Krav Maga- defending a side kick
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Krav Maga- defending a side kick

February 18, 2020

Our subject this week is defending side kicks, right now, I am facing him. He’s kicking his side kick to the body What we were already doing during the warm up was the scooping defense. so, he’s kicking… pull away My hand looks like this and I send my hand as far away forward as I can. The further from my body the safer for me. Closer to my body- less safe. so again, he kicks- This is the first movement Movement 2 as always- getting out of the channel. And my step is good, my hand defense is only for extra precaution ok? I could also do it like that. Look mommy no hands. No. 3- counter. This works with both hands, I can do this with the front or the back hand. also works. Scooping defense fits for everything coming from the inside Similar to the inside defense we were discussing last week, Even though it’s not an inside defense, it’s a kind of outside defense. It fits either when I’m ready, or I’m standing like this for example. many bouncers or police officers stand like this or like that because they can defend high or low. and then of course also work. so I’m standing like this for example, he kicks… countering could also be with kicks or whatever fits the situation. So now we want to work out of the fighting stance. he kicks, I can defend with the back hand or with the front hand. Then Ihave to send my back leg forwards.

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