Korean broadcaster takes mantle of World Cup oracle
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Korean broadcaster takes mantle of World Cup oracle

October 8, 2019

Paul the Octopus shot to worldwide fame during
the 2010 World Cup for his accurate predictions of match results.
Paul has since passed, but Korea may found a replacement in the form of a Korean broadcaster.
Shin Se-min tells us more. Paul the Octopus and the prognosticating turtles
of Brazil have nothing on Korean broadcaster Lee Young-pyo.
The commentator for Korea Broadcasting Station has been accurately predicting the winners
and even the scores of this year’s World Cup in Brazil.
Early on Korea’s match against Russia match this week,… Lee, a retired Korean national
soccer player, said forward Lee Keun-ho was capable of piercing the Russian defense,…
and added that if Team Korea could hold on until the 70th minute of the match,… a chance
would present itself. And one did.
Sixty-eight minutes in,… and just 12 minutes after stepping on to the pitch for the first
time,…,… Lee Keun-ho fired a long-range shot that found its way to the back of the
net. But commentator Lee’s predictions don’t end
there. Last month, during the World Cup preliminary
group stage,… he said that the Spanish national team was entering a dark period.
That turned out to be an accurate call as well, as the defending champs have already
been knocked out from advancing. Lee’s prediction for the games and scores
between Italy and England, and Ivory Coast against Japan also turned out to be right. Lee, an ex-Tottenham Hotspur defender insisted
that his forecasts were hardly lucky guesses,… but that hasn’t stopped people from referring
to him as the next “Paul the Octopus.” Shin Se-min, Arirang News.

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