Kinect and its 3D Motion Control User Interface

August 31, 2019

These Nintendo characters helped
bring the new Nintendo Wii to the spot of number one most popular gaming console after its release in 2006. Xbox needed to fight back and the Kinect was
its answer. Xbox released the Kinect in 2010 and thought it would revolutionize the
gaming industry with its 3D motion control user interface. Instead of needing a remote, your body is
the remote. In a 2014 interview with, Phil Spencer, who’s the head of Xbox,
said Microsoft still really supports the Kinect and stands behind it. They think the 3D motion control user interface is a great platform for designers to
design fun games on. So my question is, why aren’t we seeing any fun games being designed for the Xbox Kinect that really take advantage of its 3D
motion control user interface? The top games of 2014 were Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Minecraft, none of which are made for the Kinect or take advantage of its 3D motion
control user interface. The Kinect also doesn’t
appeal to a big portion of the gaming demographic we see today. The ESRB is the Entertainment Software Rating Board. They rate every single game you see in
stores today and have compiled statistics on what the
gaming demographic actually looks like. Forty-nine percent
of the gaming demographic is 18 to 39 years old and the average age of a gamer is 34 years old, so little bit older than
those teenage boys you usually picture. This demographic just wants to sit,
relax, and unwind after a long day at college
or work. Not play an intensive video game that
requires tons of movement. The Kinect also requires a huge amount
of space to play. More than most people have in their
college dorm or tiny apartment. But while the Kinect is not going to bring
about a gaming revolution, it can be used for
some other really cool things. The Kinect can be
used for things other then just gaming, in ways that can
help us innovate and change the world for the better. This
is Imogen Heap, a famous British artist. Students at MIT developed gloves her with 3D motion control user interface technology embedded within them. The Kinect sensor sees where she is on
the stage and interprets the movement she makes with the gloves. The computer software
then interprets those movements and plays various electronic instruments.
This gives her the ability to bring a live element of performance to her audience. Whereas before she had
to mix her music in studio, now she can compose it right
before their eyes. This robot was developed by Cornell
students and has Kinect sensors embedded within it. It can recognize and
react to humans. This robot could be helpful in the future
in assisting elderly people and those with movement
difficulties to help improve their quality of life. So why does all this matter? We need to
develop the use the Kinect so we can better improve our everyday
lives. So what can you do? Check out these links so you can better
educate yourself on the way Kinect can be used for things other than gaming. Then share these links on social media like Facebook and Twitter so we can educate the entire world on
the ways the Kinect can help innovate and improve our future. We need to support scientists and universities so they can continue this innovation. So while Microsoft thought the Kinect was
going to revolutionize the gaming industry, it’s not going to. It doesn’t appeal
to half the gaming demographic out there and there’s no cool games
being made for it that really take advantage of the 3D motion control user interface.
But it can be used for some other really cool things that can help change
our lives. So I say disKinect the Kinect from
gaming, but don’t disconnect it altogether.

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