Kodi Tv – The Beast – Android TV – 1000+ Classic Arcade Games!
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Kodi Tv – The Beast – Android TV – 1000+ Classic Arcade Games!

September 11, 2019

Hi, were bringing you today the Android TV
boxes that n2fun.com offers. First, N2fun offers 4 different TV boxes starting
from the lower left. Right there in the little black box is the
Amazon Fire Tv stick. Move to the right of that and there is a Kodi
TV Box with 2 game pads to play 1000+ games. Move to the right of that in the middle we
have a 16 GB NVidia Shield Android TV, and to the right of that we have a 500GB NVidia
Shield Android TV. Now, the difference from left to right is
that you get more powerful, faster, but for the most part they all get the job done watching
TV or shows on the boxes. The amazon fire stick comes with just a TV
remote and a hdmi plug that plugs in to your TV, log in to your Wi-Fi and you’re watching
Tv. The Kodi Leelbox as shown in the video right
here has an hdmi cable on the left, a tv remote in the middle, a power supply on the right,
and the box itself. Take it out of the box. Plug in the power cord. Plug in your hdmi cable, and depending on
if your using Ethernet or Wi-Fi you’d plug in your Ethernet or log in to your Wi-Fi and
you’re ready to go. I like to use the game pads for general use,
it seems to be a little easier to use than the TV remote but, the TV remotes do serve
their purpose. If you like to use the unit to surf the internet
I recommend getting a wireless keyboard with trackball mouse. So if you want to surf the web in its true
format the wireless keyboard is ideal. Now, I’m going to turn the box off and on
to show you how easy the box is to operate and loads up. Each box is a little different but very similar. Just powered on the tv box, and it works fast. I’m going to use the game controller to
run the system. Its right here. I’ll be in the back ground running the system. You can run the whole system with the game
controller. Keep in mind, if you’re interested in a
system like this that many places sell boxes like this. But, what your about to see only comes from
N2fun.coms Tv boxes. If you buy a box from another company it will
not look, act, or work like this. You have to get the box from N2fun.com if
you want it to work like this. So, the Kodi tv, and the games that you see
here does not come on your box unless you buy the box from n2fun.com. It’s important that you understand that
you can only get what you see from N2fun.com. Here is the game system preview. Click on MameDroid app to open it. Scroll up and down the list till you find
a game that you like. Click load and play. I like to play Moon Patrol. Great game. Put coins in, press start and play. There are 1000+ games on this system. It’s awesome. Let’s play another. Just exit and go to the next game and play. Ms-Pac Man now. Watch how it loads. Identical to the original. Bam. Exit out back to the home system. You get instructions on how to watch Tv and
play games. If you have any problems you can call, text
or email @ [email protected], Mike at 513-868-013 with any issues. I will respond immediately. I just showed the game side of the box, now
I’m going to show you the app side. You can surf the web, listen to music, play
games, watch tv. Here is my website. N2fun.com, ck it out. We sell arcade games with tons of games on
them. Listen to music on Pandora and many other
sources. You can jam to music while you surf the web. It’s awesome. Let’s go to the Tv side of the box. Click on the KODI App. The best TV in the world bar none. Excellent! If you want to watch movies, click on movies. If you want to watch Tv shows click on Tv
shows, If you want to watch live Tv click on live Tv, if you want to watch live UFC
fights, NFL ticket, click on that. Anything you want is at a fingers touch. Free. It’s awesome. So were clear, the arcade game side of the
box, and the Kodi Tv side was programmed by n2fun. If you buy this anywhere else you can download
these apps but they will not have the games or the video like you have just seen. U have to get this at n2fun.com if you want
it to look and work like this. Enjoy how this looks and works. Call Mike to buy now at 513-868-0713, or,
go to N2fun.com – click products and choose your Kodi Tv now!.. Thanks for watching.

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