Kung Fu versus Karate Challenge with Jesse Enkamp
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Kung Fu versus Karate Challenge with Jesse Enkamp

December 12, 2019

Hey. Ando here from SenseiAndo.com.
Have you seen this video? In Karate versus Kung Fu, I challenged my friend
Jesse Enkamp, the world-famous Karate Nerd, to defend himself against the tiger
claw, one of my favorite kung fu techniques. If you haven’t seen that
video, I’ll put the link below. But spoiler alert–he’s still alive. Anyway,
Jesse-sensei is such a cool dude that he sent me a challenge of his own. So, here’s
the plan. When we get back Jesse-sensei is going to show you one of
his favorite old-school karate techniques and then I’ll be back to show
you why it would never work in the real world. At least not against me. Greetings
Sensei Ando and thank you so much for inviting me to your show. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Jesse from Karate by Jesse.com aka the Karate Nerd,
and I’m here to challenge Sensei Ando to see how he would use his traditional
kung fu stuff against one of the most devastating karate moves in existence.
The technique I’m about to show you is known as Shuto in Japanese. The word
itself consists of two parts. The first, shu, does not mean a shoe, but it
actually means head in Japanese. The second part, to, does not mean a toe, but it actually means sword in Japanese.
In other words, when you put it together, this is a sword hand or a knife hand
strike that can be used both for blocking and attacking. Now, I am interested to see
how Sensei Ando would protect against this. Alright. So most people when they
apply the shuto, they only do it as a block. Look. This is Sensei Ludwig right
here, so, I’m going to be using to demonstrate. So, let’s say he throws a
haymaker or a hook punch self-defense style. And then generally, in karate,
people will back up and try to block using the shuto and then maybe they’ll
just step in after that and apply it as a strike. And that’s fine if you’re
facing a street fighter or a karate practitioner. But if you’re fighting a
kung fu guy, you need to be faster. Instead of going two steps– one, two– we
need to do it in one step. And this is the more advanced way to apply the
shuto. Look. So, Kung fu punch comes. I block. I deflect that blow as I cross
my hand. And every time you do the shuto, you should cross your hands no
matter what style of karate you practice because crossing my hand as I block
allows me to buy that time I need to get this hand to the inside from the
outside, and I need that to be able to grab, twist, and control as I pull it in
when I step in with the actual strike to the neck. The shuto. So, again One, two,
three, and that’s the whole thing. Fast. It’s important to understand that if
you’re very close to your opponent, feel free to strike using your whole arm.
That’s the classical old-school way of doing the shuto, so we get full body
power behind that. But if you’re further away, you may use only the hand, which is
the more modern way of doing the shuto or that knife hand/ sword hand strike. So,
again, one– block. Two– grab. Three– step in to attack. And then let’s see how we can
follow up, because I believe it’s important to do some kind of takedown
to control your opponent after this. So, either we could step behind right
there as we push the face in , kind of like that tiger move in kung fu right? Here. Take him down. Right? Or why not do it the other way? So, after we do that shuto, I go here with the hand, right? And now I just kick his leg out this way,
inside, as I pull back and drop down here. Arm drag right on the elbow, and then
finish up however you want. And that is how you can use the shuto, one of the
most devastating moves of karate. That’s it, Sensei Ando. Do you accept my challenge? Let me see how you would use your kung fu skills to defend against my deadly
shuto strikes of traditional karate. Thanks and good luck! Ah, yes yes yes. The shuto or sword hand strike. Or as we used to call in my
neighborhood, the karate chop. Look, I’m not even going to talk about those cool karate takedowns at the end because baby, if you try that pile of shuto on
me, you’re never going to get that far. That’s because I know three ways to stop
the sword hand strike. So, prepare yourself for a shuto shutdown. Here again, my good friend, Arsen.>You’ll be playing the part of the karate guy.>Yeah, sorry, man. So, in my video challenge to Jesse-sensei, I caught his karate kick and then moved in for a takedown. And Jesse made the comment that the only way I would catch that kick is if we were living in
a parallel universe. But funny enough, he had no problem catching my punch out of
midair. Huh. I guess we live in the same parallel universe. Look, here’s the thing– if you can catch my punch, then that wasn’t a very good
punch. If I’m sticking my hand out when you catch it, then I’m an idiot. That’s not kung fu, that’s dumb fu. Which brings us to the first shuto shutdown– fake him out, then take him out. If I don’t know what he’s going to do, then
what I’m going to start doing is staying at range and throw a fake or an
uncommitted punch. If I see that he’s trying to catch my hand and he’s chasing
it around, good! I’m going to let him keep doing that. I’m gonna say, “Hey, karate kid, look up here!” Then kick him down there. To be fair, Jesse-sensei did say that to make this work you have to be fast. But I’m old.
