Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Small Circle Inside Grab in Koden Kan Martial Arts
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Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Small Circle Inside Grab in Koden Kan Martial Arts

November 17, 2019

Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been instructing
for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate, if you’d like to go
to our website please do its h2hctc.com or my website is mellei.com. Today we’re going
to learn small circle inside grab and what you’re going to do on this one your attacker
comes in again, they have their hands either choking you or what if some guy comes up and
grabs you like this…this would also work. What you’re going to do is step to the side
this time, you’re going to grab their hands I’ll show you how in just a second, step
to the side you’re going to peel the hand off, then you’re going to apply pressure
down to the floor with a flat hand okay and you also want to make sure that you pivot
into a stance so that you’re always steady and grounded like we talked about, so you’re
going to grab, step to the side, peel the hand off keeping it close to the body, this
is the small circle part of the name so what you’re going to do is peel it keep it close
to your body, take your hand and apply pressure straight down to the floor okay right here
and notice my stance again, you’re going to just pivot into a kiba dachi with a pivot
turning your feet at a 45 degree angle okay. With a person you’re going to step to the
side, grab and we did this grab earlier, you’re going to put your thumb on the pinky knuckle,
your fingers inside of the hand so you’re grabbing this whole thumb joint, again not
the thumb part just the joint down here so grab a hold of that with your fingers and
what you’re doing is you’re rotating again, you’re going to push with your thumb and
pull with your fingers and keeping it close to your body, then you’re going to apply
pressure straight down to the floor, okay and that is the small circle inside grab.

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  1. i would imagine that in real time, that inside grab would be extremely fast…. but if you did it slow then…. sucks to be you lol

  2. this technique seems a little too complex for a fast response..but then again it's the "core technique"…you wouldn't just stand there and try and apply it by itself…slap to the face of the attacker,strike to the throat, groin, eyes etc to effectively give yourself a little more time. my 2cents

  3. i was taught in wing chung to punch from chest out then hold their arms down after u stunned them and just keep punching with 1 arm at a time

  4. At least they are teaching a way to get free from a choking or other techniques. If they don't show it you're not gonna do anything and black out the same way. Better this than just complaining!
    Also, if you get interested in learning after watching this, you can go to a Gym and be instructed, so don't say they should be ashamed, because they're trying to help.
    You should be ashamed.

  5. A quick correction, when doing a wrist lock, one should know that keeping your arms and the opponents wrist closer to yourself, gives YOU more control. She obviously gives the opponent all the control in this video by pushing the wrist towards the opponent. Ultimately, with a bit of resistance, the opponent would have an easier time escaping when the wrist is closer to their body, and your arms are away from your own.

  6. Of course an instructor at your side to correct mistakes is a far better learning environment then watching a video. But you are being quite extreme.

    By comparison we can now imagine out of the thousands watching a few people may succeed in escaping and hopeful find help.

    Please, do not reply if you are going to further argue your point. You made your point and I think we understand. Thank You for your concern.

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