Kylian Mbappé: Everyone loves creative players | Mbappé interview
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Kylian Mbappé: Everyone loves creative players | Mbappé interview

October 10, 2019

This boot is unbelievable Mercurial Superfly Yes guys we can start What’s up everyone, welcome back to Unisport WebTV Welcome to Paris where today I’m honored to be joined by Kylian Mbappé! One, two, three – my man! How are you? – I’m very good thank you, how are you?
– I’m great And now… I’m finished with French! That’s it – now I have to speak English But my first question to you is: What do you do on a daily basis to achieve all your goals and dreams in football? I work very hard. I try to question myself as much as possible because the high level calls for questioning I try to take as much pleasure as possible on the pitch. Alright. To me at least you are a superstar at a very young age but how do you shut down all the noise around you and forget about all the things that people talk about you? Well, I think it’s a question of education I’ve always been educated this way, to behave this way so despite the fact that today I have a different status and people talk a lot about me I think I can stay the same and surrounded by my family and friends – it’s much easier. Obviously there’s already been a lot of hype about you but that’s in the past now – so what’s next for Kylian Mbappé? The future? I hope it’s full of titles because I think all footballers play for the titles I won a few titles this year and I hope to continue like this and win major titles. And obviously you have played at the highest level already What would you say has been the biggest learning from playing football with the best players at the highest level? I think a lot of players have the talent to play at a high level but can’t stay there because there’s a level of requirement – which is really high. You need to be effective in every match – even if sometimes you might be out of form but you have to refocus yourself immediately and, as you said, be able to get back to the top because you can quickly be forgotten. I’ve also heard you used to play a lot of street football when you were a younger kid How do you feel street football has influenced your style of play that still exists today? It’s the pleasure of the game. We didn’t have to go there – we played because we loved it There are of course things that have stayed with me because that’s where we started to develop the first dribbles and shots So that’s something I think I kept with me but… I think above all it’s really the pleasure of the game and the pleasure to kick the ball around with friends. My last question – as the football, as a game, is getting faster and more tactical do you feel like the game needs more flashy and artistic players like Ronaldinho for example? Of course! When I was little I always said that I’d pay to see these kind of players They are players that 95% or even 100% of people admire. It’s true that creative players are players that everyone watches and they have an important place in football despite the fact that football has evolved. I think those kind of players live through generations. Awesome Kylian! Now, I know you like fashion but I don’t have Virgil Abloh’s number so I couldn’t get you an official Off-White product But this pair is for you so that you’ll always remember Unisport! This is a YOLO-moment for me, once in a lifetime, so now if we stand up… and you teach me how to do the Mbappé celebration Like that! First… Nice! We do it one more time! Nice! So that was our interview with Kylian Mbappé the young superstar who has taken the world by storm and I wanna hear your thoughts in the comment section below: Is Mbappé a future Ballon d’Or winner? Will he become one of the all-time greats? Let us know and remember to subscribe to our channel for more interviews with players like Ronaldo and Hazard which you can watch next by clicking one of the icons on your screen That’s it for today, see you next time! – Awesome, thank you!
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  1. Mbappe is a diving cunt. Who despite having the potential to be one of the best will be remembered for his diving and shitty behavior like his teammate Neymar if he doesn't change soon?

  2. wish I could get a really good coach/teacher I'm only 13 years old and I can do anything thing to become a professional footballer but the thing is I am from India and there is not much craze for football wish I could join a good club if anyone can help me pls help thanks~ Sai

  3. Mbappe is an amazing player. I think he will become the best in the world and win the balon d'Or.

    Also, I have a really big dream in becoming a professional footballer like Mbappe. I love football a lot and i always work hard in playing and training with my team, individually and playing with my family and friends. I also live in Australia. Can you please give me some advice to becoming a professional footballer at a top level like Mbappe.

    My name is Omar Chehade and I am born on 9 May 2002.

  4. Does anyone remembers Messi and Ronaldo ? I like to think about the time when these guys were on top. (Yes, I'm getting old..)

  5. Hes such an amazing player and he seems so level minded and educated I just hope he doesn't carry on with the neymar antics

  6. In Mbappe 's first world cup he won it . I think France was not enough strong team but now Mbappe came and I think he will crack it

  7. Great Great video
    Am new to yur channel lifetime subscriber.
    One question where do i find the subtitles button

  8. Everyone here is saying he is better than messi and ronaldo well no he is not they all are the best in their own ways this is football not a quiz stop comparing

  9. hate what he did to us in the World Cup, but that kid is a future ballon d'or winner. Greetings from #belgium

  10. He can defenitely be one of the ballon d'or winners, because he is young yet and he is the power the technic and his runnings are insane

  11. not only mbappe looks like ninja turtle he even sounds like one?
    someone give him cameo on next ninja turtle franchise? i would love it

  12. After becoming professional athlete we can afford cleats and inspite of that companies sponsor them which means the support is well earned

  13. His speed is just amazing at a very young age.So it's very sure that he's gonna take the ballon d eur with him

  14. Kylian mbappe is my favorite footballer and he is one of the future football legends in the world

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