I’m not fast. I need to be smart. That’s what good kung fu is all about. So,
shuto shutdown number one– fake him out, then take him out Shuto shutdown number two– punches in
bunches. Again, only an idiot is going to punch and fight with one arm. The only
time I would do that might be if I’m drunk. Even a zombie fights with two hands, right? If I’m throwing a number one, there’s going to be a number two. It may
not be a punch, but it’s going to be something. Now, Jesse-sensei points out that when he deflects the punch, he’s buying time to get that second hand inside. Well, there’s a problem with that. I don’t think you can buy that much time. It’s a simple game of initiation. At this range, if I start my number one ,you start your
number one right after. So, now I’m starting my number two, I’m ahead of your number two. The timing here doesn’t really matter whether he does this as a 1-2-3, 1-2-3– my 2 is going to beat his 3. Even if he’s pretty spunky and he makes it a 1-2, my 1-2 is already starting before his.
It’s a simple matter of timing. Now, sure, at a farther away range you probably get away with parrying and deflecting, and big blocks, but in my experience, the closer you get, offense beats defense. Initiation beats reaction. So, shuto shutdown number two, beat him on timing– throw your punches in bunches. Shuto shutdown number three– go with the flow. in his video, Jesse-sensei does a
beautiful job of demonstrating a sword hand strike, but he doesn’t have time to
talk about the secret to really making it work. I’m going to talk about that
secret and then tell you how to beat it. The secret is the hikite or pulling
hand. He catches and then pulls it down. A good hikite does three
important things. As he pulls me down, one, it shifts my weight to the front foot so
I’m not able to move around. Two, if I’m thinking about throwing that second
punch, when he pulls this shoulder forward, this shoulder goes backward, so I lose all my power in that second hand. That’s important. Three, by pulling down, I
fall on to the swordhand strike. That adds impact to this blow. Karate and Kung Fu, neither one wants to rely on power or speed if they don’t have to. So, by pulling me down and taking advantage of my being
off balance, that’s what makes that strike so effective. So, now let’s talk a
little more specifically about what we see in the video. Sensei Jesse is kind
to his training partner, as he should be. And I hope I am. And I hope you are. He allows Sensei Ludwig, he traps, he catches, and he allows Sensei Ludwig to stand straight
up, which again is going to be a problem. As Jesse steps in, my 2, I still believe,
is going to catch him on the way in. So, that will be the first little issue
right there. The second issue is that again, only an idiot is going to throw a
punch with his head open and me standing up tall to give you this target area of
my neck. Even if I have just a little training and I keep my chin down and put
my shoulder in a little bit, as this comes in, even if I let him come in, did you see that? He as a hard time getting in here. If this makes it all the way and I’m not
able to take my punch or block that hand, I’m still– I’ll eat that. I’ll take it. I’ll take it. I’ll be honest. I don’t mind that shot. It’s a lot better
than getting hit on the neck. So, now let’s talk about a slightly more
effective version of the hikite, which I know he didn’t have time to talk about,
but I do. So, when he pulls me down– boom. There’s still something in play here
that most people aren’t looking at. Can you tell what it is? RIght. My hand. Even though my shoulder gets swung back and I’m not able to throw a punch, my hand is still here. Think about it… if he’s able to deflect my punch,
there’s no reason why I can’t deflect his sword hand strike. You see this kind of thing, back and forth drills in Filipino martial arts, yes, Okinawan
martial arts, and even Chinese martial arts. It’s kind of a basic thing. So,
following the old rule of push when pulled or pull when pushed, when he takes that good hikite and slams me in here, I’ve already checked this arm. And now I have
a bonus. Let me turn around a little bit. Look what
happened. That hikite is actually him putting my hand on his hip. If I’m a grappler, I’m
looking for a takedown, that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m already here and have an open path to close that distance, to push when pulled,
and turn that into a double leg takedown. But since I’m in more of a kung fu mood
right now, I’m down, I’m checking that arm, I can step around, grab the head for an
easy takedown. Now I just add a couple of charcoal briquets, a squirt of lighter fluid,
and I get to practice my favorite kung fu move, tiger eats barbecued crane.
>Mm. So, there you have it– three ways to
shut down the Shuto. Fake him out, punches in bunches, and go with the flow.
Now, just in case it’s not clear, Jesse and I are having a little bit of fun. We
both know that any technique can work if you make it work. The secret is you, not
your style. So, train hard and keep an open mind. We can all learn from each
other. For more world-class information on karate, make sure you check out karatebyjesse.com and please go subscribe to Jesse’s YouTube channel. I’ll put the
links below. Until next time, let’s keep it friendly, and keep fighting for a
happy life.

