KUDOS 2018 Sevenoaks DC Inclusive Archery
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KUDOS 2018 Sevenoaks DC Inclusive Archery

August 17, 2019

How’s it looking? It’s pretty good, actually. It’s kind of like a form of meditation,
you have to breathe slowly and focus on what you’re doing and don’t worry
about what else is happening Thank you So Mike, take up the slack An archery session gets me a bit of
exercise, I feel quite relaxed and we get to spend some time together. What we’re going to do is three
fingers beneath the arrow. So it’s as simple as that chaps. We knew that there is a demand in the
local community for inclusive sports. Feet across the line. We had participants in our courses from 23 to 73 years old We had families and couples coming to the sessions. The highlight has been winning
the trophy for the All-Comers. My husband had come second, and then first was me, and I thought yes I beat him! Safe to shoot So it’s £36 for six, two-hour sessions We have been really lucky to have
volunteers supporting our projects Make sure nobody’s standing
behind and put it out. They asked me if I would do, it
and I said ‘Yes I would love to.’ I thought that I would give something back to the sport that I’ve enjoyed myself for so long. Over 90% of the participants have gone and
joined the archery clubs across the district. It’s friendly, everybody’s really supportive It’s just having fun really

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