Korean Vlog 9 – Lunar New Year (Meeting my dad’s brother)
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Korean Vlog 9 – Lunar New Year (Meeting my dad’s brother)

August 16, 2019

Me: Yes? Hello Aigoo, you’re good-looking. Give me your bag. Your uncle is getting teary eyed What did you buy? Who told you to buy this? (my gift) Open the trunk. If we just saw him on the streets how would we recognize him? Get in. Since seeing you as a baby it’s like meeting you for the first time. Oh, he’s good-looking But he still has his birthmark on his cheek. I remember that. You found this place well. *bark bark* Aunt: Aigoo
Uncle: He bought this Oh my, it’s Sangjoon My word, aigoo. Grab that dog. Oh my, you look just like your dad. He looks just like his dad, right. He looks just like his dad, right. Your dad knew your aunt since high school. Hello. Say hi to your uncle. You came from very far away. This is Chungkyu’s son Him? Chungkyu. Chungkyu, from America. Your face resembles your father’s. He looks like Chungkyu, right?
Yeah I see his dad in him. Hey, take a picture. Oh my. Oh my. I forgot your name. Huh? Park Sangjoon? Do you remember me? You don’t remember? When you were young you came to our house. With your mom and dad. You don’t remember whose house you stayed at? Oh, that’s the kid from America?
Yeah, Chungkyu’s son! Oh, you look like him. Oohjin, would you remember him? Haha Oohjin, would you remember him? Haha How old are you?
26 years old When you stayed at our house this hyung was there. Cousin: I can’t remember.
Uncle: Hey, are you his hyung? Aunt: You took his video game, haha.
Me: Oh, really? You can’t remember? Of course he can’t remember.
Me: I don’t remember. I’m sorry. I can’t really remember back then either but my husband remembers a little. Before we eat have him take some pictures. Bow to your great uncle. Hanna, let’s take a picture. Hanna, smile. Haha Hanna is so good-looking. Olleh! I’ll read you a book. Uncle, you don’t have to read just show her the pictures. She’s easy. Hanna, is that you? Where’s grandma, Hanna? Where’s Grandpa? Do peekaboo, Hanna. Grandpa. You’re so pretty. *smooch* Hey! Hey! Sangjoon, take a picture. I see you. I see you. That’s you. Danbi: I want to play piano. I’m really good at piano.
You’re good at piano? Look at this. There is something inside. What’s your name?
She-ooni She-won?
She-own. She-owni. She-owni, Danbi. Me: What’s my name? Danbi: Oh, what was it?
Me: You forgot my name? Danbi: Oh, what was it?
Me: You forgot my name? Me: You forgot my name? uh oh. What was your name again? Me: What’s that? I can see you on the camera. No, you have to put it to the lens. Put it to the lens and then you see it right here. You have no idea what I’m saying, huh? That’s a knife. Knife. Is that funny to you? *boop* oh~ Ice cream. Ice cream. Look at this. There is something inside. She-own: What is this? Me: Grape When father died Chungkyu wasn’t able to make it?
Yeah. Chungkyu’s son came. Chungkyu’s dad are you doing well? Look after Jung-soo. And watch over our family. Let’s pray.
Hold on. We don’t bow we just pray. Do you want to bow, Sangjoon?
Yes. Then bow. Let him bow. Put down the camera. Bow if you want to bow. From your heart, say grandpa Sangjoon is here. From your heart, say grandpa Sangjoon is here. I’m doing well so rest peacefully. Grandpa would be so happy. Grandpa would be so happy. Now get up and do a half-bow. Like this. Pour this. Your Grandpa really liked coffee. Spread it around. He loved coffee and Bacchus. Here, pour the Bacchus. [ praying ] [ praying ] …Amen It’s been 31 years. Let’s go. That’s enough, let’s go. [ complaining about the maintenace of the graves ] (Apparently, my uncle met the man praying at the adjacent grave about 30 years back) Stay healthy! Bye. Bye.
Let’s see each other again in another 31 years. Sangjoon came from America.
Who? Hi. You know Uncle Chungkyu? He’s my little brother. The youngest. Let’s play outside!
Wait a second! Wow, they got so big. Ju-ahn, come here. Take a picture. So-won come here. Hold on, kid. …let’s go eat and take pictures. Take a picture here. We’re going to have a lot of pictures. Hey. Hey. Aunt: Buy these.
Shopkeeper: How old are you? Me? Eleven… I mean ten. Aunt: Why is he short for his age? You kids pick a pair too. Danbi, you too. Leave, the shoes there Mister will pack them up for you. Uncle: Throw them away! …throwing them away. Danbi: Ooh, these are pretty. Uncle: They said they’re going to use their New Years money to buy the shoes! Aunt: What? No. Aunt: Do you like these? Do they fit? Uncle: Wear your news shoes out. Aunt: You like these? Cousin: Buy me a pair too. Uncle: Are you kidding me?! Look at your dad’s shoes! Cousin: Wow, he won’t even buy his own son shoes. Uncle: You call yourself my son. You make your own money. Uncle: Why would I? I can’t?
Cousin: C’mon, there are some nice inexpensive ones. Aunt: Just buy it.
Uncle: What?! Uncle: You don’t need it! Stop messing around! Aunt: Why are you making a ruckus?
Uncle: Ahh. He doesn’t need it. Shopkeeper: All done. Uncle: Where should we go? Aunt: Where do you kids want to go?
Uncle: Let’s take a picture here. Make sure the shoes come out in the picture. Danbi: These gloves are pretty. Uncle: Don’t even touch the gloves!
Danbi: Ok. Shopkeeper: 30,000 won. Uncle: What are these?
Aunt: Gloves.
Cousin: Yeah, that’s right. Aunt: She doesn’t have gloves. Shopkeeper: I’ll bag these up for you. Uncle: Not these [ gloves ]. Take it out. Aunt: No.
Uncle: You said they’re Danbi’s! Put it in a separate bag. Cousin: Just put them in. Cousin: Let’s go out. Grandma and Grandpa, happy new year. Suh-won: Oh, wait. Uncle: Here 30,000 won.
Ju-ahn: Thank you. Uncle: Here 30,000 won.
Ju-ahn: Thank you. Uncle: 30,000 won
Suh-won: Thank you. Aunt: Just give them 10,000 won each. Aunt: Ju-ahn take care of your money Aunt: Save it and… you know a bank account?
Suh-won: Yes
Uncle: Make a bank account. Aunt: Save it and take out a 1,000 won at a time whenever you’re hungry. Uncle: Take care of it. Uncle: Ju-ahn give grandma your money I’ll give it to you later. Ju-ahn: I’ll take care of it.

