[KOOOPS_PopEyeTrip/Korea] Korean Traditional Archery, Gukgung
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[KOOOPS_PopEyeTrip/Korea] Korean Traditional Archery, Gukgung

August 19, 2019

[Where Should I go? How Can I go?] [What should I eat?] [What should I do?] [PopEyeTrip with Chef, Boah Oh] [ focus~! ] [ Hit the target!!! ] [ What an arrogant face~~] [ Satisfied!! ] [Namhansanseong : Fortress in Namhan Mountain, 400 years old form the era of Joseon / Registered as UNESCO World Heritage in 2014] [Namhansanseong Haenggung : Temporary Palace that Kings stayed while traveling outside main palace] I am in the breathing place where Korean history and culture lies, Namhansanseong Haenggung You can experience archery like soldiers who protected Namhansanseong back then. Let’s go find it Hello / Hello [ Fill out the application form ] [Name] [Number of participants] Stand acrross from me Right here? [ Hyeon Geon, Hong / Coach for Gukgung ] The bow that I am holding is Gukgung, Korean traditional archery [ Gukgung : Contend for victory using a bow and arrow, Korean tradition martial arts ] It looks very different from the archery that you may see a lot in TV so, the way to shoot is also different [ We will show how to shoot Gukgung ] [ 1.Foot posture : Stand with your feet at shoulder-width ] [ make a half step backward ] [ Turn the moved foot 40 degrees outward ] [ Stand forward ] [ 2.How to hold a bow : make an index finger straight and place it on a bow ] [ Bend your wrist up ] [ Bend the index finger inward ] [ 3.How to hold an arrow : keep the back of your hand up and place it beneath of an arrow ] [ Bend your thumb and hold it like making a fist ] An arrow doesn’t fall even though I shake it [ 4.How to shoot : (Geogung) Raise a bow above your head ] [ (Manjck) Pull a string and aim ] [ (Balsi) Release an arrow ] [ Stop practicing~ Let’s start shooting ] [ relaxed ] [ shaking~ ] [ it was almost off target ] Anyways, hit in a square! [ positive ] [ satisfied ] [ serious this time ] [ focus ] Oops! That was even worse [ Rule : Pick up and bring back arrows that you shot ] [ Last try! ] [ What about this one? ] [ Hit the target!!! ] [ What a cocky face~~] [ Satisfied! ] [ Event date : May~ July, September~ October / Time: 10 am to 5 pm (Weekend only) / Place: Iwijeong / How to participate : First come First serve on site / Fee : Free (entrance fee is separate)] Try Gukgung, Korean traditional archery and enjoy real Korean culture here! Real Korea Tour Info with PopEyeTrip

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