Kommende Spiele für HTC Vive 2016 / 2017 [German][Upcoming Vive games][Virtual Reality]
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Kommende Spiele für HTC Vive 2016 / 2017 [German][Upcoming Vive games][Virtual Reality]

August 21, 2019

What’s up guys, welcome to virtual reality! Today I will show you a compilation of the best upcoming HTC Vive games in 2016 and 2017! I didnt sort it by the best games, its sorted alphabetical, because I cant judge the games by now. They are not released 🙂 Ok, let’s start, here comes the list! First game in list is Arizona Sunshine! As the name says, it takes place in Arizona. It a wave shooter and will be released in 2016. We are in a Zombie apocalypse, but we have a lot of weapons. Graphics are nice, but there is not much gameplay to see for now… So we have to see how the game will be. I’m looking forward to it! Next game is Budget Cuts! It will be released 2017. Its kind of stealth-shooter-adventure. We have to sneak and we have to escape from the bad robots! We have to move our whole body, we have to lean, we have to duck, we have to crouch! We have to do a lot of things to escape! There is already a Demo, you can see it in my channel, the link is shown now! Next game is Dimensional! Its a first person puzzle game. Will be released in November 2016 We have to solve puzzles. In very narrow chambers, we have to dodge traps. We have to move our whole body. For example we have to duck under lasers or swinging axes. I already played the demo, the link is shown now! Next game is Doom VR! One of the most wanted games in VR! Everybody knows it, its a first person shooter! The VR version will be released in 2017 We dont know much details, but it will NOT be a wave shooter! We can move in the whole Doom universe We can use the most Doom weapons! As I said, there is no gameplay material until now! I hope it will be great! Next game is Fallout 4 VR! I think it’s the most wanted VR game ever! Its the first BIG game in VR! It will be released in 2017 and they promised to make the whole game in VR! Motion Controller and Teleport-System will be supported and we can do all the quests from the game! Now one of the hardest horror games ever! Paranormal Activitiy VR! I’ve seen a video, there is no other gameplay material now.. It will be released end of 2016! It will be an AAA-title with 3 hours of story and 6 hours of gameplay! I’m looking forward to it but I’m afraid of that too 🙂 Next game is Project Arena! Its a casual sport game! I dont really know the release! It’s kind of tron-tennis. Two players play against each others and throwing energy-discs! We can parry them and throw our own discs. Its a really cool casual multiplayer game! Now we have QuiVr! As the name says, we play with bow and arrow. It will be released in the end of 2016 or at the beginning of 2017. We have to defend a fortress. There will be a lot of freaky monsters attacking our fortress. We can play it in multiplayer mode! I played the demo, the link is shown now! Next game is Serious Sam VR! It will only be released as a wave shooter, but its already coming on october 17th in 2016! I will play it on release day, so subscribe to my channel now, so you will see it at first! We will see waves of the known monsters of the game and we can use the same weapons! Its very brutal, not good for kids! Now we have Sisters! Its a horror adventure that will be released in 2016. We are in a mystical house with even more mystical puzzles! We have to find the secrets of this house, but we also have to escape from there! Its really scary! I already played the demo, the link is shown now! Next upcoming game is Star Trek: Bridge Crew! We dont know much about this game. Its a simulation! Its planned to release in 2016. We have to work with other players. One is the captain, one is the technical player and another one the tactical player. We have to communicate what to do and listen to the captain! As said before, there is not much gameplay to see now, we will have to wait! Next game is Steamdolls! For me its one of the best upcoming adventures in VR! We play in a steampunk universe. We got stealth elements, its a pure VR game for the HTC Vive! Room Scaling will be supported. We can touch and pick up everything, the physics engine works great! Story seems to be exciting too, for me the best upcoming adventures! Here we got Storm VR! Its an action adventure. First episode is already released! We have to escape from a snow storm, before we die! We have time limits! So we dont have unlimited time to solve the puzzles! There will be 4 more episodes, for example in the desert, in the jungle or in a big city. I already played the first episode, you can see the link now! This game is called SVRVIVE, better called survive. Its a horror adventure that will be released 2016! We have to save our universe and work together with the aliens. We have to solve puzzles in short episodes. Its really scary and the puzzles are not easy to solve! I already tried the demo, you can see the link now! Next game is The Bellows. Another horror adventure, there are a lot of them 🙂 Is planned to release in the end of october 2016. We are in a scary estate, there is a lot of story to tell. As a cool movement method, we have to swing our arms as in real life! It is really scary and only for grown ups! I already played the demo and you can see the link now! Here we have The Soulkeeper! Its a first person role playing game. It will be really big and released in 2016. They say it will have the most beautiful graphics in a VR game until now! The atmosphere will be Dark Souls style. We use a lot of spells and swords. We dont know much more about this game, but I’m really looking forward to it! Next game is The unwelcomed! Its a horror adventure released in the fourth quarter of 2016. We are in our apartment and find a mysterious letter. We have to see what the letter is about. Graphics are pretty nice. We can move via teleportation and I think we have to solve puzzles. The Wake is the next game. Its one of the too many wave shooters released in 2016, but this one has really cool graphics and a lot of different weapons! We have a chainsaw, a club, pistols, an axe… Its ultra brutal, so dont let children play it! This game is called thunderbird. Its an adventure with many puzzles and will be released on April 6th, 2017. We step into e mystical world that reminds me of Myst. Perhaps that means that we have very hard puzzles too 🙂 The graphics will look very nice. We move via teleportation system, I’m looking forward to this. Next game is Unknown Fate. Its an action adventure released in 2017. There will be a lot of story telling. We will be in a surreal universe with strange creatures and artifacts. We dont know something about the controls, but graphics seems to be very nice. We have Vertigo now. Its an action shooter. I couldnt find a release date. We discover a factory in the underground with dark secrets and parallel universes. We have a lot of enemys too, we have to kill them in first person style. I already played the demo, you can see the link now! The last game will be VR Shooter Guns. Its an action shooter. It will be released in autumn 2016. We have to fight agains bad robots and have to escape out of a space station. We have to move our whole body, we have to dodge, duck and sneak. I already played the demo, you can see the link now! When you liked this video guys, please give me thumbs up now! When you miss an upcoming game in my list, then please post it in the comments! I will get every game I mentioned in this video (sometimes I even get keys from the developers) and record a video about it. When you want to see the games at first, the subscribe to my channel now! Thank you for watching guys and see you soon in virtual reality! Ciao!

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  1. Wow, a wave shooter, some ports, a star trek nerd game…amazing, just so hyped. Gonna spend $800 plus Shipping and taxes right away!!!

  2. Kann man dich auf Steam adden und eventuell Vive Games Multiplayer zocken? Ich hab bisher leider sehr wenig deutsche Vive Zocker gesehen und ich verstehe zwar Englisch, aber meine eigene Englisch Aussprache ist leider nicht so toll, deswegen ist das nicht so spaßig…^^

  3. Fassen wir zusammen:

    80% der Games sind Horrorspiele
    und oder spielen in einer stockfinsteren Umgebung. Hmmm
    Vielfalt sind anders aus !

  4. Auch wenn schon 4 Monate vergangen sind, fand ich die Zusammenfassung sehr interessant. Gerade Soulkeeper sieht ja fantastisch aus. Wobei es in der pixeligen Brille sicher nicht mehr ganz so schick ist. Leider ist es immer noch nicht raus.
    Denn die ganzen Waveshooter nerven langsam wirklich sehr. So ich geh nun ne Runde RacketNX auf meiner Vive zocken ^^

    Gruß vom Monty

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