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  1. Dude if this did in normal people would be effective but if this apply in martial artist…nahh lets spar training proves it all.?

  2. I feel like the Shuto was a lame choice for a challenge… it only becomes an attack after use in defence, otherwise it really isn't effective as an attack. There are better ways to go about it… imo

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  4. I have learned the knife hand recently and you don't have to use it this way. You could block the other hand with the same hand that you blocked the first punch with. One hand to block two punches seems effective to me.
    P.S.: this was not to undermine kung fu, I think they are both effective martial arts.

  5. 3:43 why not block with the right and strike immediately with the left? Blocking with the left then applying the right not only takes a second more but leaves you vulnerable to their right hand???

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    Ando Mierzwa vs Jesse Enkamp fight. But i do know that anyone whos has trained 2 or more years in MMA would beat the crap out of both of them lol. there is a reason that MMA competitions where invented, its so people could try their theories out, Turns out almost NON of that "i catch your punch" "I would simply" bullshit don't work when your fighting someone who knows basic striking and wrestling.

  7. You guys both are hilarious and also very educational at the same time! Love this vid; keep up the awesome lessons coming, please’

  8. (1) Hey! I happen to have a 3-dan black belt in Dumb Fu ! Watch out now… (2) "The secret … is you" ? That sounds like the plot twist to Kung Fu Panda 😀 I love this video, guys, we hope to see more.

  9. Show Toe! The neck or head has a high center of gravity. You never say what you are going to do until the attack happen. It is going with the flow..

  10. Hey stupid!!!!. The kanji 手 alone reads “TE”
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  11. Yes but the problem is Jesse was not demonstrating an uncommitted punch?? He was very Pacific that the application of his technique was only if you're attacker was going for a full knockout punch. At No time did Jesse ever say that it was Ok to practice that type of defence technique with short jabs or intentional fake out jabs. So your demo tech of trying to disqualify is demo tech really doesn't hold any water. You're just being condescending.

  12. This thing here, this 12-mins video, is what I always hate about kungfu, karate, or other martial arts of that kind. All talk no action. Those hands look tough alright but I'm sure it's from pushing ups and breaking bricks not from a 12-round duel with a moving target in the shape of Roberto Duran.

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    It seems that youtube managed to influence even traditional karate styles.
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