KUIU Garage Sale 2016
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KUIU Garage Sale 2016

August 19, 2019

[whistling wind] [upbeat music] We have about 45 minutes to go.
We’re gonna cruise through the lines and see where everybody’s from
and take a look at how long the line’s gotten. JASON: “So what time did you get here last night?” “Uhh, I think we got in line at about 7:30.” JASON: “So 7:30, first in line, and you’re from where?” “From Dallas.” JASON: “Did you get any sleep?” “About and hour, yeah.” JASON: “Nice” “Just out of Vegas” “They stayed last night here, and we went
to the motel” JASON: “Ooh, you guys are the smart ones from Cedar.” JASON: “Hey, we gotta get you a new jacket. You could freeze to death in this thing… and that hat looks terrible by the way.” “We could fix you up too” “I like your pants.” “You gotta take that shirt off to get in.” JASON: “We gotta replace that jacket for ya.” “Yeah exactly, we’re gonna do that today.” JASON: “We’re gonna upgrade it big time.” JASON: “Where are you guys from?” “Yuba City. Nebraska here.” “Nebraska” JASON: “You came from Nebraska?” “Our customers are the best” “Just want to say thanks to everybody that made it here.
It’s gonna be a great, great day.” “Alright, here we go… Five… …four… …three… …two… …one! GO!” [upbeat music] “My first year ever, so it’s perfect”
TIM: “Better come back next year!” “Totally!” “Bags…and pants…” “Gloves…pants…and rain gear.” “Gaiters, shirts…good stuff.” “Bino harness” “Rain Gear” “A plethora of things I can’t wait to try on.” “You gotta have a strategy down… …shoulder rolls… …judo rolls… jump in the pile, grab and run.” “We had over 2,000 people in line.” “I mean, the response to KUIU
just blows me away every day.” “It’s so, so cool.” “Another great garage sale!” [upbeat music]

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  1. Holy smokes! great turn out and looked like a lot of fun:) and those prices looked even nicer:)

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