Kimberly Joines (Alpine Sit Skier – Paralympic Athlete)
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Kimberly Joines (Alpine Sit Skier – Paralympic Athlete)

November 17, 2019

I broke my back snowboarding at the age of 19, terrain-park accident. And, so, I knew immediately that I would pursue high-level para sports. Just because it’s was what I had always done and what I was always chasing. So, I jumped fairly quickly into ski racing after my injury. I was a snowboarder beforehand so it took a while to kind of like to beat the snowboarder out of me and to turn me into this, like, tactical racer, but I eventually figured it out after a few years. The Sport Canada funding has been, you know, a consistent thing throughout my whole year I’ve been doing this twelve years on the national team now, so quite so time. And, ya, it’s been that constant that allows me to kind of quote “bank on that,” to be literal. And it does allow me the lifestyle to be a full-time athlete.

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