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  1. Wow, this brought tears to my eyes. My grandparents are also at that cemetery. I havent had the chance to visit Korea yet. :/

  2. I love how your Uncle always thinks that you're going to take pictures when you're actually recording >< haha exactly how my dad and uncle acts when i'm recording them hahaha Such a nice Vlog!! i hope this year brings you and your family great health and all the best success bro ^^ always like watching your Vlogs!!

  3. omg this reminds me of the time i went to korea for the first time in like 10 years…all my relatives had the same reaction as well. they were all like 'omo omo you've grown so much!" "when did you get so tall?" "i remember when you were just a wee baby" etc, etc. i can't wait to visit korea again! they treated me so kindly and i got so much free food and money lol

  4. What a lovely family you have. 🙂 Thanks for showing us the traditional respect you give to the ones who pass.
    Awesome vlog!!!

  5. Oh I must add your uncle and I'm assuming that's his wife; they are both so amazed and seem to really adore you.
    Again awesome family

  6. ur uncle is so nice…my relative (my side not my husbands) would be all like…dude…u expect me to carry that? if so, the answer is NO xD but my husbands family is really nice and hospitible but usually i carry my bags or get my husband to do xD

  7. I respect the culture and all but i find it creepy to bring foods&drinks to a persons grave because in my culture(Marshallese culture) bring foods/drinks to a persons grave means your giving them access/permassion to appear to you or talk with you. Which by the way i find it waayy creepier. Lol.

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