Killer Self filmed Archery Elk Hunt – Solvid FIY
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Killer Self filmed Archery Elk Hunt – Solvid FIY

August 11, 2019

Archery Elk Hunting On my way to a vantage point, I crossed paths with a raghorn bull elk Figuring there is better in the area, I decided to pass him up hoping to find the rest of the elk herd deeper in the canyon Sure enough, as soon as I got to the vantage point, I spotted a herd with a much larger bull elk clear at the bottom of the canyon. Considering the depth of the elk’s location, and the sun being below the horizon, the rational choice was to wait until the morning. On the way out, I cam across that original rag horn, as well as anther. I figured it best to throw out a few calls just in case there was anything in there worth pursuing. Without a definite yardage, and a bigger bull spotted,I opted to pass on this opportunity. So I took off the Solvid CamStrap to get some close up footage The herd wasn’t visible first thing in the morning, but bugles echoing out of the canyon indicationed the elk were just out of sight Considering the wind direction, I made my way down the backside of the ridge to come up from below the elk herd After moving into position and several cow calls later, I decided to challenge him with a couple bugles, which got him all fired up.

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  1. I'd click "like" more than once if I could! Awesome footage to add to the already great collection you guys have.

  2. Pretty cool contraption. However, it would be good for POV during the shot. I was getting motion sickness when the guy was walking.

  3. Really excellent footage and hunting. Takes serious skill to call in and shoot a bull without a partner.

  4. Nice video looking for a place to hunt not looking for you honey hole, just a little help, new to Idaho- Thanks

  5. First of all awesome videos – you are the real deal. While over a few days, how long were you on the stalks each day? How far away are you from your truck/camp?

  6. You did a great job of filming that. Weird how low that country is, almost river bottom. I was surprised you didn't draw when he was coming through the heavy brush. Nice job.

  7. thank you for this video…ive been searching for good cameras by reading reviews but nothing is better than actually seeing the camera perform… gonna look up the v700 now…hopefully I can find it…..thanks!

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