Lars Andersen has trained new Robin Hood star
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Lars Andersen has trained new Robin Hood star

August 11, 2019

In a new Robin Hood film actor town Edgerton plays Robin Hood and is shown as an amazing Archer in the movie He’s trained by John ed by Jamie Foxx, but in reality Perrin was trained by Lars Anderson world’s fastest Archer Archery is a huge part of the Robin Hood film and all the actors committed to extensive training Before they could start I had to have a go myself We were very passionate about making the archery historically accurate and several experts were involved Robin Hood Starts in the story has a very skilled longbowmen, but is then trained by an archery master from Arabia? Arab artists can shoot three arrows in 1.5 seconds. I can fight two hours a second to Taran learn to shoot with both hands And he learned to shoot with any movement because we had some very complicated stunts in the movie whilst jumping forward and Whilst jumping backwards But most important of all is the speed So the ultimate test for Taran is to hit two targets that have been thrown up in the air Only if he was shooting at historically accurate speed with that impossible to do

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  1. Very good video, but many ignorant commentators:

    Trick archery is historically described in several cultures as part of training war archers, and there are many descriptions of historical archers who have performed "trick archery" in real war.
    It is not possible to argue that trick archery is not historic archery or not useful in war.

  2. I loved the 90s Robin Hood Movie & the old Disney One! But after this vid I really need to see this Movie!!!

  3. Lars Anderson is a great TRICK archer, however he needs to disclose that he uses low pound children's bows to do his art. Not disclosing this is deceptive. Thank you

  4. Didn’t listen, just watched this guy is awesome, you should check out his bending arrows around corners and shit.

  5. too bad no one trained the writers and producers and director in making a good movie.
    also, "historically accurate"? don't make me fucking laugh. according to the movie the longbow was a stick that barely shot arrows. this is the most glaring inaccuracy in the movie as anyone doing even a basic GOOGLE search could find out! even setting aside the inaccuracies (i had to take a step back and pretend this was a fantasy movie set in an alternate dimension) this movie had about as much too it as a wall mural; nice visuals, but VERY two-dimensional and lacking characters….

    anyway, great job lars! i now know where all the time and money went! XD

  6. Was the shitty Robin Hood movie made by WB?

    If so, besides the shitty script, they got the action for a Green Arrow Movie on Lockdown, so I’m happy about this.

  7. What a waste of talent. These action set pieces don’t matter if the content surrounding it is lackluster and mediocre.

  8. for me lars technique is more appropriate to a real world situation, its more useful in combat, the one we are seeing in olympics is more of a show thats the reason why its on olympics, its entertainment. But I dont know Im not an expert.

  9. Now, if only the movie wasn't total shit with awful story and terrible acting and painfully bad attempt at steampunk. Like if you want it to be "historically accurate" portray feudal England as that, not some wired pseudo democracy with seemingly no sense of external authority (prince john) or any form of actual proper feudal society where the majority of commerce was agricultural based, not some awful mine.

  10. Nice. I thought it was all a professional doing the shooting. Nice to see him actually practicing and doing some of the stunt work

  11. This guy seriously needs to stop talking third person, just title your videos in first person, not as if you're someone else talking about you, the fuck

  12. It was a shame the film sucked. It was sort of a chav dumbed down version of robin hood. Not that the Kevin constena one was any good. There was another at the same sort of time as that and it was great

  13. I remember first time i saw lars. Amazing! A real artist and innovator. He deserves recognition and success for the depth and committment to his craft

  14. If you made the archery historically accurate why didn't you do this with the rest of the film?? It was painful at times.

  15. Can a bow draw that quick actually do any damage though? The arrows barely penetrate those paper plates….anycase, the movie bomb pretty hard, onto the next robinhood remake

  16. “historically accurate” lmao maybe you should’ve spent more time on the historical accuracy of the amount of melanin in the skin of the people living in 16th Century England rather than the archery. Shocking film.

  17. Got the movie just for the archery, it was definitely the best archery stunt in ages. Hope to see you get involved in more movies. ^^

  18. These comments, "Trick shot archery therefor not real archery"
    A lot of people need to read the Logical Fallacies Handbook.

  19. I've just recently learned of Lars and noticed he has critics. This just certified my belief in his abilities. When you can train a novice to do shit like that. You are a master.

  20. All the dislikes are from people who thought Robin Hood movie was over the top with the archery ? ?

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