Lance Archer will wreak havoc even after G1 Climax 29!
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Lance Archer will wreak havoc even after G1 Climax 29!

August 20, 2019

勝利で幕を閉じた 来年 リベンジを果たしてやる
誰も生き残れないぞ オカダ お前に復讐してやる
お前を散々痛めつけてやる それができるのは俺だけだ ジョン・モクスリー USヘビー級王者よ…
アメリカで試合ができないのなら 日本で潰してやる 俺は誰もが恐れる
アメリカン・サイコだ EVERY…BODY…DIES

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  1. 昨日ランスにグッズ会場でTシャツにサインとグータッチしてもらったけど、めちゃくちゃでかくてカッコよかった。

  2. Lance Archer is unstoppable and I can't wait to see him Jon moxley and I hope the iwgp United States Championship is on the line

  3. 今夏のランスは見違えて良かった。勢いだけならG1勢のなかでずば抜けて一位じゃないかな。近々ぜひタイトル戦線にも絡んでもらいたい。

  4. Lance archer gets the acme dynamite to wreck up g1 finals. Like some looney tunes ripoff. Shut the crap someone else, sonny boy.

  5. ランス・アーチャーの口からジョン・モクスリーが…!!!

  6. I am so proud of Lance Archer! I knew that he had this potential the whole time, and in the course of 1 month he has turned his entire career around. He is on track to becoming arguably the best big man worker in the world, and he is over the age of 40. Welcome to your prime, big man! EVERYBODY DIES!!! Amazing Moonsault from the apron, BTW.

  7. LANCE ARCHER: 6-12
    EVIL: 8-10
    Archer did great in G1 CLIMAX 29. I hope to see him continue with this momentum and have a title shot.

  8. Archer did great, but with that you just know WWE is gonna come and try to sign him and ruin his career in that trash company

  9. ついにランスがUS王座に言及・・・!!

  10. Aブロックでの成績は最下位になっちゃったけど…

  11. Even with the win/loss record, I still think that Lance Archer was one of the MVPs of this year's G1 Climax. Love to see him challenge for different singles championships in NJPW.

  12. Lance Archer officially put on his CHALLENGE…..the IWGP US Championship on the line in the future, Jon Moxley needs to qatch out this!

  13. ランスは星だけみたらちょっと残念だったけど全部の試合内容がスゴいよかったから株上がったわ

  14. along with Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi, I was pleased with all of their performances on this years G1. The 3 where top notch and it was great seeing them. Hoping next year Archer wins, really deserves a title run if he increases that level

  15. ランスは3カウントを取られただけで、試合には負けてない、という感じが何故かする

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