were fine but please don't practice with living human beings. I saw an arrow demo go bad on a talent show. A man had missed his mark and shot his companion in the head. Please, although you are talented don't preform with people. Although you may be confident, just in case.

  12. Legolas in the LOTR movie did it nearly every time he loosed an arrow. It looked like target-seeking missiles. I didn't expect it was at least partially grounded in reality. Very cool ! ?

  13. I'm not an archer but what you're doing is revolutionary in a few ways. First, you're doing what seemed impossible, second, what we knew is incorrect or a lie or lost art maybe, and third, everything is possible now. Thank you.

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