Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Scooping Block in Koden Kan Martial Arts
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Koden Kan Karate Moves for Beginners : Scooping Block in Koden Kan Martial Arts

November 29, 2019

Hi! I’m Madison Warner and I’ve been teaching
for over 10 years in Michael M. Foley system of Koden Kan Karate-do. Today I’m going
to be teaching you scooping block, okay we’re going to start in the kiba dachi, some styles
call this horse stance it’s all the same. Really low stance, hands up, scooping block
again is going to go out, it’s going to cross your whole body, this is the block now
if there was a kick coming in I’d hook it, hook the foot in my leg and then throw and
that’s just going to get the leg out of your leg and maybe spin the person around
and the throw goes to here, you’re going to have your wrist bent and your fist in front
of your shoulders then, okay and you’re going to bring it out, turn your arm slightly
because this is the stronger part of your arm so you want to make contact with the strong
part of your arm and you’re going to hook your wrist and then throw. Let me show you
one from the side…out, across, make sure it’s away from your body here…you don’t
want to bring it back this way because then you’re not blocking anything, if it’s
coming in you’re going to block your body, hook and throw and that is scooping block.

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  1. in shotokan we do a similar block, but we sure as heck don't keep our arms hyperextended like that. Maybe it's just the angle but it seems very extended, if you caught a full force kick with that you'd break your elbow. Try rotating your arm so you cover the front of your body while keeping a strong block the whole time, as in don't extend your arm so much, and you'll have a much stronger block.

  2. Do you HAVE to start the block with your arm extended all the way out to the side, or is that just how they showed you in the text book?

  3. Dude she has taught for like 10 years man, atleast show her some respect…. and plus….. she damn hot!!!

  4. yeah, her technique isnt so great… i can see what you mean now…. lol its not how our martial arts instructor showed me 😛

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